Novel LMR-busting tactic … lol :-)

For the uninitiated, “LMR” means “last minute resistance,” i.e., when a woman will become intimate with a man but not have sexual intercourse with him. As an added bonus, you get to see more effective real-life text game:

Him: Drop the limitations. You can and will realize every dreamed sexual experience. By contrast, I only want variety in the context of permanent intimacy — I have [already done my playing around]. …

Him (later): Zone me however, it won’t change your body craving ecstatic satisfaction and orgasmic bliss, nor the fact that I will [edited out] and give it to you deeply.

Me: How can I trust you sweetie, when you’ve had so many lovers? When it comes to commitment, I want to do it once and do it right.

Him: Would you trust a dentist who’s never pulled a tooth?

Me: No lol but you don’t exactly seem like the settling down type.

Him: I am not settling at all. I have met my match. …

Me: F*ck. So-and-so said that too. I kid you not. …

Me: I’m starting to like you and that scares me.

Him: I know. I am trying a novel LMR-busting tactic called becoming LTR material. :-) Sex will happen when it is time, and not before. What really turns me on is the possibility of a shared future teaching together. Helping people liberate their sexuality and find true intimacy and lasting connections.

Me: Lol :) Sex is not happening unless and until we are married.

Him: I understand. Now we can focus on sharing our gifts and mutual teaching strategies.


“I am trying a novel LMR-busting tactic called becoming LTR material.”

Lol, that has to go down as one of THE classic lines of seduction community history.

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  1. SMoKeLioN says:

    "SmokeLion, your comment is good and bad. It is good because I like that you have the experience to deal with LMR in cases that lead to mutually satisfying casual sex. Your 'tactic' is sound in this case. But the comment is bad because you spectacularly missed the point. I am not talking about 'baiting' anyone. It is not a 'tactic' at all. A long-lasting mutually

  2. Anonymous says:

    GS….aren't you delightful!! I bet I would have your panties off in 39 min ;)

    Re: PUA terminology. No need to apologize, OK to be triggered some times, otherwise we might be mistaken for dead…

    I do believe strongly that words are power, and therefore, glad you agree with me with the choice of jargon as "unfortunate". :)

    it may

  3. GoneSavage says:

    >>>"what if SHE sucks in bed after I commit to her?"

    I used to think this way. After you get a couple hundred notches on your belt, you'll know if woman is expressive/enthusuastic/good before you've penetrated. It's just not at issue — you know.

    Similarly, commitment is not an issue. A guy is more than happy to commit when he finds a worthy

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have to say i agree with the LTR baiting "bleh" comment.

    if a guy with a bunch of cheesy lines & absolutely no history of of long-term relationships starts "baiting" me with LTR garble, i will probably see it for the bullshit it is or think he is delusional. i may sleep with him, but its up to him to deal with his own distorted reality without making it my

  5. SMoKeLioN says:

    I have to totally disagree with this.

    The more LTR'ish my interactions are and frames/stories/whatevers are, the more LMR I get if I try to get them in bed faster. Why? Because a lot of girls falsely believe that if a guy sleeps with a girl right away, he never calls them again.

    Sometimes it IS the guy. But other times, Id have to say the girl is. For example, she

  6. GoneSavage says:

    When I say, "I am going to try a novel LMR-busting tactic called becoming LTR material," this is what I mean: I'm going to deal with my own shit and become a better person — my higher self. Independent of you and your reaction. This is not a tactic at all, guys — how much 'game' would you really need if you knew yourself to the core and actually became not just '

  7. Thank you, lilredgirlie, for a refreshing breath of fresh air. It's hard to believe that many men do not realize how sacred sex is for many women.

    Anonymous 4:22 pm, please give the guy a little credit. My LMR has become virtually impenetrable, and he got about as close as any man is going to get until I am married.

    Anonymous 10:53 am, there is a method to my madness.

  8. lilreddgirlie says:

    Lol… I feel amused that that guy thinks Erika has intimacy "issues" for not having sex and for thinking sex is sacred.

    Hello… that's how a lot of women frame things buddy…

    Good luck on your quest… please look into that… haha

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Sex is not happening unless and until we are married."

    Sounds like his creepy LMR busting texts failed miserably.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do you honestly think your intimacy issues are going to disappear the moment a man places a ring on your finger? You didn't have sex for nearly 5 years. Assuming you were physically healthy, that means something is wrong with your psychology. Whatever that is isn't going to go away because you've been flirting with the top PUA's, doing EFT and posting on seduction forums.

  11. Anonymous says:

    "Me: How can I trust you sweetie, when you've had so many lovers? When it comes to commitment, I want to do it once and do it right.

    Him: Would you trust a dentist who's never pulled a tooth?

    Me: No lol but you don't exactly seem like the settling down type."

    so you are judging him on his sexual past? that sounds hypocritical , just turn the

  12. GoneSavage says:

    Better watch out for that guy, he's spent his whole life learning what to say to make a woman feel good. You probably shouldn't even consider that this woman could be you.

  13. Doug Lance says:


    Red flag alert red flag alert

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