If you’ve been considering giving my Holistic Belief Reprogramming system a try, you are probably asking yourself: What benefits will I get from this? Is it really worth the money?

Here are seven benefits that I am able to get for my clients on a regular basis, one of which is that when we work on your financial belief system, the coaching very frequently PAYS FOR ITSELF. I have many testimonials on this site to demonstrate this.

Yes, that’s right, it means there is a very high likelihood you will end up with MORE money in your pocket even after paying me than you would have had otherwise. If that isn’t an example of my philosophy of making everything win/win, I don’t know what is.

Here are seven common benefits of doing coaching with me:

1. Creating more money, financial abundance, and business/job opportunities: Your financial situation is a result of your financial belief system — I have helped prior clients avert bankruptcy, buy a new house, create new and higher paying job situations, quit jobs they hated, negotiate for a higher salary, increase their existing income, and sometimes have money show up almost “out of thin air” (this is why my coaching so often “pays for itself”).

2. Improving social success and relationships: your social life and relationships result from your belief system and your emotional health. Many of my clients got girlfriends as we cleared out their emotional issues, and I’ve also helped people enhance their existing relationships to be deeper, more intimate, more honest, and much more satisfying.

3. Become a coach or healer: You can use the methods I teach you to work with your own clients, and this can become a new source of income for you, as well as giving you the deep satisfaction of making a big difference in other people’s lives.

4. Address the emotional and spiritual aspects of legal and medical problems. Now, to be very clear, I do not give any legal or medical advice in sessions, nor do I give clients “advice” about what I consider to be highly personal decisions for which each person must take full responsibility, such as whether to continue taking various prescription medications despite the side effects. However, I’ve had quite a few clients whose “legal” and “medical” problems got resolved after we addressed the emotional and spiritual aspects of those problems (this has included resolving immigration problems, averting bankruptcy, clients no longer needing prescription medications, getting money back that was owed to them, etc.). If this happens for you, think how much you can save on various professional fees. This is yet another way my coaching pays for itself.

5. Learn powerful communication skills: Many of my clients use the win/win communication skills that I teach them to negotiate for what they want in their jobs and their relationships. They also feel a lot happier because they are no longer “stifling” their authentic expression.

6. Improving self-esteem: The vast majority of my clients report feeling happier, more confident, more relaxed, more able to handle the ups and downs of life (more resilient), and much more self-expressed. I’ve had many clients go from feeling “depressed” or “dead inside” to feeling happy and alive during the course of us working together.

7. Improving intuition: Having excellent intuition can make your life so much easier in every area. Your intuition is like a super-powerful super-computer that you could be using all the time — but most people are too cluttered up with mental chatter to have clear access to their intuition. My clients experience much better access to their intuition, which helps them make better decisions in all areas of life.

If you are like most people, the benefits of HBR go far beyond having the coaching pay for itself … to have happiness, empowerment, and peace is indeed PRICELESS, and it would be worth investing any amount of money to have it. I’m just very happy that my system goes beyond that and so frequently pays for itself. To me, this makes signing up for sessions a “no brainer.” :)

To sign up, go to http://tapsmarter.com/coaching