Thrilled to Report that Our Miracles of Healing Continue

Miracles of Healing

Fritz the Cat when he was in the hospital. Now that he’s home, the miracles of healing continue :)

Fritz the Cat in the hospital … now that he’s home, his Miracles of Healing continue. It was one month ago that my beloved cat Fritz was diagnosed with very severe kidney failure. He desperately needed a miracle of healing. The past month has been one of the most emotional and scariest months of my life, and yet also one in which I learned the most about miracles of healing. When Fritz the Cat’s kidney values did not drop much during the first half of his hospital stay, the veterinarian was giving me very bleak prognosis for him. She said it made sense to continue to treat him but she did not sound very convinced about it. What I told her in response was simple:

“I believe in miracles.”

With a combination of Reiki, EFT tapping, affirmations from A Course in Miracles, and love and prayers from around the world, we got Fritz the Cat his first miracle. After barely dropping at all during the first half of his hospital stay, his creatinine dropped significantly during the second half of his hospital stay. You can read more about how I loved him in the hospital here.

After Fritz the Cat returned home from the hospital – and it was a very joyous homecoming for both of us – I continued to apply my systematic approach to miracles to his situation. Every single time I would hear a limiting belief from my online research, the veterinarian, or the medical literature that I had been given, I tapped it away. Limiting beliefs are limits on miracles, so they simply must be removed.

Kidney damage is permanent and irreversible? No, ma’am. With God, all things are possible. And anything less than a complete miracle of healing is not a worthy gift for any child of god.

We Love Miracles of Healing

I am happy to report that Fritz the Cat’s blood tests from yesterday show him in the normal range for both important kidney values. It’s still in the high end of normal, so I will be continuing to work on getting him a miracle of healing so complete that he no longer needs to get injected with fluids and can live a happy and free life.

“The light has come. I have forgiven you.” – A Course in Miracles

Update August 2014: I’m thrilled to report that our miracles of healing are stable and strong nearly two years after this harrowing experience. Fritz the Cat is healthy as ever, with a huge appetite and no symptoms. We are entirely free of subcutaneous fluids or pharmaceuticals. We even stopped giving him holistic supplements. You May Enjoy:

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