First Report from the 21 Convention

Mmmm … so it feels good to be sitting on my own bed again. I arrived back on an early flight this morning and am trying to get caught up again.

On the gossip front, someone told me today that Sinn referred to me as “Crazy Erika” on his podcast. Lol :-) I love you too, Sinn. All I can say about this is that I’ve never seen a bigger case of the pot calling the kettle in my entire life.

Ahem … Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting:

The Convention really was amazing. Kisses to Anthony (Dream) for being so dedicated about putting it together. I was there in Orlando start to finish, and there were a lot of amazing speakers that I’ll write more about soon. I saw old friends like Psych and DJ Fuji and GoneSavage and El Topo and got to meet a bunch of new people, including Nick Sparks, Heartwork, Jtime, Nathan from RSD, Christian Hudson, Adam Lyons (and Amanda), and of course Dream himself. I’m especially excited to see the footage of our Q and A session at the end because I suspect it’ll have high comedic value.

And my speech, which was entitled Spiritual Seduction: Change Your Love Life By Changing Your Belief System, was a lot of fun and very, very well received. I had a lot of fun doing the speech and even had the chance to teach Emotional Freedom Technique to the whole group of guys (in a quite humorous segment with a special guest who came on stage with me). Literally, we had the whole room tapping :-) I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback, but the footage probably won’t be released until mid-September, so unfortunately those of you who weren’t there are going to have to wait a bit to see it.

Mostly though the Convention was just damn fun. One highlight was when I walked out on the patio to see Psych (Jarett) teaching a huge group of guys “Dance Floor Game” by showing them his moves on another guy. I arrived just in the nick of time. “You guys need a girl up there?” DJ Fuji said I saved them from practicing “Gay Game” lol :-)

More on the gossip front: Drumroll please … Erika somehow managed to hook up with three guys in the span of two days. Hehe, I feel a little shy about saying that :-) Of course we all know what the next question will be … No, I did not have actual intercourse, but I did really enjoy my time with these three sexy guys. There was a LOT of good game going on at this Conference, and I had three episodes of “how exactly did we end up in bed together?” cuz it seemed so seamless and natural. Fun! Wow, I wish my girlfriends and I saw that caliber of game more often in San Francisco.

Special props to Francis Adams. I really enjoyed his speech, and later I told him that part of what I liked about it is he seems like a normal, social, cool guy. No weird lines and BS. Anyway, totally unpremeditated on either of our parts, we ended up at the bar together the last night, and well, one thing led to another. The next thing I know he and his friend are somehow taking a shower in my room (cuz of course they conveniently decided to check out one night early), we went to a bar, and the chemistry was awesome. Just like his speech, it was all authentic and relaxed and flowing. We got in a fun conversation and were vibing. He was great at leading, and well … it was really really fun. The kind of guy you’d want in your social circle and to be friends with for a long time regardless of how the romantic side played out.

He also complimented me on and teased me about my “Good Girl” Game (i.e., my hooking up without having sex). And he said my energy healing (we did some Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique back in my room) was a great form of Comfort Game. Lol :-) I love guys who recognize when a girl has good game.

Francis also teaches guys that the moment they’ll really start getting good with women is the moment when they start really loving women. His love for women shined right through everything he said and did. The same is true for women — a woman’s dating success will take off when she realizes how much she loves men. Everything about them, their vibe, the way they smell, the way they touch us, the way they want to protect us and ravish us, and so on …

Still feeling a little dreamy about the whole thing … I’m really excited for when the footage comes out and you all can see the speeches :-)

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  1. I actually really respect the fact that Erika is able to say she hooked up with guys she was attracted to at the event and not care what other people think it. Society is so quick to judge on things like that and it's refreshing to see that some people are confident enough to be unashamed of their sexuality.

  2. Thank you, Tim.

    Yeah, the intention was definitely not bragging. Heck, if I wanted to brag, I would've hooked up with ten guys in four days. Lol :-p

  3. Tim Beau Sanders says:

    Who cares of whether or not she hooked up with guys or not. I think that its great that she enjoyed herself at the Convention. I'm really jealous I didn't get to go this year due to conflicting obligations. The point she is making is that she really loved spending time with people that she could connect with way more than many of the people who haven't been blessed enough to find out

  4. Anonymous says:

    So how hard is it to hook up with three guys when you're the only woman in a room full of pick-up artists? I'd think 3 would be a given – and not really brag-worthy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome… the community now has groupies

  6. Phaphont says:

    You are a dirty Dingus

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