What’s the girl equivalent of "cocky"?

Tonight I’m feeling the girl equivalent of “cocky” for the first time in quite a while …

so I’m celebrating by hanging out with my dad, drinking a lovely Shiraz, and cross-posting over at Spiritual Seduction.

You can check out my girl equivalent of cockiness over there…


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  1. ew gross! receptical makes it sound like a fifi

    my pussy is sacred woven of starstuff golden galactic freedom thread

  2. I love that post on the Spritual Seduction site erika!

    ps – whats a good word for the woman version of cocky?



    feeling myself?

    twinkly? ;p




  3. Dear Erika,

    I am drunk right now. And I almost scored tonight. Twice. The first time I broke one of my dating rulesx and it blew up in my face. The second time I ran into a girl whom I run into now and then, yet lives w family and has a curfue due to hardcore partying. I will choose get in the second girls pants, but probably not the first ones.

    I believe that girls don&#39

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