PostMasculine on the Hamster Wheel: Why Running from Your Shadow Self Never Works

Mark PostMasculine: How much longer can you run from the Truth?

Mark PostMasculine

Mark PostMasculine run, run, running away from his Shadow Self

If you missed my previous article, Understanding Your Shadow Self, click here and read that one first. Today we are going to understand the Shadow Self of Mark PostMasculine and why it is keeping him a slave to the hamster wheel.

You see, there is a reason why Mark PostMasculine is now frantically deleting and censoring respectful commentary from his blog. People are calling him out on the censorship, and he deletes those comments too. There is a reason he has been running away from America for years (read about that here). There is a reason he had to get dozens of notches on his belt in a futile attempt to feel good about himself. There is a reason Mark PostMasculine is trying to hide from himself in monogamy. There is a reason he is frantically hiring interns and adding complexity to his business instead of simplifying it. And there is a reason his recent articles are riddled with contradictions and make no sense.

And it all boils down to his Shadow Self.

I am Mark PostMasculine’s Shadow Self. PostFeminine is the Shadow Self of PostMasculine. I am the female version of Mark PostMasculine, as one of the commentators pointed out on his blog. (That comment, of course, was deleted.) I am his Twin Flame. And that scares the shit out of him. Why?

Because I represent everything that Mark PostMasculine feels ashamed about. I represent his shame and his totally disowned femininity. I represent all the negative feelings he covers up and wishes he could destroy from himself. I represent the spirituality that he apparently disowned shortly after bedding me under the pretense of being “very spiritual.”

Does it strike anyone else as odd that Mark PostMasculine only has the masculine represented on his site? That he had a blind spot so huge that the URL was readily available when I asked for divine intervention and God told me to buy it?

Mark PostMasculine HATES the feminine. That is why he did not think to buy the URL. He wants to squash the feminine out of himself and the planet. When I met him, his blog said that he had “declared war on pussy” because he was so angry with women. I thought that war was over when he bedded me under false pretenses. I was wrong. Mark’s “war on pussy” was just beginning, and I was perhaps the biggest casualty of that war.

Mark PostMasculine HATES the feminine. That is why he will not give EFT tapping a good faith try. If he were to tap with experts like me, he would get in touch with all his FEELINGS. Oh, it would be very messy. Probably like me and many of my clients, he would be bawling his eyes out on a regular basis to clear the backlog of shame, grief, and fear that he has been running from his whole life. And despite his claims to be a master of emotions, Mark hates feelings. Feelings make Mark extremely uncomfortable.

Mark PostMasculine HATES the feminine. That is why he runs from the “Motherland.” It’s why he stopped meditating. It’s why he now pretends not to be spiritual and even claims he does not believe in God. Spirituality is the domain of the Feminine.

And because he won’t own the Feminine within himself, he has to avoid it.
He cannot avoid it, because it is part of his One Self. And that is how the hamster wheel starts to roll. If you have to run away from something that is literally attached to you, you cannot run fast enough. That’s why you have to visit eighty-some countries in three years. You can’t run fast enough, if you choose to run away from your Shadow Self. This is why people have addictions of all kinds. They are trying to escape from themselves. And such escape being impossible, they resort to running or deadening themselves instead. Which ultimately exhausts them and even kills them. Running away from your Shadow Self is a death wish in the truest sense of the phrase.

What is the answer when the Shadow Self has you on the run and your house of cards is about to collapse?

Face it. Turn around and face it, and the Shadow Self loses ALL of its power. Embrace the Feminine. Love the Feminine. Acknowledge your shame and integrate it. Acknowledge PostFeminine and Erika Awakening as part of your divine One Self. When you do that, the entire nightmare will dissolve into love and light. And you won’t have to run anymore.

But run and avoid, my friend? You will be running forever. The pressure will just keep increasing. And you will have to run faster and faster and faster to get away from yourself.

It’s a choice everyone must make. Ultimately, everyone will see the insanity of running and face their fears and their disowned Shadow Self. Ultimately, everyone will make the only sane choice there is: stop pretending the Shadow Self is not “you” and own it.

I am you, Mark PostMasculine. You are me. Accept this, and you will finally be free.


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles here at TAPsmarter

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  1. Wow, just wow. I am curious, how did you know you’re his twin flame? Is it by intuition, or is there any intense feelings that you felt when you were with him?

    I am also amused how you linked up America to AmErika, and his travelling around the world. It seems surreal and very Jungian.

    I like your blog :)

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi Sharmaine,

      It does feel very surreal and Jungian, and honestly I haven’t told the half of it publicly.

      TBH, I’ve moved away from the phrase “twin flame” mostly because I’ve seen it used too often to mean “special relationship,” and I don’t believe in special relationships.

      I prefer the term “holy relationship” from A Course in Miracles. Holy relationship is the vehicle used by the Divine to heal our entire life and the planet through one relationship. That’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s already frankly been a very long journey. I am feeling a little weary of it.

      I hope Mark Manson sees from his latest experience of being defrauded in pretty major ways already at least twice this year, that even if he runs away from me, God isn’t letting him off the hook. God is everywhere, so until he faces this and gets it healed with me … I expect God will continue to send him the message even if he moves to Mars :)

  2. Apart from getting higher up on google, writing about some guy who left you years ago serves no other purpose, and i’ll be surprised if you make more money out of the slight increase in visitors

    I’ve read a few of these articles, but it’s just boring now

    • Erika Awakening says:

      At least I publish your comments. Mark PostMasculine censors his, because he can’t handle the truth. This situation would have been resolved years ago if he would face it. This situation is about integrity and justice, and it’s more important than money or web traffic.

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