Becoming Fearless Day #5 – Breathing Underwater in Costa Rica

Pura Vida Spa in Costa RicaScuba diving is one of the things I do that scares me the most. I’m not a novice, either. After I got certified, for a couple of years, I did a lot of diving. I did about 30 dives in places like St. Vincent & the Grenadines (10-day live-aboard catamaran scuba trip with the guy I was dating at the time), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. And really the intense fear never went away. I honestly don’t know how some divers seem to be so calm lol :)

As far as being a pretty experienced diver, I even got nitrogen narcosis 135 feet under water in Belize in the Blue Hole. It was one of my first spiritual experiences and one of my last dives until now.

For those of you who are not familiar with nitrogen narcosis, please do not confuse it with “decompression sickness,” which nobody ever wants to have. Nitrogen narcosis simply means you get high under water without drugs. Lol :) Perfectly legally, and with no hangover either.

The nitrogen narcosis happened less than a year before my near-death experience. Let’s just say that 135 feet below the water, among prehistoric stalagmites and stalactites and watching reef sharks swimming in the eerie blue background, I went from panic attack to divine bliss in about half a second. Everything went instantly quiet and calm. I no longer feared dying. I knew it would all be okay. And for sure that experience changed my life. That was the beginning of me stepping out of fear.

Yesterday, on Day #5 of the Becoming Fearless Adventure in Costa Rica, I faced my fear of scuba diving again by doing my first dive in almost eight years. It was the yoga breathing that saved the day. I was panicking again, and a few deep yoga breaths are what allowed me finally to go below the surface. Honestly, the diving here is nothing compared with the magnificence of a place like Belize. But what was important to me is that I did not let my fear get the best of me :)

As if to say a huge “YES” to my saying “NO” to my fear, when we got to shore and I checked my iPhone, another $1200 had come in while I was doing that scary-ass dive off the coast of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica :)

PuraVidaViewNow I have arrived at my second destination here, the Pura Vida Spa in Alajuela near San Jose, Costa Rica. The room is beautiful, and it even has glass windows lol. Although I have to admit I loved the romance of screens only at Samasati. My three days here are more about relaxation and healing. I’ll be experimenting with some of their treatments here. But soon enough we’ll be back to our adventures. :)

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