Project Congruence – Embracing True Power

Mmmm… someone is loving me today. I’ve been feeling it all morning, warm and glowing in my heart and solar plexus. I don’t know who’s sending me love, but I appreciate it. Thank you :-)

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I am not anti-anything. This is actually an important principle of Project Congruence: Turning Chodes Into Men.

Haven’t you all heard that anything you resist grows stronger? It’s true. By being anti-war, we are actually promoting war. This is why Mother Theresa was willing to participate in pro-peace rallies but not in anti-war rallies.

This is why getting caught up in grudge matches and lawsuits tends to be counterproductive. Of course it’s all about the intention behind what we do. Sometimes confrontations are necessary vehicles for communication and resolution. Other times, they merely serve to make a conflict more entrenched and acrimonious. Is our intention to harm or to heal?

As we become more calibrated, we can actually FEEL the difference. We begin to have an intuition about when it’s best to turn the other cheek and when it’s best to stand up for what we believe in.

Anyway, the same principles apply to our inner self, which we’ll be working with in Project Congruence. Hating or opposing any part of ourselves is counterproductive. If we beat ourselves up, we are actually making the parts of ourselves that we don’t like even stronger. Whereas when we work with a self-loving and self-accepting intention to heal, we are empowered to bring the parts of ourselves that we’re not crazy about into alignment and harmony with our full self. In other words: we don’t fight the negative parts, we integrate them. Again, it’s a matter of intention.

“Be really whole, and all things will come to you.”

In Project Congruence, we will be taking real live guys and taking them beyond duality and limiting beliefs to congruence by harmonizing their internally conflicting thoughts and feelings.

What is real power?

“Power cannot oppose.” It can only embrace.

“For opposition would weaken it, and weakened power is contradiction in ideas.”

Power is “single thoughts, complete and happy, without opposite.”

Real power means … you think something, and because you don’t think anything (on a conscious or subconscious level) that contradicts it or cancels it out, it comes true.

All power is at the level of our belief systems.

This is what we will demonstrate in Project Congruence.


Meanwhile, in the latest Erika news: Last night I went out with Mr. Big Guy, Crystal Grid Guy (another Burning Man friend), and Firecracker Girl (so dubbed because all my guy friends say “wow, that girl is sassy, I like her.”). The chemistry between me and Mr. Big Guy has been building for a while and reached a pretty high point last night. But … given my recent feelings, don’t hold your breath for a LR quite yet. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Erika!

    You are a funny one! I like that you are offering PC to support the awareness that congruence is an essential at some point on the path to better the quality of relationships, whether they be in the open model or monogamous. Spiritual growth does not always contribute to congruence and sometimes, I get lost in the process of expanded growth. And, it can become like a ride

  2. hi Funnest,

    well, you could read A Course in Miracles 500 times front to back like I did, but that would probably take longer than the time for Project Congruence to come out.

    I’m contemplating starting to offer phone and email consultations so I can help guys go beyond limiting beliefs even before we finish filming and editing for Project Congruence. That way I can provide

  3. Funnest says:

    Thanks for your opinion BenPaul. Like you and Erika are on a path, I am also on a path.

    However, I still believe it is healthy to get examples from other people as to what has helped them on their path. Then I can see if it is something I want to integrate into my experience or leave alone.

    For example, if for some strange reason I had never heard of meditation and someone

  4. BenPaul says:

    Funnest, you’re leaving it up to the wrong person.

    Don’t ask someone to help you walk a path — start walking and ask which way they’re going.

  5. Funnest says:

    Hello Erika – nice post. I realize you’re doing this project so people have a tool they can use to enhance their lives, however, I can’t help being curious about what you would recommend someone do right now.

    Other than patience, what would you recommend for someone who is looking to go “beyond duality and limiting beliefs” before your product is completed? (Books, videos, or

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