Latest happenings … and a request for your feedback about limiting beliefs

First off, a few Thursday morning musings.

Yesterday felt so eerily quiet, at least on the electronic front. Not many texts, emails, or comments here on the blog. What was interesting though is we had almost as many cyber-visits here as the day before (over 350), so it looks like number of comments often doesn’t correlate with number of visits. As for the electronic quiet, I’m not sure what to make of that. It feels a little unnerving but I’ll just flow with it as best I can :-)

I attended a sake tasting event last night at Aventine, hosted by the lovely Stella, and was very happy to see Destin Gerek of Erotic Rockstar (he has commented on this blog before) and also Rich Litvin, whom Seduction Tips in Vegas and who teaches for the Authentic Man Program (which is headed by Decker Cunov, who has been in this blog before and commented on it).

Anyway, I feel tingly just being in these guys’ energy field. All three of us are SO thrilled about the spiritual and relationship teaching work that we are doing, that it’s just an electric vibe when we get together. Really fun and really welcoming and warm.


I’m feeling inclined to write a blog post about limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them. Please let me know if that’s something you all are interested in, and if so, what types of limiting beliefs are biggies for you.

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  1. GoneSavage says:

    The limiting belief that you should bring out into the open is the desire for superficial attention that betrays an enormous fear of authentic intimacy…

    The inability to open, love, and surrender to profound sexual union…

    The inability to embrace your barriers and secrets, embrace your range of emotions and painful history, and open fully to sexual artistry and ecstasy…

    “Sex is the only means of expressing the music of love through the instrument of your body.” — GoneSavage

  2. Hi Erika!

    Thanks for sharing your world this way! Limiting beliefs… Wow… that’s a powerpacked question… Must be about sins from the past… I believe that I have a dark spot on my soul (well… not really…) but that when I share my previous life with a man when I want a long term relationship, I believe it ruins things, stirs up crazy ideas about me, scares the man and that ultimately no absolutely fabulous, incredibly confident, brilliant, fine looking, genuinely open hearted, loving person, leader (therefore, likely with a social profile) man whose heart is inclined towards life long partnership is going to be able to handle my past *on some level*… kind of the, I’m dead in the water set up… so, translating my scene from open, powerful woman into focused heart, love for all, powerful woman who knows who she is sleeping with for the rest of her life and has a BIG GLOWING SMILE on her face because of it… does that sounds like a limiting belief? :)

    (i feel shy now… thanks for askin)
    love to you!

  3. Hey.

    Def do a post on limiting beliefs.

    Here are two of mine, one about women.

    1) I misseds workouts bc i was missing the tunes.

    2) Moving into a less noiser section of the club, I spot a set at a table. I sit down at the table in front of them, but so they can see my side. I want to seem available and non-pressuring. I read my email. A little later one asks me to take snap some pix of her and her friend. We have good eye contact. After, we return to the positions when my tale began. I wanted to say something but all i could to think of is something lame like so ur visitng or did you go on the mountain today… so i said nothing. then they got quiet i felt they wanted me to say something … then they left.

    Does it sound like I got some limiting beliefs?

    Erica, Thanks for blogging.

  4. Sunny Jamiel says:


    Limiting beliefs is a vast topic and since I am myself a writer on such personal development topics it will be very interesting to read your posts on this issue.

    To be more precise, I think it’s the one thing that is at the core of almost every problem you can think of. The truth is that even if we are unable to change the circumstances over which we have no apparent control, still, we do have control over how we react to such circumstance. It is right here that the idea of limiting beliefs come into play.

    Looking forward for your take on it. best of luck.

  5. EroticRockstar says:

    Yes, it’s always a pleasure to see you. Your passion for the work you are doing is obvious.

    The Limiting Beliefs that I see most in my clients are:

    I’m not attractive enough.
    My cock isn’t big enough.

    I need to pretend to be someone that I’m not in order to impress people, and attract women.

    I need to learn ‘tricks’ to convince women to have sex with me.

    As for limiting beliefs, I’d say the biggest one that I like working with men around is this idea that they have to push, convince, coerce, or trick a woman to have sex with them.

    The biggest gift that women have to give is not one that can be taken. It can only be given. Freely.

    I work with men on shifting their paradigm from a push to a pull. How can you inspire a woman to open to you, to truly DESIRE you, to fully WANT to be sexual with you?

    Entice Her Desire versus Pushing Past Her Defenses.

    In order to do this though, one must hold two core beliefs:

    1. Yes, women ARE sexual creatures and do have sex drives.

    2. YOU have worth and something of value to offer a woman.

    This is a particular area that I LOVE working with men around.

    Erika, keep up the fantastic work. You have a lot of great perspectives that I hope you continue to share.
    much love and respect,

  6. Long time listener, first time caller.

    Limiting beliefs I observe in the field (boys and girls):
    -watch a few TV commercials targetted for women (hair products, makeup…) and you can discover all kinds of limiting beliefs.

    -homosexuality: look at the theory of Anti-AMOG
    -wealth: if you can’t brag about it, you don’t have it.
    -dry-spell: going for a long time without sex, kissing, touching… Feelings of inadequacy and despair.
    -stories: not being able to contribute passionate stories to the conversation

    Stack a chain of these limiting beliefs together and you get despair coursing through any person. Without solving these issues it can lead to long term detrimental effects: depression, despair, hopelessness … or … anger, rage, aggression. These responses depend on the person and the environment they are in (both past and present).
    To solve these, a person has to really soul search to find the answer. This can be done alone (meditation, creative writing, arts …) or with external help (friends or support group, family, therapy …).

    This is a nice start for you.

  7. did you bang rich x?

  8. Hey Erika – how cool to hang out last night. And then even more fun to find out you blogged about it the next day!

    I work with women who are successful, ambitious, and passionate and who have HUGE dreams of making an impact in the world – but who feel held back because of a voice in their head or a thought that makes them agonize or procrastinate instead of really going for what they would LOVE to do, in life…

    I help them create a sense of deep Natural Confidence that just flows from them. From that place they get to create a life that is an ADVENTURE :-)

    That’s why I like hanging out with YOU! Your life is ALREADY an adventure… :-)

    rich x

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