Premonition? Glimpse of a Sensual Feast

All right, I’ve now received my first invitation ever to go to Vegas to “tie the knot.” Lol, very cute :-)

I’m still holding out for the man on my doorstep

But in the meantime, I could be enticed to Vegas next weekend. If anyone is interested in Emotional Freedom Technique sessions there (including overcoming AA by using EFT in field, which I recently had tremendous success with), please email me at

And I just looked in the fridge, and saw these Italian sausages that I bought at Whole Foods, and I suddenly had this vision …

I had this vision of cooking for my man, of a sensual feast. Of making a beautiful dinner with pasta and sausages and all of these spices wafting through the apartment, and then enjoying it together, all the flavors and nuances. With a really beautiful bottle of wine that he brought. And then making love after dinner. Or maybe during dinner, for that matter.

And inviting other people in … kind of like that Tuscan Sun movie that I’ve always loved so much. The vision of a community.

One instant. The whole vision. I stepped right into it, like it was already reality. Mmmmm, that feels good :-)

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  1. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Paul, I'm very happy to have you back … I missed your insightful comments.

    Yeah, Doug, you gotta love that European lifestyle, huh?

  2. Doug Lance says:

    Erika. I watched Vicky Christina Barcelona after your suggestion. the vision you just described reminds me of that.

    Freedom. Free from the need to be free. Back to how things were before time was time.

  3. Hi Erika and GoneSavage,

    I'm not a member of "the community" – just a random guy who browses the odd forum and blog. I love both your blogs! They're refreshing and honest, and so different to much of the egotistical and (let's be honest – crazy and disturbing) pua/psychology blogs.

    I'll never want to be a "pua", but both your blogs have

  4. GoneSavage says:

    Every time a woman has described this vision, it always involves sausage.

    I don't like sausage. It does nothing for me.

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