Healing a dental cavity without tooth extraction using Emotional Freedom Technique

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Did you know it is possible to heal dental cavities without having teeth drilled, filled, or extracted?

If you’ve ever wondered if cavities in your teeth can be healed without dental or medical intervention, this article is for you. Today is another miracle report from my advanced system of EFT tapping called Holistic Belief Reprogramming. We actually reported this miracle back in December on Facebook but neglected to blog about it.

Many of you may recall how we healed Fritz the Cat of catastrophic kidney failure in 2012 using EFT tapping. If you missed those articles, click here to hear how bad the feline renal failure it got and click here to get caught up on his miraculous recovery from feline kidney failure. I’m happy to report that yesterday he was running around, up and down the stairs here, like a kitten.  His appetite is huge.  If anything, our biggest problem is keeping the weight OFF him lol :) The photo for this article was taken yesterday when he was playing in the linen closet.

Heal Dental Cavities with EFT Tapping

Well, last year right before I left on my trip for Southeast Asia (for more on that amazing journey to Travel Southeast Asia, click here) … in August 2013 … And while his kidneys continued to thrive, the veterinarian gave us some bad news. During her dental examination, she discovered that Fritz the Cat had a cavity in his tooth on the upper right side of his mouth. She showed this to me during a thorough examination, and explained how his gum was growing over the tooth. In cats, this is called a resorptive lesion. I could see the big red place on his tooth, and it looked painful.

I asked her what were the options for treatment, and she said there was only one: extraction of the tooth under general anesthesia. Well, immediately I knew we were not going to do that. After all, poor Fritz the Cat had already been through enough trauma and hospital time with his catastrophic kidney failure the year before

Unfortunately, the veterinarian also told me and further research on the internet confirmed that dental cavities are progressive. As well, I knew that untreated tooth issues in cats can affect the organs – including the kidneys – and that one way or another we would have to get this healed. On the plus side, and unlike our kidney crisis the year before, the situation was not super urgent. The veterinarian said we should have the tooth extracted “within six months.” So that gave me enough time to pursue alternative healing of the cavity via EFT tapping without compromising the health of Fritz the Cat.

I then checked in with a holistic veterinarian who had helped us with “in home testing” of Fritz the Cat in the wake of our kidney crisis. She also stated that tooth extraction (i.e., dental surgery under general anesthesia) was our only option. Indeed, I learned that even getting a cat’s teeth cleaned professionally must be done under general anesthesia. Not a great option. And although I purchased a cat “tooth brush,” we never used it. The idea of attempting to brush this spirited cat’s teeth every day was quickly eliminated as out of alignment with the sheer simplicity of health.

Heal Dental Cavities with EFT Tapping

So – while I was in Southeast Asia – and after I came home, I began using my advanced version of EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), which I call Holistic Belief Reprogramming, to heal a dental cavity. I applied the same sort of techniques that we used in the 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge for weight loss and fitness, as well as more advanced techniques I’ve developed since then that have appeared in products such as the 30-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge. After all, dental surgery under general anesthesia for a cat who already underwent kidney trauma is ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE and to be avoided if at all possible.

By December 2013, four months after the cavity diagnosis, I knew we were coming down to the wire. So I scheduled another checkup for Fritz the Cat. In the days leading up to the appointment, I began to see articles everywhere about healing cavities naturally, so I had a good feeling about the appointment. After all, healing requires nothing more than reprogramming and harnessing the power of your subconscious mind for success. So the fact that I was seeing these articles was a very good sign that I had in fact already changed my mind at the subconscious level. As the veterinarian at our checkup began to examine his teeth, I asked Archangels Raphael and Michael to be with us.

“Oh, there’s no cavity here,” the vet said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, look here,” she said, pulling Fritz the Cat’s lips back so I could see. And there where there had previously been an active resorption lesion … the gum that had been growing over the tooth had detached from the tooth … the extra gum was hanging loose from the gum line … and the tooth was white again. :) :) :)

Learn How to Heal Dental Cavities with EFT Tapping

No need for dental surgery. In addition to saving my cat from the unnecessary trauma and risk of general anesthesia and another hospital stay, we saved ourselves thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills. Which is why … as I’ve said many times before … your investment in my products and services usually ends up paying for itself … (read lots more testimonials about Erika Awakening products and services here).

I hope this article will inspire at least a few people to consider alternative healing methods before they proceed with expensive and risky dental surgery. And if it works for pets, it can work equally well for people. The techniques are exactly the same …

Wishing you all the best with taking the dental health of yourself and your loved ones into your own hands, literally :)

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