111 Days of Love – Day 1 – The Magic of Synchronicity

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The magic of synchronicity – “Every experience of synchronicity is a daring invitation to let go of ego long enough to design a destiny in accord with the purposes of love.” – David Richo

“In every moment the universe is whispering to you. There are messages for you carried on the winds. There is wisdom for you in the morning songs of the birds outside your window and in the soft murmurs of an ebbing sea. Even ordinary, everyday events in your life carry communications from the realm of spirit.”

— Denise Linn in The Secret Language of Signs

Today in honor of Harvey the Cat and his heart healing, we launch 111 Days of Love. Each day we will be sharing inspiring quotations and powerful lessons in love that I learned after my near-death experience in 2006. These teachings ultimately became the foundation of my acclaimed 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program.

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What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity was one of the principles I learned about early on my spiritual path. I have heard many people describe synchronicity in many beautiful ways. The simplest definition, I think, is that a synchronicity is a “meaningful coincidence.” What seems clear to everyone is how powerful synchronicity feels. It hints to us of a power and intelligence far beyond ourselves.

Deepak Chopra draws the connection between synchronicity and enlightenment:

According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.

~ Deepak Chopra

enlightenment synchronicity deepak chopra

Speaking of enlightenment, I have noticed that recent photographs of Harvey the Cat are coming out like this one … he is suffused with light …

So why are we celebrating synchronicity on the first day of our 111 Days of Love? Because we see synchronicity as a profound expression of Divine Love. And tomorrow on Day 2 of 111 Days of Love, we are going to share with you a story involving Pachelbel’s Canon that is about as amazing as a synchronicity experience gets … and it happened at exactly the DARKEST MOMENT of our entire 40 days and nights of hell on earth.

“Tune in to the presence of miracles, and in an instant, life can be transformed into a dazzling experience, more wondrous and exciting than we could even imagine. Ignore it and an opportunity is gone.”

– Deepak Chopra

Indeed, because we tuned into the power of synchronicity, we found magic and miracles even in the darkest moment of our descent into hell. And somehow, against all odds, because of that profound Divine reassurance … we knew that everything was going to be okay.

We want to share these amazing stories because we want other people to start tuning in and experiencing the power of synchronicity. We must agree with the novelist Milan Kundera:

“It is wrong, then, to chide the novel for being fascinated by mysterious coincidences . . . but it is right to chide man for being blind to such coincidences in his daily life. For he thereby deprives his life of a dimension of beauty.”

– Milan Kundera

And we do intend, in this 111 Days of Love, to talk about literary symbolism and how it surrounds us all the time. How synchronicity and symbolism literally can SAVE OUR LIVES if we start paying attention!

Why did we choose 111 Days of Love?

The number 111 was seen repeatedly on license plates and other places while Harvey the Cat was in the hospital. Upon researching the number 111, I discovered that the number 111 is the number of spiritual awakening. Those who recall Fritz the Cat’s near-death experience – at the same pet hospital – will recall that the words “spiritual awakening” were on the newspaper in his hospital litter box. That was a synchronicity, and indeed there were many wild parallels between Fritz the Cat’s near-death experience and Harvey the Cat’s near-death experience.

a course in miracles

The book A Course in Miracles was instrumental to Harvey the Cat’s healing. Since then, Harvey has started using the book as a pillow on a regular basis.

Yesterday, I checked on the payoff date on the credit card balance – with I kid you not, “Synchrony Bank” – for Harvey the Cat’s hospital stay. I have been making payments of $111 per month. The loan is interest-free for the first six months, which would bring us to a payoff date of 1-9-16. Instead, it turns out the payoff date is 1-11-16!

This morning in the shower, I thought of 111 Days of Love. I liked the sound of it. I intended to begin the series today. Lo and behold, when I counted the days, I saw that 111 days would end on Christmas Day! Another synchronicity due to the trip to Bethlehem and the Star of Bethlehem that we mentioned in a previous post.

And so discovering that 111 days would end on Christmas sealed the deal. And we are going to have all kinds of amazing goodies for you over the next 111 days here on the blog. Sign up for the RSS feed, sign up for our newsletter on the Abundance Challenge page, and be sure to get all the latest updates about 111 days of love …

Here is the back story on Harvey the Cat, and why we are honoring him with 111 Days of Love, in case you missed it:

Upon returning from overseas in mid-June, I had a terrifying experience with my cat Harvey. We went to the veterinarian in the middle of the night because he was vomiting. When I put him in my green canvas carrier, he was pretty much normal. Something happened on the short trip to the vet.

By the time the veterinarian examined Harvey the Cat about 30 minutes later, he had developed a blood clot called a “straddle thrombus.” This paralyzed his body from the waist down. I have never in my life felt so horrified as when the vet took Harvey out of his carrier and put him on the floor. Harvey the Cat was panicking and dragging himself by his front paws. It took everything I had not to lose presence completely in that moment, as my heart was breaking.

(My childhood cat, Sammy, was a beautiful lynx point Siamese like Harvey. While I was away at college, she developed the same straddle thrombus. She died within 24 hours. As it turns out, half of the cats who are hospitalized with this condition do not survive the first 48 hours. Harvey the Cat is already a miracle.)

cat heart disease

Harvey the Cat behind bars – the Wall of Separation – during his second hospital visit

The veterinarian did his best but unfortunately that means abiding by the limitations of veterinary science. He told me that “we do not recommend treating this condition” and suggested that I kill Harvey the Cat right there and then. Let’s not pretend that “euthanasia” means anything other than what it really means. He indicated that Harvey the Cat has advanced heart disease that cannot be effectively treated.

This was one of the scariest nights of my life!!

Thankfully, I did not give in to the pressure from the veterinarians during our Dark Night of the Soul. I was crying and grief-stricken but I said to the veterinarian, “That’s very close to what I was told about my other cat three years ago, in this same examination room, and he’s still here and thriving today. I believe in miracles.”

We were referred out to another veterinary clinic where they specialize in feline cardiology. On the way to the vet, I talked to Harvey the Cat the whole time. I said, “don’t you listen to those vets, Harvey the Cat. They are full of limiting beliefs. You hang in there, little guy. We are going to get through this. We are going to get you healed.”

Unfortunately the cardiology specialty hospital was not much more helpful in our quest for healing. Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring along our copy of A Course in Miracles. I started doing energy healing and the emergency protocol while we were waiting for a long time for anyone to see us.

I was literally chanting A Course in Miracles over Harvey the Cat, while delivering Reiki to the base of his spine and encouraging him to get his legs back.

I felt so proud of Harvey the Cat when, after some of this energy healing, his left leg began to gain movement! I cannot even describe the thrill. At first it was just a hint of movement, and then right there in the examination room I saw him put weight on that left hind leg!

Normally it takes cats two to three weeks to get movement back in their hind legs, and that is if they are one of the lucky 50% of cats to survive this initial incident. It only took us two to three hours!

By the time we got home from the vet in the wee hours of the morning, Harvey the Cat had regained control of his bladder, tail, and left leg. This was a huge miracle. It was painful to watch him dragging his right leg around but we kept doing our healing. He got his right leg back within about three days!

The second veterinary clinic put a lot of pressure on me to hospitalize Harvey the Cat that night. I am so glad I didn’t. He gets very stressed out in hospital settings, and it was not at all clear what they could really do for him. I brought him home and continued our energy healing. Half of the cats who are hospitalized for straddle thrombus never get to go home. So Harvey the Cat is pretty happy still to be here …

Little did we know that this was just the beginning, the very first day of our 40 days and 40 nights of hell on earth. A couple weeks later, Harvey the Cat very nearly died of congestive heart failure. And that is the story of amazing synchronicity – including the almost unbelievable cameo appearance of Pachelbel’s canon – that we want to share with you tomorrow. For Day 2 of 111 Days of Love.

Throughout this ordeal, I kept telling him, “Harvey the Cat, you are the Holy Son of God Himself. You can’t be hurt, you can’t be sick, and you can’t die. You remain as God created you. Perfect.”

PalestineFreeThisPlaceBlogSomehow Harvey the Cat has made it through. We still have some healing to do here. In fact, we need to do what the vets claim is impossible. We need to heal his thyroid and our hearts completely.

What better way to do that healing than to offer 111 Days of Love? :D

Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Thank you for not giving up on Harvey the Cat. He is so happy that he is still here. He loves getting belly rubs. He loves talking. He has been eating well for the most part and even gained a bit of weight. He has been building some strength to scratch on the scratching post. He even sometimes plays with his catnip toys.

Harvey the Cat deserves a full miracle, just like the miracle his brother Fritz the Cat got three years ago.

And so we begin 111 Days of Love in honor of healing Harvey the Cat’s heart.

Here is another wonderful quotation about synchronicity:

“With synchronicity, all the resources we need are made available for us at the precise moment that is appropriate. The people who come into our lives are the ones we need at that moment in time. Everything is perfect. We only need to recognize this to tune into the flow. Everything happens for a reason and every experience is a learning experience.”

– Alex Chua

After we share our story tomorrow about synchronicity and Pachelbel’s Canon, we think you will agree that paying attention to sychronicity and the messages from the Universe is a worthy use of your time and energy :)

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