We want to be seduced, reprised

To be taken by a man … is one of the most euphoric feelings a woman can ever experience.

I got to taste it recently, the sensation of my energy surrendering into his, sitting on the bench in a restaurant, a feeling so powerful that I couldn’t even speak. Words were just gone, and my head melted into his shoulder.

We want to be taken. Really we do.

Being taken by a man is erotic in a way that defies any logical explanation. It feels like touching the Divine. It feels like surrendering to the What Is.

It feels like trust and passion and power. Like letting go completely and melting into that Place where intimacy and freedom become One.

When I have to do the initiating, or when the guy is hesitant or shy or doesn’t lead, I don’t get to have that experience, and then I’d just as soon not have sex at all.

What if a man texted me and said:

“I want you right now. Where are you? I’m coming over.”

That would send goosebumps all over my body.

What if he followed through and came to find me and pushed my body against the wall and had his way with me? And what if he did all that with no doubt or hesitation and with absolutely congruent inner confidence?

Mmmmmmmm… that would feel amazing.

We want to be taken.

We want to be seduced.

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  1. Old soul,

    I’m confused, I thought I did answer your questions above. I appreciate your comments and am happy to do more answering if you point me in the right
    direction :-)

  2. Can you answer my comments? You don’t have to answer them here, but I’d like to know your answers.


    Old soul

  3. Regret is not the right word. No regrets, only present moment feeling.

    But you are right, when I say “we want to be taken,” I left something out. It’s always implied that it will be accompanied with honesty and integrity.

    Hey, this blog is part of how I work all this stuff out. I’m not always going to be consistent.

    “We contain multitudes.” ;-)

  4. You claim you “want to be taken”, and then you put up a post stating your regret in not remaining celibate?

    Gimme a break…..

  5. “I don’t view seduction as an ephemeral thing, I view it as a lifelong practice of connecting with people.” If you frame it that way, sure it’s a life long thing, but how do you view “seduction” that eventually fizzles out after sex? Do people just get bored of each other or what?

    Overcome the illusion of separateness? If that’s the case, then some people are not part of this “unity” that you’re implying. For some reason or another, they cannot participate in the dance of seduction–perhaps they are celibate, perhaps they are unattractive (not worthy of the seducer’s attention). I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on this, because now you’re romanticizing seduction as some kind of salvific force. I’ve always challenged seducers to start a sexual revolution that will bring enlightenment to this world, but so far, no one has stepped up, or even offered a simple explanation how seduction can bring enlightenment or in your terms “overcome the illusion of separateness”. I’m interested. Think you can meditate on this for awhile and give me an answer? If the spirit speaks to me through you, then I’ll gladly participate in this sexual revolution, as I’d like to see this world come to peace.

    “If a really confident guy feels strongly enough about me to express that he wants to go deeper with me, I’m very open to that. I’d even be open to monogamy, at least temporarily, if we feel that would give the relationship a chance to go deeper with less “limbic shock” (as one guy put it ;-).”

    What’s the point of doing the monogamous thing if you are going to do it “temporarily”? I think it would be more honest for you to stay single and have sex with as many seducers/players as you can, no?

    “In the meantime, I’m having the time of my life right now, dating and writing and connecting with all of you.”

    I’m sorry to say this Erika, and I really would like to connect with you, but your thoughts haven’t connected with me. I think I’ll have to seduce you to overcome the illusion that separates us, yes?

  6. Ladies.

    Want Us MAN to Succeed as badly!


    Thank you for the reality check.

  7. gary…hot…"the without harm to yoursel f & others" – you seem bold & compassionate, quite a catch for a lady. but please do drive carefully! you can do anything you want, without an excess of adrenaline & its nice to have thoughtful pple to share the planet with!

    this appeared as the "buddhist thought of the day" in my rss:

    "On the phenomenal plane we seek pleasure and the avoidance of pain. On the noumenal plane we know the absence of both – which is Bliss"

  8. Infinity,

    Thanks for sharing a guy’s perspective on all this. Yeah, I’ve talked with a lot of guys about this now, and it’s just so cool how they have the same euphoric experience taking a woman as I have being taken. Nice that the higher power worked it out that way for us ;-)

    I highly recommend to my blog readers checking out Infinity’s site btw: http://www.projectinfinity.me/

  9. Well hello, old soul —

    Welcome to the blog.

    Thank you for asking me such a provocative question.

    I don’t view seduction as an ephemeral thing, I view it as a lifelong practice of connecting with people. A powerful way to overcome the illusion of our separateness.

    As for whether it’ll be a different guy every weekend, lol, not necessarily. I am actually very intrigued by the possibility of going way deeper in a longer-term and more continuous relationship. I’m just not interested in trying to force that to happen.

    I wrote a little about this a while back: http://awakeningfromthedream.blogspot.com/2008/12/update-and-some-great-articles-about.html. See Rori’s article about how a girl can do “circular dating” until a particular man steps up and claims her.

    If a really confident guy feels strongly enough about me to express that he wants to go deeper with me, I’m very open to that. I’d even be open to monogamy, at least temporarily, if we feel that would give the relationship a chance to go deeper with less “limbic shock” (as one guy put it ;-).

    In the meantime, I’m having the time of my life right now, dating and writing and connecting with all of you.

    Whatever is meant to be will be.


  10. Erika, a question.

    Is seduction an ephemeral thing? If it is, does this mean that you will live for those moments where a different guy will ‘seduce’ you every weekend?

  11. You know, I felt that edge tonight after almost crashing my car. That adrenalin rush after having made a split-second decision that could have been very costly….and yet feeling so alive, like I could do anything at that moment. I want that more, only with the consciousness to choose to live at the edge without harm to myself and others.

  12. I guess there are lots of varying preferences… personally, I don’t want to be seduced, I want to collaborate.
    I want to give someone joy, meaning, depth, understanding and love & I want it to be reciprocated.

    I don’t mind a hesitant or shy guy. I am willing to help him along. Actually, quite enjoy it, once in awhile.

    If he is without doubts, maybe it’s too easy?
    Why keep surfing the waves you know you can catch?

    A man who goes to edge & says, “I don’t know about this” and goes anyway… sexy.
    Pushes beyond fear, accepts failure as part of the learning process, etc.

    I think being scared is a good thing, Gary. Hesitating & missing opportunity is not so good, however. You do need to go for it, but only if it feels right. Learn to trust your instincts. … maybe you should try surfing!

    Sure, I love a strong, passionate man who know what he wants & how to get it & I would very much enjoy receiving a bold, passionate text & open my door & have my man ravage me against a wall, before even speaking, have him reach down and feel my fine yoga-refined ass while he thrusts hard into my warm, tight, welcoming pussy & all that good stuff, yada yada…. but I like it to include genuine, reciprocal feeling built upon getting to know one another, over a period of time. Opening up, becoming vulnerable & staying there despite the fear. Sacrifice, hard work & trust have always been pretty key ingredients in my most rewarding relationships.

    and with those in place, then, fuck like wild beasts, in celebration of doing the work together. Alas, maybe I am too old-fashioned? Anyone us still believe in love??

    Personally, I really don’t enjoy being over-powered, I enjoy sharing power.

    I don’t want to be taken.
    I want to be enjoyed & celebrated
    And, I want to enjoy a man & celebrate him. That is what feels amazing to me??

  13. I get it. And I wonder why so much hesitation exists within me. Why is this domain so damn scary? If it is really as simple as taking a strong lead, what is holding men back?

    It’s my mission to work that out.

  14. Kailee Grace says:

    i agree 1000000%
    soo sexy, i love it haha

    go for it guys!
    just dive for it, don’t worry you’ll find the gold ; )
    Kailee xo

  15. yeah it would be bad for the human race if that wasn’t so HAHAHAHA.


  16. I will admit there is something very arousing about being able to seduce a woman and having my way with them.

    It’s meant to be a very powerful experience for both partners.

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