Hi Blog Friends,

I am having an absolutely amazing time in NYC. Rachel Stephens (you can see her phenomenally hot photography of women here) did a really fun photo shoot with me today. I personally believe that every woman deserves to treat herself to an experience like this at least once in her life :)

Now looking forward to seeing Rachel’s finished product. If you’re lucky, perhaps I’ll open up and share a few of them :)

Last night after my lair talk, which was really fun (thanks to all the guys who came out for it) … we went in field.

My friend Nick Sparks from the Social Man was there. I so appreciated him coming to my talk because obviously he doesn’t need to learn anything about game. It felt really awesome to have that support in my audience from him :)

Anyway, we went out afterward, and Nick really is just a pleasure to be around. Very sexy, very congruent, very much a gentleman … tonight we are having more adventures.

In the meantime, I learned that Nick recently wrote a blog article that I recommend everyone read.

It’s called “The Honeymoon’s Over,” and talks about some typical patterns people run into in relationships when their “ideal” image of their partner cracks wide open!

You can read his article here.

What I love most about his article, is that in his own subtle and non-judgmental way of communicating, he explains that the path to ultimate happiness is not to run away when the going gets tough. It’s to recognize that uncomfortable feelings are the signal that you are GROWING out of your previous comfort zone and into a new and far more glorious reality.

(Or perhaps that’s my gloss on what he said ;).

If you stay with the discomfort until it transforms, your life will be transformed.

If you run away and judge the other person in any way, shape, or form, the opportunity for transformation is lost.

Hint: If you want to become the kind of person who can be unfazed in the face of any situation, the ONLY way that is going to happen is for you to learn how to handle ANY situation. Won’t happen if you play ostrich and put your head in the sand. ;)

I’ve made a personal vow not to run away from any situation anymore. I have come to deeply value and even enjoy when my relationships start to become “difficult.” No matter how challenging and uncomfortable the dynamic may become, this is when I know I’m going to have major breakthroughs that take me TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

The next level of fun, intimacy, connection, and personal power.

(It helps immensely to know that I have Erika Awakening Website, cuz nothing feels all that scary to me anymore, knowing the gold I’m about to reap from the situation …)

Nick and I are going out again tonight, and I’m very excited to spend time with someone who is playing on the same field that I am :)

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