Erika Awakening Speaks at the 2009 PUA Summit in Hollywood

Erika Awakening note August 2014:
This PUA Summit event is long over, but you can still learn How to Attract Women here.

The PUA Summit event is simply not to be missed. Not only will you get to meet Erika AWakening in person at the PUA Summit (what could be more enticing than that? ;-) … I’ll be speaking on a “New Blood” Panel including Marni Wing from The Wing Girl Method, Adonis from the Charming Rogue, and many others.

Did I mention you can sign up here? :-)

I will make some time over the PUA Summit weekend (Sept. 26-27) to do some Introductory EFT (tapping) sessions with a limited number of guys. If you want to be Erika Awakening Coaching Testimonials & Reviews, then you can sign up for a private one-on-one session here. The price for that is going up on Wednesday, August 26 and will never again be offered at this low price.

Now, as if meeting me isn’t enough, there’s a lot more going on during this revolutionary weekend, September 26-27, in Hollywood California:

The community, dating, sex, and the game as you knew it up until now is about to be obsolete!!!

That’s right!!! On September 26-27, the community is getting together and those who paved it, along with the newest teaching sensations are about to shred to bits the old frames and models, and once again revolutionize your reality as a man when it comes to love, sex, lifestyle and romance!!!

And this time, the focus is more on target than ever, as all the gurus listed below, will help the lucky ones who act now and save your space to attend, to transition to sex more SMOOTHLY, NATURALLY, RAPIDLY AND SUCCESSFULLY than ever, whatever you may be after, be it that one special girl, or wild encounters that would make Casanova himself look like an AFC!

Enough said, the line up speaks for itself, watch clip from last year:

Join in or be left in the dark with technologies and frames that will by then be outdated!!!

SO WHO ELSE IS COMING to spend a whole weekend, for just $189 (going up on Aug. 24th)…

Sept. 26-27 Hollywood CA, USA…with…

Bad Boy – All the way from Eastern Europe! The ORIGINAL Direct Tactic Guru!
Lance Mason – Founder of Pick Up 101!
Adam Lyons – America’s new favorite rising star, as seen on UK Reality TV “Rules of Seduction”!
Hypnotica – Hard core inner game guru, from Neil Strauss’ “The Game” known as Rasputin!
Mehow – The originator of in field videos, best selling author of “Get The Girl (TM)”, “Group Attraction (TM)”, and “10 Second Sexual Attraction”!
Vince Kelvin – The original NLP for Pickup expert, over 19 years of service to community!
David Wygant – The Orignal “Hitch” – Will Smith’s Character was based on this Natural!
Speer – Lifestyle expert! One of the community’s favorite new teachers, breaking it down simple!
Daniel Rose – Author of The Sex God Method – The community’s best expert on giving female orgasms!
Asian Playboy – Revolutionized how Asian men go about dating – Voted best Asian pickup artist!
Brad P. – The World’s foremost authority on Opening!
Daxx – From Love Systems / Mystery Method Corp. One of Savoy’s rising stars!
Johnny Wolf – ABC’s of Attraction Lead Instructor back from Retirement just to help out for a limited time!
Brian Begin & Robbie Kramer of Inner Confidence – Skyrocket Your Inner Game With The Creators of Inner Confidence Re-Patterning (TM)!

Plus a “New Blood” Panel with…

– Marni from WinGirls! Get a female perspective!
– Adonis! Same Night Lay expert!
– Zar and Hydro! Social Science!
– KINO 5000! Pickup SD!
– Artesian! The Seduction Coaching Team!
– Simeon! Winner of VH1’s “The Pickup Artist”!!!
– Sexual Chocolate! Direct Game!
– Erika Awakening! Female Dating Coach!
– DJ Fuji! Club game!
– Black Caesar! Miami Natural game!


Many of these gurus I’ll be meeting for the first time, many others I’ve met before (including Hypnotica, DJ Fuji, Brian Begin, Robbie Kramer, Adam Lyons, Brad P., and Mehow). This is a seriously star-studded line-up of gurus who are the real deal, so it’s a tremendous amount of value for two days.

Hypnotica has been teasing me about what he’s going to do to me on stage during his speech, too. I can’t make any promises, but … it’s going to be fun :-)

So join us in Hollywood for the Sept. 26-27 weekend by signing up here now.

I’m feeling very excited for this PUA Summit event :-)


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