Polyamory postscript

Do you know what pisses me off the most about yesterday’s article? It’s how much I get turned on reading this line: “males show continuously high sexual performance given the introduction of new receptive females.”

I really do try to pointedly mind my own business around here and cordon myself off from certain influences, such as my sex drive and certain blogs. Lol :-)

Thanks a lot, Entropy.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    “All I know is that my INSIDE is saying that I absolutely, positively will never have sex again until I’m in a primary permanent relationship with a guy who’s making me reasonably happy :)”

    Fine, but it’s not a guy’s job to make you happy (not that it is his job to make you UNhappy), however this is a very general and subjective matter and can also be highly narcissitic.


  3. hi Rori,

    Thanks so much for sharing your perspective on this. I like how you emphasize that it comes from INSIDE you (as opposed to being talked into something by a man). Not to say we can’t ever be talked into something, but even then the “yes” needs to come from inside us.

    Your last line is the key though. It’s not what the guy does but whether what he is doing is

  4. Rori Raye says:

    The whole Polyamory thing is interesting. Again – as far as wanting to watch my husband have sex with another woman…as in the comments you have in this post…we’re back to my thoughts and feelings around “eroticism.” Nearly ANYTHING can be “erotic.” And I have met many “swingers” and can attest to their ability to maintain a deep emotional connection with their one partner and STILL have

  5. SMoKeLioN says:

    Fuck, stay away from my blog.

    And I havent even mentioned Algasm’s 2 for 1 roomate fuck technique either.

  6. Anonymous, I feel inspired by what you described in your relationship, thanks for sharing!

    As for the rats, the plot thickens:

    Mr. Rat is lying on the floor of the cage, exhausted. The new “receptive female,” Miss Rat, arrives. But when she lands in the cage, she crosses her pretty little rat legs and says:

    “Mr. Rat, you are very sexy and fun and it would feel

  7. Anonymous says:

    Quite surprisingly, when my wife suggested we explore a poly relationship, we both came to understand how it saved and enhanced our marriage. We hadn’t expected that. We actually thought it might be so much like we had heard about, where it creates issues, and you move apart. We thought it might be a way to transition for us to move in separate directions down the road, but it did exactly the

  8. STILL GOT IT! :)

  9. “Just wanted to add that the turn on may have a lot to do with the words… “sexual” “introduction” “receptive” “female”

    Now those words out of context are enough to make me feel aroused… and feel a little red in my face”

    Yeah, exactly, Daria.

    Even worse, the image of the female rats nudging him and he couldn’t stand up again. Lol :-)

    Thanks a lot,

  10. That’s a shame. Feeling that little visceral thrill is one of the finer experiences of existance… lets you know you’re still alive.

    And in Erika’s case, lets her know she’s a bit horny too. ;)

  11. Just wanted to add that the turn on may have a lot to do with the words… “sexual” “introduction” “receptive” “female”

    Now those words out of context are enough to make me feel aroused… and feel a little red in my face

  12. Hey,

    U know what, as a change from much of my past, I DO NOT feel turned on by this line or this concept anymore.

    I spent a lot of my teenage years encouraging my friends to flirt with the guys I liked…etc…

    I feel glad this is no longer in effect for me…

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