What should I do if my ex wants to come back into my life?

I’m probably going to blog more about this fascinating topic later, but for now, we have a really great thread going over on Rori Raye’s blog, so click here to join the fun …

My views on this are definitely not the “conventional wisdom” … after all, I wouldn’t want you all to be disappointed or bored ;-)

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  1. Erika…

    Hearing that, I now am inclined to think that Rori told Jason something and he took it to mean that he shouldn't post there…

    Jason… that wasn't nice…i feel annoyed… hehe

    i feel all spinnyheaded

  2. Weird Erika – someone (not an "ex," but someone where it fizzled) just texted me out of the blue. GET OUT OF MY LIFE, WOO WOO BLOG!

  3. OceanDreams,

    Welcome and thanks for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to SF!

  4. hey Daria,

    I don't know. I can only speak for myself, and it was not me. Even if I was feeling triggered by some of the comments, I still valued his contribution to the discussion.

    So I guess it remains a mystery …

  5. Who made Jason leave?

    The mystery question…

    and what were those Not=so-nice words used… oooooh…

  6. OceanDreams says:

    Oh goodness, it really depends on the circumstances. I recently had this happen to me – well, I've tried to remain friends but it is quite hard and I'm trying to create boundaries. Anyway, the short of it is if you aren't together for a horrible reason, it should probably stay that way!!

    That being said, thanks for visiting my blog. So cool that you live in SF. I loved it

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