How to Attract Women Using Authenticity – Learn from Motorcycle Guy

Here we have another natural game expert. This blog entry took me a little while to write because the experience really transcends words. But I want to share, so here goes …

Motorcycle Guy (MG for short) is a relationship coach here in San Francisco. He’s currently married to a gorgeous woman but in a fully open and polyamorous relationship. He has at least three women in his life with whom he has threesomes on a regular basis. (Aside: For a great read on these sorts of relationships, please see Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA’s article about open relationships here.

MG’s background (not surprisingly) includes several years spent in Buddhist monasteries. And MG doesn’t talk about presence. He IS presence.

We met about two years ago and had instant chemistry but I knew he was in a serious relationship. At that time, the combination of intense chemistry and his relationship status scared me away. Six weeks or so ago, though, I ran into him at a party … and nowadays I’m all about just enjoying connections, whatever form they take.

As soon as I saw him again, I felt all fluttery. The reconnection between us was instant. He came over and sat next to me at the bar, and even though all that time had passed, within seconds we were all four hands interlocked and with our faces so close and just talking. Not thinking … talking, words just coming.

He started reading my blog about seduction and how to attract women after that. When I wrote the post about “We Want to Be Seduced,” he said “Seduction on its way!” (I am a sucker for guys who read my blog, especially the ones who send me flirtatious comments ;-)

As promised, he invited me to dinner. As I’ve said before, chivalry is very important to me. But MG didn’t just pick me up for dinner. He picked me up ON HIS MOTORCYCLE :-)

Now I had actually never been on a motorcycle before. Not once in my whole life. But let me tell you (aspiring seducers please take note), we get on that thing, and five minutes into our date … I am turned on and excited JUST by the motorcycle ride. Seriously, what is sexier than sitting behind a guy you have great chemistry with, holding on to him ever tighter while you race down the (exceedingly steep) hills of San Francisco? It is like a roller coaster. Total adrenaline. I’m shrieking and grabbing on tighter to him. I feel so alive.

We get to our destination, and I am so breathless, I’m saying “Oh my God, that was SO much fun, I’m already turned on. That’s the best foreplay ever.”

He just smirks and says, “yeah, I let the motorcycle do the work for me.”

So we go to dinner, and I’m kind of nervous, but I have glass of wine, I start to relax, and then after dinner he takes me back to the loft area where his company does a lot of the relationship coaching stuff.

It’s an open area with beanbags, which reminds me of the first time he and I talked one on one a couple of years ago in a similar place. I marvel at how much has changed in two years, how fear for me has been replaced with (for the most part) adventurousness, curiosity, connection.

The next part words can’t really describe. We started kissing and cuddling and all that but what was going on kind of defies words. I’ve gotten really into energy healing the past couple of years, and what we were really doing was energy exchange.

Just when I wanted to run away, he said “I think we should go farther.” So we did.

At one point, he said, “can you feel me loving you?” And I could. I could feel this warm glowing in my entire body.

At another point, I felt our energy rise dramatically and I said “did you feel that?” He said “yes, and I know what happened. I just realized that it was ok for me to receive love from you too.”

We could feel our hearts connecting.

We were laughing. We were gazing into each other’s eyes. We were playing. It got really late and neither one of us noticed. We were feeling so invigorated.

Eventually the moment of truth came. It was close. He had a condom. But I just couldn’t. Not with a condom. What exactly goes into my feeling of “this doesn’t quite feel right”? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because he’s already committed to someone. Maybe it’s because when I finally break this four and a half year streak, I want to have such complete and solid trust there that a condom is unnecessary. I don’t quite know. But as always I spoke up.

And so did he. He has made a commitment of “no exchange of bodily fluids.”

What was so liberating though was we both spoke our truth. No one was trying to persuade anyone to do anything differently. The moment was perfect because we connected over the fact that we were not going to have sex.

Then we laughed some more. He drove me home on the motorcycle, laughing all the way. And we basked in the afterglow.

It was magical :-) This is natural game at its best. Lots to learn about attracting women from Motorcycle Guy.


And now I gotta go cuz one of my favoritest guys is cooking me dinner and we’re watching one of the Matrix movies (which is pretty much what he and I always do together these days — we never get bored of them ;-).

So here’s to transcending the Matrix …


erika awakening

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