Sexual abundance in Vegas

Vegas, baby!!

It’s already been such a ride and we are only 24 hours in …

Last night right before I met the group at Hard Rock, I pulled an Angel card and it was ‘Soulmate Relationship.’

When I arrived, seeing lots of dear friends with hugs all around, I also did a double take. As I looked around the table for all the familiar faces, I thought my ex Entropy was sitting there. But I looked more closely and it was a guy who looks almost exactly like him. I mean a Spitting Image. Same height, same coloring, same style of dress.

Well, I didn’t think much about it after that but as the night went on, I noticed this new guy also had the same energetic signature as my ex. And a very similar voice and vibe and mannerisms. A very similar deep way of connecting with me. And, yes, there was a really strong connection between us. Still, I just assumed it would just be an interesting curiosity for the rest of the week lol.

Well, I was wrong …

Next thing I knew this guy was seeking me out to ask about my coaching method, and pretty quickly after that it became clear we were going back to the hotel together. Back at the hotel, I felt shockingly comfortable getting intimate with him shockingly fast. As if we had known each other for years.

It turned out that he knows some White Tiger Tantra too (see more about that in my Vision Quest article).

Have I mentioned that the Sexual Abundance Challenge is working lol? ;)

Follow the White Rabbit …

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