Transmuting karma

People talk a lot about karma but they don’t often clarify exactly what they mean.

“An eye for an eye.” That’s karma.

Or as A Course in Miracles puts it, “Yet think on this, and learn the cause of faithlessness: You think you hold against your brother what he has done to you. But what you really blame him for is what you did to him. It is not his past but yours you hold against him. And you lack faith in him because of what you were.”

“The world but demonstrates an ancient truth; you will believe that others do to you exactly what you think you did to them.”

That’s karma. This is why, “If you seek to take a thing from someone else, you will have nothing left.” The world will steal from you everything you stole.

Or, ever consider the concept of being a “heartbreaker.” Somewhat glamorized in our society. Lots of movie characters are “heartbreakers.” They are held up as idols for other people to emulate. Even parents will say, unthinkingly, “That girl (or boy) is going to be a heartbreaker.”

Blech. When you understand the dynamics of karma, who would ever want to be a heartbreaker? God help you when that karma comes home to roost …

Be a heart mender instead …

Anyway, the problem with karma is that if you don’t know how to transmute it, it will punish you indefinitely. You may, right now, be punishing yourself for something you think you did to someone else YEARS ago. You may have even changed your ways, yet you still seem to be drawing punishment for what you did in the past.

In truth, you are punishing yourself. Or rather, your Shadow Self is punishing you. Pointlessly, too, because guilt does not help anybody.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with karma anymore. The transmutation of karma (meaning, healing and erasing karma and liberating you from all of its self-punishing effects) is one of the key teachings of my 15-Week Course in Miracles.

You can be released from your past.

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  1. Action/doings/thoughts = Karma. you can only transmute karam by not doing those things,thats why u gotta b a monk

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