For quite a while now, I’ve been known as someone who wasn’t afraid to make waves, to provoke people in service of healing …

Many people who were angry at me at first thanked me later. The question you need to ask yourself is: would I rather be “right” about Erika and suffer and be poor and small and sad, or am I willing to be open to the possibility that she might be on to something that I don’t know and haven’t experienced yet?

I mean, do you want to get old and wrinkly and die of cancer? Or would you prefer to be glowingly healthy and eternally young?

Not to put too fine a point on it, that IS what’s at stake here, my friends.

Anyway, next week I’ll be partying it up in Vegas with many friends, and I am totally looking forward to it and planning to enjoy myself to the utmost.

This weekend I dedicated to creating a new product, and it’s nearing completion. It is the follow-up to the 30-Day Abundance Challenge (learn more here), and the 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge (read more here).

This product is the 30-Day Personal Power Challenge, a thorough cleansing of the third chakra. I have recorded 24 of the 30 videos, and the shifts that I’m experiencing are absolutely profound. Physiological changes, money coming into my account, standing up for myself in new and bolder ways, and … what I wanted to share today …

The realization that I am no longer willing to stay away from the “super taboo” in the tapping videos … because that’s where all the power really is … they are getting more and more TABOO as I go along … I mean REALLY taboo … Hitler even made his way into some of these videos … and meanwhile, I am feeling more and more powerful and happy … lol :)

What amazes me in this world is how many healers and coaches still don’t get it about the Shadow Self. Don’t want to talk about sex, money, power, and God, all in the same breath? Good luck healing anyone.

In an endless and fruitless effort to be “appropriate,” “proper,” “well-liked,” and “nice,” most healers are totally missing the boat about what would actually work to solve their clients’ problems.

And, frankly, I’m tired of being silent about it. So you can expect to be hearing more about it …

But as for getting your hands on the taboo stuff, you’ll have to buy the products. I spent years developing this stuff, and NOBODY else is teaching it. I ain’t giving it away for free. GOD wishes for me to be fabulously WEALTHY and to receive generously from YOU. So if you are going to be miserly and not contribute, all I can say is, you’re going to be missing out big time :p Plus, I’m going to be fabulously wealthy ANYWAY.

And sex, you may ask?
Yeah, that too… after my Vision Quest, it became clear to me that God wishes me to have fabulous abundance in my sex life as well. FUCK what anyone else thinks about it.

Vegas, baby, here I come … hahaha :) God is glorious, God is good, God loves me, and God wants me to have overflowing money, sex, and power … God wants me to have EVERYTHING.

Aaaahhhhh, that feels much better :)

To get the Personal Power Challenge, CLICK HERE.

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