We launched Project Congruence last night :-)

Yep, we finally launched Project Congruence.

I was finally able to get Crystal Grid Guy (who videotaped) and our first participant (we’ll call him Vagabond Guy because he’s about to set off vagabonding) together for an evening.

I interviewed Vagabond Guy for quite a while before we began working with his belief system. I asked him what stops him from approaching attractive women in clubs. Here are some of the beliefs we worked on with Vagabond Guy:

– If he approaches a “mixed set” (i.e., a group of girls and guys), he feels like he is “stealing” the girl from the guy
– Sometimes he “dumbs down” his game because he doesn’t want someone else to feel bad if they “lose”
– He worries a lot about being “rude” (his mom often told him “Don’t do that. It’s rude.”)
– He worries a lot about his “social value” and whether it is up or down

What he wants in his life is to feel free to be himself rather than worry what other people are going to think of him.

I taught him Emotional Freedom Technique (which I’ve written much about on this blog, including HERE in the comments section), and we did a lot of work with his inner conflicts (i.e., part of him wants one thing, and another part is holding back for some reason).

I’ve asked him to report back in a few weeks to let us know how he is doing.


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  1. I just read the previous blog about Project Congruence! This sounds tight!

    I feel so happy… just reading the RSD Nation thread has got me EFTing a lot on beliefs… something I didn’t do with EFT before…

    This feels really big!


  2. Hi Moe,

    Welcome to the blog.

    Yes, I have both the basic and advanced EFT certificates (EFT-CC and EFT-ADV).

    My academic background isn’t nearly as important for all this as my extensive training with many healers and relationship coaches … but I do have honors degrees from two top-5 American universities.

    Feel free to email me at erika.awakening@

  3. Anonymous says:

    Quick question:

    Are you a certified EFT practitioner?

    What are your credentials (academic background and experience)?



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