How to Attract Money Miracles Into Your Life, Like A Brand New Car!

Money miracles may not be a way of life for you … yet. You may be asking yourself: What the heck is Erika Awakening talking about anyway when she says you can attract money with the power of your subconscious mind? Is she crazy?

So here’s the story of my latest money miracle: how I got my brand new car …

Last summer, I looked at my trusty old car and knew it was time to get a new one. I even went to the car dealer website and “built” my new car online. It’s a deep red with most of the bells and whistles. And I was excited to have it. I could already feel myself in it.

But then, I had a temporary “setback” in my business. This setback felt confusing to me because things had been going so well. I have learned to trust that “everything happens for a reason.” So as usual I just focused on clearing as much negative emotion and as many limiting beliefs as I could.

Among other things, I postponed the car purchase.

In the midst of all that, I realized that I needed to manifest at least $50,000 relatively quickly in order to keep a bunch of financial commitments. Of course, I turned to Holistic Belief Reprogramming to help me meet this goal. Holistic Belief Reprogramming is an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) that empowers us to get MUCH faster EFT tapping results and much more spectacular money miracles from our tapping.

In the past, I would usually just apply the Holistic Belief Reprogramming method for myself and my private clients. This time I decided to turn my own tapping into a product. Thus began the 30-Day Abundance Challenge, a 30-day advanced EFT tapping video product. The intention of this 30-Day Abundance Challenge is to teach people how to use my system of advanced EFT tapping to create money quickly.

It actually took me more than 30 days to record the 30 EFT tapping videos, and for some weeks it appeared to me that “very little was happening.” In October, my business did begin to pick up a bit, but I still wasn’t “seeing” my extra $50,000. Where was my money miracle? I felt a little impatient.

One of the intentions that I wove into the 30-Day program was to give the Universe permission to bring the money to me in surprising and delightful ways (you can read more about the 30 How to Attract Money videos here).

Well, as usual, the Universe had bigger plans for me than I was seeing for myself.

A few months went by. One day in late October 2011, I went out to my parked car. I’ve been parking on the streets of San Francisco without incident for years now. I felt very surprised to see that it had been hit by a taxicab. A bystander left a note with all the info, and the cab company almost instantly accepted liability. I am always listening for “messages from God,” and immediately I thought to myself, “perhaps God wants me to get a new car. Maybe this is a money miracle in disguise.”

I started handling the insurance situation, and my insurance agent told me that I had the option of asking to be cashed out rather than get repairs, so I was already considering this when … almost unbelievably!! …

Six days later, my car was parked in a totally different location near my apartment and was hit AGAIN in a different part of the car. Lol, I was stunned :) This driver left a note with all her insurance info. From her note, she sounded rather bewildered and had “no idea how this could have happened.” Now I felt certain that God wanted me to get a new car.

I was starting to feel ready for money miracles to happen … it felt like magic must be in the air :)

So I took my old car to the dealership and asked them how much they’d give me for it “as is.” Then I asked about a new car, and I was set on deep red to match my websites. :) I was going to get a few options but not go for the full luxury deal. And I was going to trade in my old car as a down payment.

Well, lo and behold, the ONLY car that fit my criteria in the entire West side of the country was fully loaded with all the options – total price around $56,000. Because the insurance wasn’t fully settled yet, and I was thinking to delay the purchase, the car dealer made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – no down-payment and less than 1% financing on the entire vehicle. He said, we’ll just send you a check for $10,000 after you get the insurance stuff settled. So zero money down and practically interest free for five years. Money miracles!

In other words, I could walk away with a brand new car for $47 to cover the DMV transfer fee. And I did. Haha, pretty amazing money miracle, yes? :)

Over the course of the next few weeks, I received checks for over $4,000 in insurance settlements, $10,000 for the trade-in, and my accountant confirmed that as I use the car almost exclusively for business purposes, there would be a generous tax deduction as well. I sent an extra $15,000 toward my mortgage, which has a much higher interest rate, thus saving even more money. This is what I mean when I say you can attract money with tapping.

Did I mention that the first two services are free on the new car? I won’t be paying for servicing until 15,000 miles – another savings of probably at least $1,000. More money miracles!

[Erika Awakening note in August 2014: My mileage went way down also, so I still have not paid for a maintenance on this car almost two years later! Another money miracle.]

When it was all said and done, I ended up with a brand new car worth more than $50,000, virtually interest free, and far more cash in my pocket than when I began. Lol :) A pretty awesome money miracle, if I must say so myself. And the surprising and delightful way that the Universe orchestrated the whole thing was so wonderful. It is yet another example of how God’s plan for how we can attract money is so brilliant that there’s no way our ego mind could even conceive of it.

The car is awesome, btw :) Absolutely love it, especially with that fantastic Mark Levinson sound system. Haha, God really does adore me (and you, too, if you let Him).

Well, the money miracles didn’t stop there. Next I checked the value of my home, and it had gone up more than $50,000 from the last time I checked it near the beginning of the year. There are so many different ways that you can attract money fast.

And then I released the 30-Day Abundance Challenge as a product, and it was a smashing success, producing multiple five-figure money miracles for my clients and customers (see the testimonials for How to Attract Money here). Several customers loved Holistic Belief Reprogramming so much that they signed up for my 15-Week Miracle coaching program.

Which led to this month (December 2011). Right now, scheduled payments that people have said they are sending me in January add up to over $50,000. And that’s not including product income for the month (as my product income took off during this same time period) … (This later turned out to be close to $70,000 for the month of January 2012! Huge money miracle for me.)

All in all, I’d say my temporary “setback” turned out to be a fantastic money miracle, and that the 30-Day Abundance Challenge is probably the best “attract money” product on the market today. Try it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did :)

Wishing you abundance and miracles,

Erika Awakening

p.s. To sign up for the 30-Day Abundance Challenge, go here:

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Update May 30, 2012

So I had my first service for the brand new car this week. They came and picked my car up and gave me a loaner while they serviced it. As promised, the service was free and so was the car wash. But get this: I had some scratches on the car in one area and some nicks in the paint in another area, and I thought they would charge me for that. When they just dropped off the car, they said there would be no charge for anything. Service to my doorstep and all of it complimentary. I wasn’t even looking for a discount, and I got one anyway. That’s how the Universe works when you use Holistic Belief Reprogramming to develop your abundance mentality.

Your money miracle is waiting for you. You can attract money fast, if you learn some simple skills for reprogramming your mind to unleash the power of your subconscious mind. Get started with my 30-Day Abundance Challenge today:

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