Erika goes to Vegas?

I have received some very intriguing invitations for early January in Las Vegas, otherwise known as Disneyland for grown-ups. And as a professional observer of social dynamics and a consummate troublemaker, how can I be expected to resist?

The best news is that, if I go, my beloved readers are sure to get some really awesome blog entries.

Lol :-)

Life is a comedy … Let the fun continue …

Vegas Update

Ooooh, this is *very* exciting. It is now confirmed: I will be attending Johnny Soporno’s Seducing Porn Stars Bootcamp in Las Vegas in January. (Thank you, Johnny, for the gracious invitation!) I am super intrigued to see what they teach the guys at the bootcamp. Plus, it’ll be an opportunity to meet a lot of the Seduction Community gurus. Johnny wrote this on my Facebook Wall:

“It will be a pleasure to have you there, Erika! This should be an amazing event, with Steve Piccus, Zan, Hypnotica, perhaps Grant Adams, and other major Community guys attending as ‘Special Guest Gurus’ – as well as Harlequin, Jamie Smart, and myself, of course :)”

Now, lest anyone should jump to the conclusion that I will actually be seduced during this weekend, I remind them of my long track record — no matter how smooth the guy — of holding out for When A Man Leads before physical connection.


And as long as we are on the subject, here is a very interesting article on Rori’s blog about relationships and porn:

Personally, I am in favor of people using stuff like this to enhance their relationships. What we resist persists, so if a woman feels threatened by this stuff, well … I see that as a signal of something she might be better off embracing. Or at least talking openly to her man about.

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  1. thanks!! very helpful post!

  2. Erika, it should be a hell of a lot of fun, as well as enlightening and entertaining :)

  3. David Shade says:

    I would be honored if you would go to Vegas in mid January as my VIP guest.

  4. @ Anonymous #2 —

    Perhaps they didn’t have the right Guidance.

    Again, I don’t believe in “damage” or “suffering,” so please don’t lose sleep worrying about me.

    Cheers :-)

  5. Since 2005, I have known 3 different girls who decided to involve themselves in the seduction world. All 3 of them were deeply spiritual girls who appreciated the good intentions of this community.

    Like you, they were curious and wanted to help and make a contribution.

    But all 3 of them eventually faded back into the ether… after causing a great deal of damage to themselves and to others. Caveat emptor.

  6. disneyland for grown ups lol? thats a fancy sales line. now I wanna go there too! well not right now.

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