Learning How to Attract Women May Also Help You Learn How to Attract Money – Why Business Is Like Seduction

The other day on Facebook, I mentioned how much I learned about business from the seduction community. Let me tell you my top ten reasons why business is like seduction:

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Masters of the art of seduction: Hypnotica, Steve Piccus, Johnny Soporno, and Erika Awakening

1. Number 1 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – Peacocking. To be successful with seduction or business, you must be willing to be visible. Most people hide their true selves behind multiple layers of bullshit. You gotta learn how to shine.

“God did not put you here to play small.” – Erika Awakening

2. Number 2 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – An abundance mindset rules the world. In seduction, when you make the mistake of thinking that you can offer more and more and more and become more attractive, we call this NEEDINESS. Yet, bafflingly, people don’t seem to understand that the same principle applies in business. When I raised my prices, I got more business. Why? For a lot of reasons, one of which is that it shows that I value myself and my work. I’m not desperate, I can say “no” to anything that doesn’t really serve me. This is VERY attractive.

3. Number 3 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – It’s all about connection. A master Casanova makes us FEEL something in our bodies, a heightened sense of excitement and adventure, an aliveness that is sadly lacking in normal everyday society. Business is the same way. Why are my video programs so popular with my customers and they keep coming back for more? Because in the video programs, we tap in to this natural aliveness. Everyone wants to feel that way all the time, and everyone can, if they know how. It’s all about how deeply can you connect with yourself, because self-connection is contagious and magnetic.

4. Number 4 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – Those who commit, win. It has been estimated that 95% of guys in the seduction community never get results. Why? One big reason is the lack of commitment. Most of them dabble in “free” stuff on the internet, don’t invest in good coaching, and “give up” after the first setback or two. If you want to be one of the rare people who succeeds, you need to learn how to deal with obstacles. Fortunately, my coaching system, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), gives me a rock solid, absolutely fail-safe way of addressing any and all setbacks, and going beyond them.

5. Number 5 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – It’s not what you do or say, it’s who you are being. Plenty of guys in the seduction community master the lines and “do” all the “right” things, yet their results are lackluster. Why? Because what you do and say is about one percent of what’s really going on in relationships and life. It’s your beliefs, stupid. Your beliefs create your reality and who you ARE in the world, and that’s what determines 99 percent of your results. This is why masters of seduction can have women showing up out of nowhere who want to be with him. And why a master of business being like myself has money showing up out of nowhere, without making sales calls or paying for advertising.

6. Number 6 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – Meditation, meditation, meditation. Want to succeed in seduction and business? You had better have a very focused mind. This ADD crap that is all the rage leads to chaotic results and inefficient action. I don’t see anyone getting this sharply focused of a mind without meditating on a regular basis.

7. Number 7 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – Never settle for less than what you really deserve. This goes back to the point about neediness. Have some freakin’ self-esteem for God’s sakes. Say “no” to discounts and people treating your poorly. Every time you say “no” to something that doesn’t measure up, watch the Universe give you something better.

8. Number 8 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – Practice with passion. You want to be good at seduction or business? You had better LOVE what you are doing. Love it enough to go out every single day and practice. Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.

9. Number 9 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – You Must Be Willing to Get It “Wrong.” Be willing to experiment, be willing to fuck up, and be willing to piss people off. You want to attain mastery being a people pleaser playing it safe all the time? Good luck. The willingness to make waves is one of the hallmarks of someone who is going beyond mediocrity to mastery.

10. Number 10 Reason Why Business Is Like Seduction – The masters of seduction and business break all the rules. Watch a true master. Not the person who’s got a “paint in the lines” marriage or business. I’m talking about the people who are an absolute thrill to observe. They don’t use lines and routines. They are in the flow of life. Their confidence is so rock solid that the idea they would have to follow the “rules” to get results is simply ridiculous. In fact, their breaking of the rules is a sign of just how deep their confidence goes.

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