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After I launched my new Holistic Belief Reprogramming 7-day Video Course (Erika Awakening Website), several people wrote to me and said they love the course but they are getting “stuck.” This stuckness shows up in the form of procrastinating on watching the videos or doing the homework.

They asked me for some help getting unstuck.

This form of stuckness is the number one saboteur of people’s self-improvement efforts.

We all have two minds: the ego mind and the Higher Self mind.

The ego mind likes to stay stuck. It does not want its current reality shaken up, no matter how miserable the current reality is, and it is extremely sensitive to threat.


When it senses that there is a program on the horizon that WILL ACTUALLY WORK AND PRODUCE RESULTS, like HBR, the ego puts up its strongest defenses.

Fortunately, when used properly, HBR can bypass this stuckness and these ego defenses.

For this purpose, I have created this free video to help you overcome your resistance to change:

Untitled from Erika Awakening on Vimeo on Erika Awakening on Vimeo.

However, you must at least take this first step toward having the life of your dreams. You must take responsibility for taking the first step, or NOBODY will be able to help you.

If you won’t even follow the instructions for letting go of resistance to change, then you are not ready yet to have the life of your dreams.

Are you ready?

So get the video now, watch it immediately, and be sure to tap along because that’s where the benefits will come in.

(Daria, my apologies that the video got cut off at the end. I don’t have time right now to re-record it, but it will get you started at least … feel free to riff off the end of the video and continue your tapping.)

To overcome your resistance to change, listen to the video above.

To get my free 7-day video course, Erika Awakening Website.

To see my coaching page, Erika Awakening Coaching Page.

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