Two Magical Weekends in Vegas

I’m back home and relaxing on this three-day weekend after two fun-filled weekends in Vegas.

This weekend was spent at David Shade’s Masterful Lover Superconference. While there, I alternated my time between the conference and hanging out with Zan Perrion and Johnny Soporno and other friends. The energy and good vibes of this group of people are truly amazing. You can feel the aliveness in the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we touch and hug freely. It feels like a fountain of vibrancy, humor, and authenticity. It feels like I’ve made a whole new family. :)

I also had the chance to meet briefly Brad P., Carlos Xuma, Heather Ann Havenwood, Chet Rowland, Jan Robinson, and a number of other luminaries in the dating and relationship fields.

So it has been a time of making connections …

Anyway, what impressed me the most about David’s superconference (and would, I suspect, surprise a lot of people who have prejudgments about the seduction community and think the guys are out to scam and deceive women) were a few things:

(1) there were a lot of women and couples in attendance at the superconference,

(2) all of the speakers were talking about creating win-win relationships between men and women, and

(3) one of the main focus points of the speakers was on living more authentically and creating more authentic relationships.

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  1. Welcome to the blog, Zan, and thank you for commenting.

    Yes, the world is changing, and we are going to have so much fun helping to usher in the new era :)

    A big hug and kiss to you …

  2. Zan Perrion says:

    It was an excellent time, Erika…

    Incredible things are happening! ;)


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