Here’s How You Can Make More Money Without Being “Greedy”

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Making money does not have to be greedy

“You are so greedy.” As my business started making more money, I heard this judgment quite a few times. Mostly from people who knew almost nothing about me, so of course I knew they were projecting their own guilt about How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping on me. In this article, Erika Awakening helps the world understand why making more money is not only not greedy, it can be the opposite of greedy. Making more money can be the most life-serving choice you ever make, for both yourself and the rest of the world.

Let’s first deconstruct this word “greedy,” because judgments are basically never helpful. I think it was Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Non-Violent Communication, who once translated “greedy” to mean “meeting your own needs at the expense of other people’s needs.” And certainly we see plenty of this kind of “greed” in our world.

I do not advocate ever meeting your own needs at the expense of other people’s needs. It will bite you in the butt every time because of the power of karma. What many people do not seem to understand, however, is that it is entirely possible to make more money WHILE SERVING THE NEEDS OF EVERYONE INVOLVED, and making everyone better off than they were before. This is what I refer to as the win/win. In life, business, and love, win/win is the ONLY way to roll.

In that spirit, here are 10 Reasons Why Making More Money Does Not Have to Be Greedy:

Non-Greedy Reason #1: Create Value for Everyone in ALL of Your Exchanges

One of the biggest fallacies about money is the limiting belief that when one person gives money to another person, the person who gave the money lost it. This limitation is false and can be transcended by adopting a much bigger picture vision about money. Let’s take a few easy examples of how giving money can actually make both the giver and the receiver better off than they were before.

– Let’s say I place an advertisement on Facebook. I pay Facebook $75, and they help me reach a new audience of 30,000 people. People who “pinch pennies” don’t spend that $75 because they think they are “losing” the money. But someone who has a more holistic vision of money sees a different picture. Perhaps that advertisement brings in two new customers, and each one invests $300 with me. Well, that already more than paid for the $75. Now, assuming my content is valuable and creates improvements in the lives of my customers (How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping), then those two customers are also better off. If I had not placed the advertisement, they probably would never have found me and would not get the coaching resources they needed. In this scenario, Facebook wins, I win, and my customers win. Nobody loses.

– I invest an enormous amount of money in personal development. As you can see from this article about 10 Ways to Prepare for the Best Sex and Relationship Ever, I work with Pilates and yoga instructors and lots of healers. I give all of them significant amounts of money, which helps to make their businesses sustainable. So I lost by giving them that money, right? Wrong. As you can also see from this article, the more money I invest in my personal development, the more powerful I become, and the more money I make in my business. Meanwhile, my coaching clients and customers are benefiting from the immense knowledge and experience I gain from all this personal development. Everyone wins. The people I hire win, I win, and my customers win. Nobody loses.

One of the biggest secrets in life is “create value for everyone in ALL of your exchanges.” If you follow this simple principle, you will never lack for loyal customers. And your life will just keep getting better and better. How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping.

Non-Greedy Reason #2: Making More Money Gives You the Freedom to Quit Your Unethical Job

Recently I hear a lot of people griping about genetically modified food (GMO), Monsanto, chemtrails, pharmaceutical companies, and other assorted modern nightmares. What people do not seem to understand is that those problems are all fueled by a false limiting belief in financial scarcity. Those corporate giants could not perpetrate these harms unless the 99 percent were working for them and buying their products. The more of us who break free to making more money and REFUSE to work at those jobs, the faster the world is going to improve.

My philosophy is STOP BITCHING and get yourself unplugged from the Matrix. I teach a lifestyle where you can work for yourself with an internet business and never work at an unethical job ever again. In fact, I encourage you to choose a business that you feel really good about, where you KNOW you are helping people. No argument there – everyone wins when you make more money and use it to help other people.

Non-Greedy Reason #3: Making More Money Gives You the Resources to Make Healthy and Ethical Food Choices

It amazes me to hear a lot of people claim that they “can’t afford” to eat organic food and stop eating junk food. What a crock of shit. You CAN’T AFFORD TO KEEP EATING THAT SHIT. Do you not understand how you pay for it later in medical expenses and disabilities? Do you not see how our planet is paying for it every day with these God-awful pesticides and pollution and crap? Not to mention the way that factory farming tortures and murders animals.

How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping takes all the excuses away. Shop at ethically-minded stores and buy ALL ORGANIC. Refuse to buy GMO. Refuse to poison yourself with bizarre chemicals and processed food.

No argument there – everyone wins when you are making more money and use it to purchase ethical and healthy food.

Non-Greedy Reason #4: Making More Money Can Help You Simplify Your Life

How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping Reduce your adverse impact on the environment by making more money

It is true that some people who make a lot of money use it to be materialistic and buy a whole bunch of status symbols and physical stuff that does not serve anyone. That, to me, would fit within our definition of “greed.” I do not advocate that kind of lifestyle because at the end of the day it will not give you emotional fulfillment.

People who commit to my coaching method Holistic Belief Reprogramming do not become more materialistic. As we discover happiness within, we actually become less and less interested in “things,” unless they serve our life purpose. The Universe gave me a brand new car, because the car DOES serve my life purpose. But I drive it less and less. In general, as I have been making more money, I have been letting go of physical stuff very quickly. Which brings us to reason #5:

Non-Greedy Reason #5: Making More Money Can Help You Reduce Your Adverse Impact on the Environment

The lifestyle that I teach to my customers focuses on becoming work-at-home entrepreneurs who are “unplugged” from the Matrix. I work from home, and I invest my money mostly in personal development and in expanding my business to reach larger numbers of people with Holistic Belief Reprogramming.

The other day I had a good reason to drive, which is rare these days. The TRAFFIC was awful. There was congestion everywhere, and I am just so grateful that I rarely am out there in it anymore. It occurred to me that probably 90 percent of the people on the road did not really need to be out there. Most of them are still working at unethical jobs (see above) and driving to work even though they could be equally productive at home. If more people were converting to the lifestyle I teach, we could dramatically reduce our adverse environmental impact from driving and other forms of pollution.

Non-Greedy Reason #6: Making More Money Can Help You Create A Better Home Life and A Better Sex Life

If people were making more money working at home under my model of the world, we would also have a more satisfying home life. And better sex is a given. I imagine that very few people would be saying “I’m too tired to have sex” to their partners if they were not exhausting themselves at these non-fulfilling and ruthless jobs every day.

Once again, there’s simply no argument here. Everyone is better off when we are making more money in our at-home internet businesses, focusing on our relationships and truly helping people instead of being part of the mindless machine.

Non-Greedy Reason #7: Making More Money Can Help You Pay Off Your Debt

How else can making more money help you contribute to a better world? Well, here in the United States we are drowning in debt. I did not want to participate in that anymore. So I used my extra money to pay off my mortgage early. Learn more here about how you can dissolve debt quickly.

The more of us who get free of debt, the fewer problems we are going to have with our economy. Again, there is no argument. Everyone wins when you make more money.

Non-Greedy Reason #8: You Have A Lot More to Give When You Are Making More Money

When you are How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping, you have more to give. You will be able to support other ethical businesses. You will be able to invest the money needed to provide your services far and wide. In my business, for example, I invest a lot in my websites to provide the best possible service to my customers.

This year, I have made over $300,000 already in my business, and I am very proud of how I have spent it. To me, investing in other healers, paying off debt, and reaching more people with my life-serving message is totally win/win.

If you don’t allow yourself to receive money, you won’t have money to give. And I would argue that this is a very “greedy” thing to do. You don’t help anyone by claiming that you “can’t afford” to contribute to them.

Non-Greedy Reason #9: You Have More and More Money to Invest in Making Real Change in This World

How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping Making more money helps you heal the planet

Most of the real “voting” in this world happens with money. I apologize in advance to those who are offended by this statement. It is the simple truth.

If you do not How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping, you will not have much of a say in the policies of this world. If you vote with your dollars and you always vote healthy, organic, work-at-home, pro-love, pro-compassion, and pro-environment, then guess what? The world is going to start healing very fast.

If you make excuses and say you “can’t afford” to quit your unethical job, make ethical food choices, reduce your environmental adverse impact … then my question to you is: WHO IS BEING GREEDY NOW?

The tables are turned. It’s the scarcity-minded folks who are creating the problems in this world. Whether they are technically wealthy or technically poor, it is their scarcity mindset that drives their greed. Driving a country into the ground to make more money, or claiming that you are not making ethical choices because you “can’t afford” it – they are two sides of the same coin. And both are the true definition of greed because they are not win/win. They are lose/lose.

This is why I am not ashamed to ask for money for my products and services. I know it’s win/win.

Think about it. Changing our attitudes about making more money is going to make all the difference as to whether this planet gets healed or not. And make no mistake about it: the future of this planet rests on you.

I hope this article raised some of your assumptions about making more money to the light of day. I hope you are willing to consider the possibility that making more money in the way I am describing is the most life-serving thing you can do. Please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

If you want to learn how to change your beliefs about money so you can be making more money quickly, How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping. You can help yourself, help me, and help the world simultaneously by purchasing this product. How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping


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