Dating as a Coach, part 2

This is a follow-up to the previous article, which you can read here Dating As A Coach.

In my ongoing experimentation with mixing dating and coaching …

It turns out the sexy guy from Wednesday’s date is down to do an What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming? with me on our next date. He seems really open to it, actually, which is refreshing. I told him that I’m very unorthodox and that we can drink wine while we do it, and he picked up the ball and made a fun flirtatious comment back :)

I’ve dabbled with mixing healing and dating before, but not with anyone where it seemed like there was real potential. Uncharted waters … this could be fun. Especially because both I and the person I do EFT with always feel so happy and upbeat after a session. In a way, it’s a great starting point for a date. In a way, it’s also a great starting point for intimacy, because we go so deep during my sessions.

Stay tuned …


Also, in the lessons learned department, from here on out I’ll be making a prior agreement with anyone I get involved with that, no matter what happens between us, we are agreeing to do completion work if we break up. I would like any breakup from here on out to result in full healing of both of us.

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  1. I'm so down with the commitment to do the completion work with anyone I date from now on… No matter what happens… I feel I'm at the end of years of interest in dating and moving more into intimate long term enchanted love and completion seems like it's really needed to keep our hearts open and free… something tugging me backwards still to previous partners…

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