The Pesky Ego

Lol, I’m having a very humorous realization right now.

First of all, I woke up feeling downright cheerful. I had also received a large number of encouraging messages and posts on Facebook overnight, so that bolstered my good mood.

And now I’m sitting here in wonderment, very shortly to begin a call with a client, and wondering when my ego is ever going to let up.

We all have ego still, but in working with clients and myself, I notice it comes up for different people in different places in their lives. Most areas of my life run rather smoothly, with very little egoic attachment, and even my dating life runs smoothly. The sticking point has been getting deeply intimate with a particular partner.

I’m seriously starting to wonder if any guy is going to be able to get under my ego’s radar screen. Entropy almost did it. He managed to get very deep in to my emotional centers before my defenses went up. (It’s funny how I don’t feel any anger with him at all anymore — I feel puzzlement with my ego instead.) He was very good at not triggering fear in me for many months. But then the wall of fear went back up, and I’m really wondering if anyone can help me bring it down.

Even this morning, as I started to feel really good and optimistic, at exactly the moment of bliss and thinking “everything’s working out for me just great” … that’s when I noticed the fear creep in again.

I’ve been intrigued by this question for several years now … how do we work with our fear, which is at the root of every problem any of us has? This has become my life’s work.

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  1. If you say so.
    But I'm really interested to know how do you know there is this thing called ego in yourself?

  2. Sweetheart,

    No offense, but I'm an EFT expert. I've been surrogate tapping for years.

    In this situation, I prefer to tap with someone for the intimacy of it.

    Thanks for commenting though. Hope you'll come back and visit again.

    – Erika

  3. Have you ever tried surrogate tapping?
    In a relation there are two people.So why being so selfish and working just on your self.
    Working on changing myself with eft was amazing but the real fun begins when you start working on making others to want to do what you want.

    Normal eft is just the tip of the ice-berg, surrogate eft is the rest of it. Crazy shit happens, girls

  4. Do surrogate tapping on the guys you meet and your love live will be…just imagine how it will be.

  5. Do surrogate tapping on the guys you meet and you will be very surprised then.

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  7. Hey Nick,

    Yeah, no doubt our pain bodies attracted each other to work out some karma. If we had been strong enough to stay connected through it, there most likely would have been profound transformation for both of us.

    I'm just glad I've worked through it now. I even feel a little sheepish about the whole thing ;-)

    Which is okay, because I love and

  8. Women: leave romance to your suprise
    Men: leave seduction until you pop a boner

    Great blog erika!

  9. Nick LoCicero says:

    We can start by being authentic with ourselves.

    Perhaps what triggered your defenses was your pain body? It is deeply seductive.

    Personally, I have experience growing up with an adoptive parent who was abused as a child…

    If the reason I disconnect from orgasming inside a girl comes from comes from inheriting whatever trauma she recieved in certain parts of her

  10. I keep offering…

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