What are your beliefs about money?

Why some people have a lot of money, and others are always struggling to have enough

I once heard someone say something very interesting. He said:

If you redistributed all the money in the world so that everyone had exactly the same amount, it would not take very long before everyone would be back in the same position they were before they money was redistributed. The rich people would be rich again, and the poor people would be poor again.

If you ask me, the same goes for things like being overweight. If we could magically make everyone fit and healthy, but we did not change their belief systems first, the overweight people would soon be overweight again, and the fit and healthy people would stay fit and healthy.

Why? Because this is their comfort zone.

And what are comfort zones made up of? Our beliefs, which in turn are built on top of our life experiences, especially our early life experiences.

So if we want to get out of our comfort zone, then we are going to need to do something to change those beliefs and transform the patterns created by our early life experiences.

Burning Man and limiting beliefs about money

I received an anonymous comment the other day expressing displeasure about my intention this year at Burning Man to teach, among other things, how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to attract abundance and financial opportunities.

Anonymous said: “Speech on manifesting financial opportunities at burning man, which is all about everything but money???”

I feel amused by this comment for one thing because, if you know anything about Burning Man, you will know that it requires a MASSIVE amount of money to put it on every year.

For the uninitiated, Burning Man is a huge art festival held in Black Rock Desert, out in the middle of nowhere, in Nevada. Thousands of people spend weeks creating a temporary city in the desert, with hundreds of theme camps. Participating in Burning Man has been one of the more transformative life experiences I’ve ever had, and it’s not something easily described. There is a group-created spiritual energy at the event that is very powerful. Plus, it’s just a ton of fun. Imagine partying in the middle of the desert with 30,000 to 40,000 amazingly cool people who are scantily clad in outrageous costumes and dancing all night long on lighted-up art cars. Last year, I made an entirely new group of friends who have now become important people in my life.

Anyhoo, it’s true that — once arrived in the Nevada desert — Burning Man is a gift economy. The only things sold there are coffee and ice. Everything else is gifted. Which is awesome when you’re thirsty at 2 am and a little cart sidles up offering you free vodka cranberry drinks. :-)

But what about getting there in the first place? It’s true that Burning Man sells a limited number of discounted tickets if you buy them months in advance. But for most people, the ticket to get in is $300. Then you need a way to get there, because it’s out in the middle of nowhere. I take my car (gas, mileage, maintenance, car wash afterwards to cleanse it of playa dust), but lots of people rent RVs for thousands of dollars. Then you need provisions. Either you join a theme camp and a meal plan (add several hundred dollars) or you buy a bunch of necessary items (add several hundred dollars). And if you want to participate in the pageantry and the gifting, well, last year I spent several hundred dollars on black fur platform boots, colored fishnet tights, fanciful petticoats, and all sorts of other fun things. Total cost for me last year … probably at least $1000. For those who go all out at Burning Man, I can’t even imagine … probably thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

My point is that if we want to experience all that life has to offer, and I put Burning Man very high on the list of experiences to have while you’re incarnated in this lifetime, then we need money — or at the very least some other form of exchange — to make that happen.

And yet, I have encountered so many people in the seduction community whose beliefs about money are STOPPING THEM from having the life experiences they would like to have.

Some common limiting beliefs about money

Here are some common beliefs about money that I hear in my EFT practice:
1. It’s not spiritual to make money
2. I have to work hard to make money, and I’m too lazy
3. If I make money, then I have “bought in” to a system that I don’t believe in
4. I feel guilty receiving money
5. My family has always been poor, so I think I will always be poor
6. The market I’m in is saturated, and there’s too much competition

And all of those beliefs are actually built on early life experiences. Inevitably when we dig down, we will learn that the person’s mother or father or grandmother said something or did something very early in that person’s life that made that person feel undeserving of money, or led that person to feel that if they had money, they would be a “bad person.” Etc.

I personally noticed that my comfort zone for most of my life has been receiving a salary. Everyone in my family was salaried also. I have been very comfortable receiving a salary, even a very high salary, but I was less comfortable receiving money from individual people — no matter how much I was contributing to their lives. Obviously that needed to be shifted for me to be effective at what I do.

Methods for getting out of our comfort zone and changing our financial situation

So again, there are various ways we can get out of our comfort zone, including:
1. Feel the fear and do it anyway
2. Meditation
3. Reading books about making money
4. Affirmations
5. Increasing conscious awareness of our beliefs

I talked about all those methods First Report from 21 Convention, and the free video footage of that speech is scheduled to be released in mid-September. I won’t repeat it all here, except to say this …

During my speech, I asked the guys for a show of hands:

Who among you has found an effective way of changing limiting beliefs, a method that works consistently?

Not one single guy raised his hand. Not one.

And that was my experience, too, before I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I read a bunch of books and tried affirmations, but because I was trying to write positive beliefs on top of a huge reserve of negative beliefs, all that resulted was further frustration and chaos.

Until I found EFT. And then everything started to change, very quickly.

How I can help you use EFT to change your financial situation

Intro to EFT tapping.

If you’re intrigued about how EFT can be used to change your financial situation quickly, and you want to try this out inexpensively, I encourage you to get the audio from our recent EFT teleclass about Attracting Abundance and Jumpstarting Your Business. It’s only $20, and during the call we cover a lot of ground, including:

1. Kate Winch and I share our own experiences with how EFT increased our financial abundance.
2. I share my six-step process for using EFT effectively to transform your belief system about money.
3. Kate Winch and I both work with individual callers, erasing beliefs such as “I can’t leave my current job because there’s a recession, I won’t have enough clients, I’m worried I’ll regret it, etc.”
4. I explain how early life experiences may be affecting your current life situation, and how we clear the emotional charge from those memories to free you up in the present moment.

Since the call, which was less than a week ago, participants on the call have reported the following successes:

1. A woman who had been struggling for months to find a job got a promising lead to come back to work for her prior employer.
2. A woman who wants to leave her current job and have her own business got a new client the morning after the call.
3. I received several incredible opportunities, including free publicity for my blog, a two-hour speaking spot at one of the most prominent camps at Burning Man, and a speaking opportunity at a prominent seduction community event.

And now here is the latest report, from a man who was on the call. This is our Facebook email conversation yesterday:

Him: Hmm…my credit card is dropping fast. I’m really wondering why I have another one coming to me in the mail. Trippy.

Me: tell me more. What do u mean it’s dropping …?

Him: Last week, before the call, I got a credit card I had shredded reissued. I thought that I would need it as my other card is maxed out. Now, the card I got reissued is in the mail and my other card is 25% paid off. Neat results!

Me: wow, did the money just ‘come out of nowhere’? Can I put it on my blog?

Him: You’re welcome to put it on your blog. The money came from tips at my job. I am more intuitively directed about what to do with the money. I definitely didn’t understand the simplicity of what is happening in my financial life. *hug*


So there you go. Yes, it really can be that simple. When we change our beliefs about money using the power of EFT, our financial situation changes.

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Kate and I are also taking suggestions now for future EFT Teleclasses, so please let us know, by commenting or emailing me at erika.awakening@gmail.com, what topics you’d most like to cover in our next few teleclasses.


About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. hi Nektar,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I just saw your excellent article on your blog about the classic "I'm too short" limiting belief. As you explain very well, height is only one factor in the attraction equation, and it's far from the most important one.

    Hope to see you again here soon.


  2. Just started reading your blog. There's a lot of great content in it. Good stuff.

  3. Peter,

    Thanks for chiming in. It's great to see you on the blog.

    You and Anonymous both have a point that part of Burning Man's intention is to change people's consciousness about money.

    I feel sad though when I hear people saying "I can't go to Burning Man this year because I can't afford it."

    I yearn to do some EFT

  4. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed your comments about BM. Glad you will be on the playa teaching EFT. You Rock, Girlfriend!

  5. Peter Yared says:

    Hey Erika,

    Funny to come to your blog after a friend mentioned it and to see you writing about burning man, as I am in the midst of major burning man prep. Yeah!

    The thing about burning man is that what you do _before_ burning man is very different than _there_. So for example, it is OK to sell burning man goggles and advertise them as burning man goggles at a store such

  6. Erika – I got no allowance at all! I saved my lunch money and secretly begged food from other people… and sometimes gave my saved money to my friend who "borrowed" it and never gave it back and one day said she owes me like 14thousand ew icky i feel disgusted an dhumiliated

    but anyway that's gotta be something to tap on

    also sometimes i ate food like my

  7. Yeah, nothing we see is real. Or to put it a bit more softly, what if money is nothing more than an individual and collective projection based on our belief systems?

    Why else would things shift so easily with EFT?

    "You are a slave, Neo."


  8. Anonymous says:

    Money is not real

    End the Fed

    – Johnny Forums

  9. Oh, Daria, I just found a memory that I'm tapping on.

    When I was a kid, we got an allowance for doing "chores" (i.e., things we didn't like to do, like washing dishes or sweeping the floor).

    But unlike other parents, my parents did not pay me for getting good grades or reading books, because those were things I naturally liked to do, so I didn't need an

  10. Feel free to riff on my blog, Daria.

    I would actually love if more of us were riffing here. Then we can tap along as we read the comments and receive healing benefits via "Borrowing Benefits."

    You and I probably erased a few limiting beliefs just through our back and forth right here.

    Have fun at the festival, and let's talk afterwards.

  11. I feel like im unloading A ?LOT of energy on here:

    here goes something else… maybe my tutoring business is not working because

    I believe school is an instrument of opression.

    (although with tutoring students would have the skills to "escape" this by already feeling powerful enough to know what's important to "beat the system" without

  12. a riffing session? you mean also using eft right?

    it would feel fun to try to do this through the online … do u have a messenger? aah i feel desperate and guilty… i love myslf i am so CUTE

    i feel like apologizing for some reason

    im getting ready to go out to the festival, be back soon! love you Erika! hope to be able to help you the way you've

  13. Wow Erika! Fear of fame! I want to be famous!!! omgosh so excited thinking that this still can happen for me, that it's not too late

    fear? um… i will be kidnapped and killed. hehe.. like the fear i have about speaking honestly about society and government

    regarding being ready to spend… i wake up everyday wanting to schedule some healing but then the

  14. Awesome. If you were here now, we could do a riffing session and go back and forth to erase as many of these as possible …

  15. PS the very first comment i made, where I said I don't 100% believe :

    "If you redistributed all the money in the world so that everyone had exactly the same amount, it would not take very long before everyone would be back in the same position they were before they money was redistributed. The rich people would be rich again, and the poor people would be poor again. "

  16. Yep, yep, yep.

    This is exactly what I'm talking about, Daria.

    If we go somewhere new in our imagination, immediately our subconscious mind will pop up the associated fears. Then we know what to tap on with EFT.

    Personally I've done a fair bit of work on my fear of fame. As I've been getting more recognition in the community, not all of it feel-good

  17. Lots of fears are coming up!


    1. i will not make enough money this way

    2. clients will not be motivated and thus fun to work with if they're not paying

    3. everyone will offer to pay very little!!

    4. this never works! this can't work. it's a nice, spiritual idea, but not practical

    5. aren't u tired of

  18. Thanks for your honesty, Daria.

    I'm a big fan of experimentation.

    Offer some services for free, see what feelings and beliefs come up … tap on them.

    Start charging money, see what feelings and beliefs come up … tap on them.

    I'm in favor of whatever works. Right now though, I give the entire blog away for free. I receive far more emails

  19. My previous comment is leading me to question my own business practices…

    I have been set on charging a high amount! because I deserve it!

    but now I'm thinking that I can offer as much as the client wants to pay instead, and trust that this will actually bring me MORE money… hmm

    my cousin advised me to do this, the client is more important than the

  20. You know what would feel great?


    If healers who worked with removing limiting beliefs about money, and thus allowing people to have as much as they want

    charged their clients AFTER their money success. That way the clients would feel happy and empowered to pay,

    and the healers would have much more clients (and of course

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