Hey everyone,

I do love my life :)

So I’m in NYC now. About to go lingerie shopping in preparation for the photo shoot. Fun! :)

In the meantime, I wanted to remind all New York area PUAs and recovering PUAs about my talk tonight.

Here are the details.

Many guys are looking for the “magic bullet,” the magic thing to say or do to get love or approval from a woman. I’m going to be teaching you a system that eliminates the need for magic bullets. Once you’ve been reconditioned with Erika Awakening Coaching Page, you will always know exactly what to do and say in every situation, without thinking about it.

And this very exciting news … Rumor has it that my friend Nick Sparks (from the Social Man) and John Keegan (a/k/a Awaken) will be making guest appearances tonight as well.

I met Nick at the 21 Convention last year, and he brought me up on stage during his presentation to be his “sample girl.” He generated some pretty hot chemistry, so you won’t want to miss his input tonight. I’m very excited to see him again :)

I haven’t met Awaken yet, but I hear good things about him, so I look forward to hearing his tips as well.

Sign up NOW for Tonight’s presentation at 7:30 pm.

Not yet to be revealed … it looks like I will also be hanging out with some other awesome NYC Casanovas this weekend … more on that soon :)


p.s. If you haven’t yet signed up for my free 7-day video course, make sure you do that as well Erika Awakening Website.

(We are having technical difficulties with some of the videos at the moment, but not to worry — we are working on a permanent fix and everything will be made easy for you shortly. :)

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