How to Attract Women: Vegas Seduction, Part 2

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Learn how to attract women. Erika Awakening walks you through the perfect seduction, step by step.

All right, here is the much awaited Part 2 of the Vegas Guy seduction series … are you ready to learn how to attract women quickly? :)

(In case you missed it, I highly recommend that you How to Attract Women, Vegas part 1.)

Today we are going to talk about overcoming obstacles, most of which YOU MADE UP IN YOUR OWN MIND and don’t really exist … as you are about to see …

(When you get more advanced, you realize that you actually created ALL of the obstacles, but most people aren’t ready to accept that yet, and we will save it for another time …)

After I had already published Part 1 of this series, I realized there was one very important takeaway point from How to Attract Women, Vegas part 1 that I forgot to mention … but what’s so perfect about this takeaway is that it actually fits in with the theme of this post: overcoming obstacles when you are trying to learn how to attract women.

… it has to do with his response when I made the conscious decision to ignore him after he started making eye contact with me from across the room because I thought he had a girlfriend …

Obstacle # 1 – The Girl Appears Not to Be Interested

Want to take a guess at what he did right?

Ok, I’ll tell ya …

He was not reactive to me. Most guys I see when I go out to bars or clubs are looking for me to approve of them or do something affirmative before they are going to approach me. Most guys I coach would take my sudden apparent lack of reciprocation of the eye contact as a rejection. Many guys I talk to at conferences would have already been JUDGING me because they felt rejected by me …

Instead of assuming the best (which in this case was that I had a misunderstanding of his social logistics, it had nothing to do with not being attracted to him), most guys will REJECT THEMSELVES before the girl ever has a chance to reject them.

How smart of a move is that, guys? Rejecting yourself GUARANTEES that you will NOT succeed.

He didn’t do any of those things. He was not dependent on what I did. He had already made up his mind that HE was interested in me. He had enough confidence to assume attraction. And with that confidence, he was able to assume that he’d be successful approaching me even though I had stopped reciprocating any eye contact.

Instead of withdrawing when an obstacle arose, he stepped up his game. He assertively got into my space where, one way or another, I was going to be compelled to talk to him, at least for a few minutes. And a few minutes was all he needed to establish that he was a really fun, confident guy that I wanted to learn more about.

I’m not sure he did this consciously, and I can’t imagine he somehow intuited what my “objection” was (I thought he had a girlfriend), but notice what he did … by approaching me like that, he eliminated the objection. His decisive action made me realize *immediately* that I had been mistaken about him having a girlfriend.

(Open relationship or not, I’ve never seen a guy with a girlfriend be that assertive about approaching me. So he DISARMED MY OBJECTION by ACTION.)

Do you see how the Average Frustrated Chump, who rejected himself before he ever approached me, totally lost out in a situation like this FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL? :)

The bottom line is that YOU DON’T KNOW WHY she seemed to suddenly lose interest. It may be an easily overcome-able objection, or she may have simply become absorbed in her conversation with her friend.

And unless you ASSUME THE BEST, and get OFF YOUR PANSY ASS and APPROACH HER, you are not ever going to find out what’s going on with her … if a man is not confident to do that much, how am I EVER going to feel attracted to him???

Okay, now on with the next obstacle he overcame :)

Obstacle #2: Logistics

What did Vegas Guy do after he had approached and we had our first few exchanges of conversation?

I don’t remember exactly everything that was said, but a few highlights stand out very clearly.

First, he must have asked questions to learn my logistics very quickly, and he framed everything he did around that. Despite the fact that we were in Vegas, my logistics were not ideal. In fact, they were horrible. I told him I had an early morning flight home and a roommate, and was probably not going to stay out late.

He knows this means he has to act fast. If all he does is get my phone number, how likely is it that I’m going to feel a strong enough connection to continue things after this one night we have together when he and I don’t even live in the same city?

(… btw, I also was very set on getting at least a few hours of sleep, and he met me at most four hours before my taxi was coming to take me to the airport, so you can see his window of opportunity was very, very small … in the next few articles I’ll show you how he overcame these nearly impossible logistics.)

Obstacle #3: My Male Friends

Vegas Guy also learned very early in our conversation that I was in a group of 30 people, and I’m sure he figured out pretty quickly that most of them (about 27 out of 30) were men. This was especially obvious a few minutes after he opened me, when two of my male friends (both of them very skilled coaches) started interrupting his exchange with me. In fact, they actively started flirting with me. One of them grabbed my wine glass and pulled it about five feet away, pulling my attention and actually my body WAY over there …

A lesser guy would have crumbled … Again, this is a moment where an AFC is very likely to reject himself and think “oh she’s here with all these guys, I don’t stand a chance.” A lesser guy would have walked away. Vegas Guy did not move a centimeter. He stood right where he had been standing, and he had already established enough connection that I gravitated back to him very quickly. He almost moved me with his eyes. I wanted to see where this was going …….. :)

When I got back over to him, I explained that these were some of the coaches and friends of mine. Vegas Guy was not defensive about it. He was very matter of fact. He basically put it to me as an either/or. Did I prefer to hang out with my friends? If so, he’d be happy to let me do so. Or, in the few hours left in Vegas, would I like to have some fun together?

I don’t remember the exact words, but I do remember that, energetically, he presented it to me as a very neutral choice, and he did the same thing with a few things after that. And by this time, he had me thinking of this as one of “those” moments in life where you go with it because you want to find out what’s going to happen. So he had me. I chose him.

What he did next made it much less likely that he would have to address any more obstacles … but that’s the next article … isolating the girl … lol :)

So stay tuned for Part 3 of the Vegas Seduction Series: Isolating the Girl

Only an expert can isolate me, btw, many have tried, very few have succeeded … I will tell you all the juicy details in the next installment … :)

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