Part 1 of Keys to Understanding the Universe: Identifying the Problem

law of attractionWell, this is going to be an ambitious series of articles. And I am feeling my insecurities about how the heck I am going to express more than a decade’s worth of learning in the written word. I am also aware that this series of articles is likely to offend the egos of just about every school of “healing” on the planet today. I’m not intentionally trying to offend here. Nor am I pretending that I have ALL the answers yet. It’s just that pretty much every healing school out there is missing the boat. Completely. And while I don’t have all the answers, I do have a lot of them. So mere honesty may be perceived as offensive. And I apologize for that in advance. It really is for your own good. I promise. :)

Here are some of the areas of healing where I see enormous room for improvement in keys to understanding the Universe:

1. We just had a major teacher of A Course in Miracles DIE of lung cancer.
I never really studied his material, as I did not feel drawn to it. With all due respect to whatever contributions he may have made to the world of healing … the fact that he died of cancer shows that he DID NOT LEARN THE COURSE. Death and A Course in Miracles do not go together. Period. If I die of cancer, I will not mind if you say that I did not learn the Course, because it means I didn’t. While I don’t pretend to have the entire Course figured out … I’ve got a lot of it figured out. And helping the world understand the Course is one of the major intentions of this series of articles.

2. We have major spiritual teachers preaching monogamy. With all due respect to their contributions to the world of healing, excluding people from one’s relationship is not love. It is hate. And so it has nothing to do with healing. We will talk more about this later and answer some of the questions that arose from my controversial Five Reasons Why Monogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peace article.

3. We have communities of people practicing polyamory who have done nothing to solve the problems of the “special relationship” and in fact have just made those problems more complicated and harder to solve. In many cases, these people are also addicted to bodily pleasure and are essentially acting like junkies. Look, I’m not singling you out – we will talk in this series of articles about how just about everyone is on the “hamster wheel” of pleasure and pain, and why it’s so important we all get off that hamster wheel.

4. We have a major Course in Miracles teacher seeking political office. At first, my ego too thought this was a great idea. With further learning, however, it is quite obvious to me that participating in politics is anathema to any real healing. Politics solves nothing, it just makes problems bigger and harder to solve. I am persuaded that all real change will come from individuals healing themselves and through grass roots change. People who have learned the Course do NOT seek to increase their investment in this world by attaining political office. In fact, we are engaged in systematically divesting from the world. Thus, this series of articles.

5. We have “sacred sex” teachers HELPING PEOPLE DIE (!!!!). These are self-proclaimed “healers” who do not have the foggiest clue what healing means. Death is not healing. Look, if you gave everything you had to heal someone, and they still died, okay. It means we need to learn better skills but at least you did all you could. To accept the word “hospice” and HELP SOMEONE DIE is so misguided that I am having a hard time knowing where to begin.

6. We have “sacred sex” teachers attempting to persuade people that pursuing pleasures of the body is “healing.” It’s not. It’s the exact opposite of healing. I’m actually starting to believe that “sacred sex” is one of the biggest lies ever told. Healing requires turning away from the body, and recognizing that it is impossible to have pleasure without pain. It is also impossible to get off the hamster wheel and out of the depressing cycle of birth and death without letting go of both pleasure and pain. Therefore, the only way to real healing is to LET GO of both pleasure and pain. I do not see how sex will ever fit into real healing, and if it does, it will not look ANYTHING like how we are using sex today. We’ll revisit this issue later in the series of articles. I am increasingly convinced that I had this secret figured out all the way back in 2003 when I chose to begin practicing celibacy (see my very first blog article here).

7. We have supposed devotees of A Course in Miracles thinking they can continue to eat meat, have special relationships, and pursue pleasure while being in alignment with the Course. No. Absolutely not. Murder, pleasure, and special relationships can be reconciled with the Course only in fantasy.

8. We have healers telling people that death is a “natural” part of life. No, it’s not. And to the Course in Miracles teacher who apparently “coached” a friend of mine into putting her dog to death instead of solving the emotional issues that were giving rise to the dog’s problems … I don’t even know what to say, except that you haven’t learned the Course. Again, if you’d tried absolutely everything to save that dog and still didn’t, well there’s just more to learn. But you didn’t even try to learn what you needed to learn. Just bought into the myth that death is “natural” and even “good.” No, it’s not. “God made not death.” We are here to abolish death not perpetuate it.

9. I don’t know of any community of healers that “gets” the connection between sex and death. Way too much to explain here. We’ll save it for later articles.

10. We have a large community of people using Emotional Freedom Technique now (EFT tapping), which is wonderful … yet nobody other than me I know of is teaching a holistic framework for guiding that tapping for maximum personal AND global healing. I am confident that this tapping is providing SOME healing, but it could be WAY more effective. And often problems are just being moved around and not really solved because there is no holistic understanding of what solving a problem really means.

11. We have vegans who have taken up the cause of animals, which is wonderful, yet who are still experiencing personal sickness and letting their close friends and family die because there is no holistic understanding of how veganism fits in with healing and the end of death. We have vegans still thinking that the enemy is “out there,” and “fighting a battle,” instead of addressing the Shadow Self and the enemy “in here.” For a beginner’s guide to becoming vegan, go here.

12. We have a large number of self-development teachers, some quite popular and financially successful, who have no true understanding of cause and effect. Contrary to popular belief… the world is not cause, and we are not effect. Rather, belief systems are cause and the world of perception is effect.

13. We have Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) teachers who have bought into the idea that EFT tapping “should be proved by science.”
EFT tapping can’t be proved by science, nor can anything else, because science itself represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the Universe (see #12 – we will explore this more later).

14. We have a large number of “Law of Attraction” teachers who do have some foggy notion that beliefs are what create the “reality” we see, yet apply this in a simple-minded way that is not holistically effective. These folks teach people that if they just set an intention to have a Ferrari, they can “manifest” it with their mind. This overly simplistic approach ignores that it simply IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PLANET for everyone to have a Ferrari. It takes no account of the Will of God (or Universal Will, if you prefer), nor of the need to serve the highest good of everyone in all intention-setting.

15. We have a large number of “fake positive thinking” gurus who are similar to the Law of Attraction folks. Just keep your mind on the positive. Ignore the negative. And these folks have no understanding of the importance of acknowledging and healing the Shadow Self. All their avoidance of the Shadow Self accomplishes is allow the Shadow Self to grow to even more mammoth and ugly proportions in ways that are completely beyond the control of the conscious mind. Thus, while they are “thinking positive,” and painting a fake positive veneer on everything, people around them are dying of cancer. Because they have not addressed any of the real issues. It’s absolutely classic that these folks will talk all “positively” while continuing to murder animals by eating meat, and never noticing the connection between the sociopaths on the planet and their own sociopathic actions. This is denial at its best. And it is NOT healing. It is spiritual anesthesia.

16. We have a large number of “abundance” teachers not teaching in a holistic framework and therefore encouraging people to add complexity to their lives in order to make more money for money’s sake.
These so-called gurus have no understanding of the perils of consumption and complexity, and are also teaching people to make money into an idol and pursue yet another path to death. Most of these folks also have no understanding of the perils of hierarchy, bureaucracy, and co-dependency, which are inherent in their complex and unethical structures for making more money.

17. We have a bevy of so-called “relationship experts” teaching people to value and fit themselves into the “special relationship.” These teachers appear to have no awareness that specialness is of the ego and leads to death. That specialness is not love but hate, and is destroying our planet.

18. We have an absolute EPIDEMIC of people living in quiet desperation and/or under the constant influence of dissociative addictions and drugs. The statistics are STAGGERING and attest the absolute MISERY in which even the most affluent people on the planet are living. Suicide rates in the United States are now higher than car accident deaths. And yet almost NOBODY is understanding where this tremendous pain is coming from …

In this series of articles, we are going to begin revealing the secrets about WHY there is so much pain, why the current healing and self-development methods are mostly NOT WORKING, and what we can do about it …

My goals here are manifold:

1. Give people a holistic framework to make Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) FAR more effective

2. Give people a holistic framework for understanding A Course in Miracles in practical terms

3. Give people a holistic framework for understanding why some radical-sounding practices, such as veganism and (brace yourself, probably) celibacy, need to be globally adopted as soon as possible

4. Demonstrate how I’ll be making my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, which was already very powerful, even more powerful with these deepened understandings about how the Universe works and what to do about it

5. And to be totally transparent, demonstrate why it is so very important that you begin investing in and committing to my ultra-powerful EFT tapping video products as soon as possible.
Why, in fact, there is no better place for you to invest your time and money right now – because in learning my Holistic Belief Reprogramming method is your salvation and the salvation of the planet. Yep, there, I said it. Sound arrogant? Well, keep an open mind, we have a lot of ground to cover here. An open mind is all I ask. You can learn more about my extensive array of products at

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