A few random thoughts this morning …

Some of the guys in Vegas were talking about polyamory, and I forgot to put this in my blog. Anyway … it’s counterintuitive but they were saying how much more attracted they are to their primary partner when they are also having sex with other women. They said when they come back to their primary partner after having sex with another girl, it’s like an entirely fresh and new experience. In other words, contrary to conventional wisdom, a guy “sleeping around” actually benefits his primary partner. (Gasp! ;-)

This is one of the many reasons why I’m so intrigued by polyamory.

In other news, Soul (from Love Systems) and Keychain are in town right now. I am hoping to meet up with them, maybe tonight.

Last night I was out and randomly ran into Aikido and Seduction. It reminded me how sexy he is ;-) And on Friday I’m seeing the guy from the original Natural Game How to Seduce Celibate Girl post. So life just continues to be very interesting.

Also, for all the woo woo skeptics out there, please read THIS.
Lol :-) Now if I can do that with just my hands, imagine what it’s like having sex with me. :-)

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  1. hey Miko,

    Thanks for sharing more about what you want. There’s no short answer to your question. Of course the paradox is that trying to hold on to a good feeling can actually block us from just enjoying it. So I try to let myself move with my feelings. If it shifts to nervousness, that’s ok.

    In fact, for example, that happened in that room with Hypnotica. I was completely open to him at first, and then I got a little scared and blocked his energy a bit, and then I relaxed again and we reconnected.

    It’s ok to let it ebb and flow, that’s part of how we start feeling the good stuff more and more often and stop freezing up.

    I’m not joking about writing an e-book. I already started. It’s going to be Erika’s Definitive Woo Woo Guide to Seduction, and I’m going to reveal all my secrets for tapping into this blissful energy that we all have.

    Anyway, Miko, I’d love to get more feedback from you about all this.


  2. Okay here we. I got the thing with girls handled. Im not amazing but I have lovely girls in my life. im 23 and have always love woo woo, but i like things explained :D

    What I would like, are interactions like what you describe with, motorcycle guy, the top10 pua dude and moments alike.

    I would love to get deeper into what I already have. Say I see a stunning girl, and feel in my entire body how i would love to have her, and then suddenly the energy, feeling and focus is shifted. Now its more like nervous or another feeling. I want to stay with the original feeling and immerse myself in it and experience it 100%.

    This is what I would like.

    Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Hi Miko,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I’m definitely going to write an e-book with detailed guidance about this. There’s nothing on the market right now teaching people to empower their love lives with woo woo … lol ;-)

    Miko, for now will you tell me a little more about yourself? I’m guessing you are a guy who would like to do better with women but if you tell me more about what you want, I can give you some quick pointers right away.


  4. Erika. I REALLY want to learn!!

    Ive been following the blog for some time now, and I honestly feel that what you convey through this blog is the direction I should go.

    Where do you even start, with the spiritual stuff and so forth? A little pointer would be much appreciated.

    I really want to learn woo woo ;)

  5. Erika. I REALLY want to learn.

    I have been following this blog for some time, and this is the direction I feel I should go now!

    Can you possibly guide me a little bit? Where to start?

    I would like to learn woo woo ;)

  6. Yay! Infinity and Entropy are back on the blog.

    And Cameron linked my blog and called it “The Awakening woo woo blog.”

    These things make me very happy! :-)

    Ok, off to yoga class for me…

  7. Respect the woo woo.

  8. Ha, you’re hilarious.

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