Zan Perrion’s Ars Amorata Program – Austin – June 6

Hey everybody,

It looks like I’m going to be attending this program in Austin on June 6. As anyone knows who reads this blog regularly, I love Zan. And Zan loves women. Sincerely. It is obvious spending any time with him at all that he loves women as friends and as people AND as sensual feminine beings.

Here’s the link for the program.

Also, since I’ve been feeling a teeny bit “closed down” for the past month or so, my intuition says that attending this program will open me back up a little bit. It’ll be a chance to go deep again and bask in the company of men. :-)

If anyone will be in Austin that weekend and want to have Emotional Freedom Techhnique (“EFT”) sessions, coaching, or just hang out, please email me at

(Actually, come to think of it, EFT would be an awesome complement to these seminars because it vastly accelerates the internalization of new beliefs …)

Also, please remember to get your tickets for the 21 Convention. Among other people, my friend Manwhore will be speaking (he was added to my blogroll this week, so be sure to check him out).


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  1. Thanks for the compliment! Hank and I are just getting started, but we’re having a blast.

    Re stopping by : Be careful what you wish for! Hank and I might just become the house guest that never leaves.

    I look forward to reading your impression of Van’s program. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share.

  2. Michael says:

    EFT brings new meaning to the phrase “tap that ass”.

    I would have been quite skeptical of the effects claimed by EFT, but I have done some Chinese qigong practice that profoundly opened my eyes to the possibilities of energy in the body and it’s effect on the mind. Tapping or beating specific surfaces of the body to effect changes in the way qi distributes itself goes at least as far

  3. Hi Nelia,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really enjoyed your blog, too. Cool to have a “his and hers” style going!

    Closed down = feeling a little heartbroken. Wanting to open back up again.

    Zan’s program … well, first off, I really enjoy hanging out with Zan. He’s a fun person to “be” with. Second, I’ve seen him teach several times now, in Vegas

  4. Curious. What’s got you closed down? And what do you hope take from or give to Zan’s program?

  5. SMoKeLioN,

    I addressed a lot of the “skepticisms” about EFT on the comments to this article:

    I’m also going to be writing an article about the power of EFT for TSB Mag.

    In some ways, EFT is the ultimate “placebo” because it gets straight to the heart of our belief systems

  6. SMoKeLioN says:

    All I have to say is I clicked some links and now I have a face that I can imagine all your words coming out of.

    I expected you to have dark blond / light brown hair.

    Now that ive gotten the most important thing I wanted to say out of the way, I wanna mention that since you wouldnt type out what EFT was for me in a previous entry, I was forced to google it myself since it

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