So you all know I like to share real life examples of cute, romantic things that guys say that melt my heart. Of course these things must be said in the context of a balanced “push-pull” type of flirtation, but this line is a keeper:

“And did you have the intuitive foresight to only get a one-way ticket? ;-)”

Smile :-)

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  1. Wes,

    Thanks for commenting on the blog and for sharing these resources with us. I seem to have quite a few readers who are intrigued by tantra, so I hope they will check out the websites you mentioned.


  2. Tantra websites I recommend …


    any question feel free to write me at my Facebook account … Wes Wolcott

  3. That is a good one.

    You should do a post on the worse pick up lines of all time. I’d have plenty to add to to that. In fact…

    You’ve just give me my next blog topic!

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