The Keys to Understanding the Universe, Part 1

Part 1 of Keys to Understanding the Universe: Identifying the Problem

law of attractionWell, this is going to be an ambitious series of articles. And I am feeling my insecurities about how the heck I am going to express more than a decade’s worth of learning in the written word. I am also aware that this series of articles is likely to offend the egos of just about every school of “healing” on the planet today. I’m not intentionally trying to offend here. Nor am I pretending that I have ALL the answers yet. It’s just that pretty much every healing school out there is missing the boat. Completely. And while I don’t have all the answers, I do have a lot of them. So mere honesty may be perceived as offensive. And I apologize for that in advance. It really is for your own good. I promise. :)

Here are some of the areas of healing where I see enormous room for improvement in keys to understanding the Universe:

1. We just had a major teacher of A Course in Miracles DIE of lung cancer.
I never really studied his material, as I did not feel drawn to it. With all due respect to whatever contributions he may have made to the world of healing … the fact that he died of cancer shows that he DID NOT LEARN THE COURSE. Death and A Course in Miracles do not go together. Period. If I die of cancer, I will not mind if you say that I did not learn the Course, because it means I didn’t. While I don’t pretend to have the entire Course figured out … I’ve got a lot of it figured out. And helping the world understand the Course is one of the major intentions of this series of articles.

2. We have major spiritual teachers preaching monogamy. With all due respect to their contributions to the world of healing, excluding people from one’s relationship is not love. It is hate. And so it has nothing to do with healing. We will talk more about this later and answer some of the questions that arose from my controversial Five Reasons Why Monogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peace article.

3. We have communities of people practicing polyamory who have done nothing to solve the problems of the “special relationship” and in fact have just made those problems more complicated and harder to solve. In many cases, these people are also addicted to bodily pleasure and are essentially acting like junkies. Look, I’m not singling you out – we will talk in this series of articles about how just about everyone is on the “hamster wheel” of pleasure and pain, and why it’s so important we all get off that hamster wheel.

4. We have a major Course in Miracles teacher seeking political office. At first, my ego too thought this was a great idea. With further learning, however, it is quite obvious to me that participating in politics is anathema to any real healing. Politics solves nothing, it just makes problems bigger and harder to solve. I am persuaded that all real change will come from individuals healing themselves and through grass roots change. People who have learned the Course do NOT seek to increase their investment in this world by attaining political office. In fact, we are engaged in systematically divesting from the world. Thus, this series of articles.

5. We have “sacred sex” teachers HELPING PEOPLE DIE (!!!!). These are self-proclaimed “healers” who do not have the foggiest clue what healing means. Death is not healing. Look, if you gave everything you had to heal someone, and they still died, okay. It means we need to learn better skills but at least you did all you could. To accept the word “hospice” and HELP SOMEONE DIE is so misguided that I am having a hard time knowing where to begin.

6. We have “sacred sex” teachers attempting to persuade people that pursuing pleasures of the body is “healing.” It’s not. It’s the exact opposite of healing. I’m actually starting to believe that “sacred sex” is one of the biggest lies ever told. Healing requires turning away from the body, and recognizing that it is impossible to have pleasure without pain. It is also impossible to get off the hamster wheel and out of the depressing cycle of birth and death without letting go of both pleasure and pain. Therefore, the only way to real healing is to LET GO of both pleasure and pain. I do not see how sex will ever fit into real healing, and if it does, it will not look ANYTHING like how we are using sex today. We’ll revisit this issue later in the series of articles. I am increasingly convinced that I had this secret figured out all the way back in 2003 when I chose to begin practicing celibacy (see my very first blog article here).

7. We have supposed devotees of A Course in Miracles thinking they can continue to eat meat, have special relationships, and pursue pleasure while being in alignment with the Course. No. Absolutely not. Murder, pleasure, and special relationships can be reconciled with the Course only in fantasy.

8. We have healers telling people that death is a “natural” part of life. No, it’s not. And to the Course in Miracles teacher who apparently “coached” a friend of mine into putting her dog to death instead of solving the emotional issues that were giving rise to the dog’s problems … I don’t even know what to say, except that you haven’t learned the Course. Again, if you’d tried absolutely everything to save that dog and still didn’t, well there’s just more to learn. But you didn’t even try to learn what you needed to learn. Just bought into the myth that death is “natural” and even “good.” No, it’s not. “God made not death.” We are here to abolish death not perpetuate it.

9. I don’t know of any community of healers that “gets” the connection between sex and death. Way too much to explain here. We’ll save it for later articles.

10. We have a large community of people using Emotional Freedom Technique now (EFT tapping), which is wonderful … yet nobody other than me I know of is teaching a holistic framework for guiding that tapping for maximum personal AND global healing. I am confident that this tapping is providing SOME healing, but it could be WAY more effective. And often problems are just being moved around and not really solved because there is no holistic understanding of what solving a problem really means.

11. We have vegans who have taken up the cause of animals, which is wonderful, yet who are still experiencing personal sickness and letting their close friends and family die because there is no holistic understanding of how veganism fits in with healing and the end of death. We have vegans still thinking that the enemy is “out there,” and “fighting a battle,” instead of addressing the Shadow Self and the enemy “in here.” For a beginner’s guide to becoming vegan, go here.

12. We have a large number of self-development teachers, some quite popular and financially successful, who have no true understanding of cause and effect. Contrary to popular belief… the world is not cause, and we are not effect. Rather, belief systems are cause and the world of perception is effect.

13. We have Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) teachers who have bought into the idea that EFT tapping “should be proved by science.”
EFT tapping can’t be proved by science, nor can anything else, because science itself represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the Universe (see #12 – we will explore this more later).

14. We have a large number of “Law of Attraction” teachers who do have some foggy notion that beliefs are what create the “reality” we see, yet apply this in a simple-minded way that is not holistically effective. These folks teach people that if they just set an intention to have a Ferrari, they can “manifest” it with their mind. This overly simplistic approach ignores that it simply IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PLANET for everyone to have a Ferrari. It takes no account of the Will of God (or Universal Will, if you prefer), nor of the need to serve the highest good of everyone in all intention-setting.

15. We have a large number of “fake positive thinking” gurus who are similar to the Law of Attraction folks. Just keep your mind on the positive. Ignore the negative. And these folks have no understanding of the importance of acknowledging and healing the Shadow Self. All their avoidance of the Shadow Self accomplishes is allow the Shadow Self to grow to even more mammoth and ugly proportions in ways that are completely beyond the control of the conscious mind. Thus, while they are “thinking positive,” and painting a fake positive veneer on everything, people around them are dying of cancer. Because they have not addressed any of the real issues. It’s absolutely classic that these folks will talk all “positively” while continuing to murder animals by eating meat, and never noticing the connection between the sociopaths on the planet and their own sociopathic actions. This is denial at its best. And it is NOT healing. It is spiritual anesthesia.

16. We have a large number of “abundance” teachers not teaching in a holistic framework and therefore encouraging people to add complexity to their lives in order to make more money for money’s sake.
These so-called gurus have no understanding of the perils of consumption and complexity, and are also teaching people to make money into an idol and pursue yet another path to death. Most of these folks also have no understanding of the perils of hierarchy, bureaucracy, and co-dependency, which are inherent in their complex and unethical structures for making more money.

17. We have a bevy of so-called “relationship experts” teaching people to value and fit themselves into the “special relationship.” These teachers appear to have no awareness that specialness is of the ego and leads to death. That specialness is not love but hate, and is destroying our planet.

18. We have an absolute EPIDEMIC of people living in quiet desperation and/or under the constant influence of dissociative addictions and drugs. The statistics are STAGGERING and attest the absolute MISERY in which even the most affluent people on the planet are living. Suicide rates in the United States are now higher than car accident deaths. And yet almost NOBODY is understanding where this tremendous pain is coming from …

In this series of articles, we are going to begin revealing the secrets about WHY there is so much pain, why the current healing and self-development methods are mostly NOT WORKING, and what we can do about it …

My goals here are manifold:

1. Give people a holistic framework to make Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) FAR more effective

2. Give people a holistic framework for understanding A Course in Miracles in practical terms

3. Give people a holistic framework for understanding why some radical-sounding practices, such as veganism and (brace yourself, probably) celibacy, need to be globally adopted as soon as possible

4. Demonstrate how I’ll be making my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program, which was already very powerful, even more powerful with these deepened understandings about how the Universe works and what to do about it

5. And to be totally transparent, demonstrate why it is so very important that you begin investing in and committing to my ultra-powerful EFT tapping video products as soon as possible.
Why, in fact, there is no better place for you to invest your time and money right now – because in learning my Holistic Belief Reprogramming method is your salvation and the salvation of the planet. Yep, there, I said it. Sound arrogant? Well, keep an open mind, we have a lot of ground to cover here. An open mind is all I ask. You can learn more about my extensive array of products at

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Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. While reading through this I started having some serious deja vu. I remember having a dream in which I was reading something similar and arguing with myself about which points I agreed with and which I didn’t. Freaking out a little, but I will be reading this whole series thoroughly. I think I was meant to.

  2. Erika Awakening Hbr says:

    I'm trying out this comment box to see if it works here.

  3. Illuminating post and thread. I’m glad you covered #1 a second time in the comments Erika, as #1 is the point I’ve most been trying to work out for myself. What is VERY clear to me is we remain as God created us, perfect. ACIM’s forgiveness has the element of acknowledging that what we perceive physically is not even close to real. Which seems to suggest we can’t read too much into it, while also giving us the means to change it – (sort of strange bedfellows but I get it, I think). In other words the world we perceive tempts us to live by sight not faith, when of course it is the reverse. So my real curiosity is, how reliable is what we see as a gauge of what’s going on spiritually? In other words I am not sure how to react when someone appears to die of cancer. Obiviously our hope and goal (as we change “nightmares” to “happy dreams” before finally fully awakening) is that everyone lives in peace, not eating animals, in perfect health, etc. But also, my reading has impressed on me that what even being on the planet at all (prior to enlightenment) IS participating in ego because ego is physical separation. When we finally awaken fully there will be no need for form but those “englightened” can choose to appear in body in order to help, like Christ did after crucifixion. Body is a means of communication while in the script. Trying to figure out what does all this mean for me as a posture? And secondly, if I continue my healing work can I wake up one day and there will be no more animals skinned alive on the entire planet, for example, even potentially erased from memory like it never existed? The more I consider the holograph the more it makes me wonder.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Yep, I find this passage from ACIM very illuminating:

      “You will recognize you practiced well by this: The body should not feel at all. If you have been successful, there will be no sense of feeling ill or feeling well, of pain or pleasure. No response at all is in the mind to what the body does. Its usefulness remains and nothing more.

      “Perhaps you do not realize that this removes the limits you had placed upon the body by the purposes you gave to it. As these are laid aside, the strength the body has will always be enough to serve all truly useful purposes. The body’s health is fully guaranteed, because it is not limited by time, by weather or fatigue, by food and drink, or any laws you made it serve before. You need do nothing now to make it well, for sickness has become impossible.

      “Yet this protection needs to be preserved by careful watching. If you let your mind harbor attack thoughts, yield to judgment or make plans against uncertainties to come, you have again misplaced yourself, and made a bodily identity which will attack the body, for the mind is sick.”

  4. hi Erica,
    I appreciate you and your work… I have come across many `good` healers (practicing reiki, prannic, kundilini, eft, counselling, spiritual healing, aura cleansing, etc ………….) die of cancer…..I completely believe that these `good healers` either did not learn or they were too `saintly` and won over death before their physical death………… I was shocked at the ignorance, by a temple trust maintained hospice.. lately, a friend informed me that a hospice maintained by Cipla pharmaceuticals are treating the `terminal` stage cancer patients very well…
    only a dishonest person can b cheated (by anybody/anything/cancer)… cancer is not a disease, the way it is touted to be…. cancer exists in every human being but it is rendered powerless by right thoughts, words and deeds……….. the moot point is what is RIGHT for you within the universal Will and not your Will? ( I will talk on this later …. )
    what contributes to cancer :
    1)..Diet : Tea, coffee, alcohol, non-veg, eggs, smoking, spicy, oily , tinned food, overcooked, excessive sweets and /or high energy foods, refined (salt, sugar, oil, flour.. ),, artificial inorganic additives/flavourings/vitamin, mineral fortification. (GM foods for new generation), food cooked by cooks in hotels (rather than by loved ones) ..
    all of these consumed over long periods raise blood ph levels (acidicity), lowers immunity.

    2)..Thoughts and emotions : feeling of loneliness & unloved is greatest contribution to cancer… many good people including healers and public figures hide from reality, and wear the mask of mother Teresa…. (Note : such diplomacy is nothing but dishonesty)… except for saints who have worked against `Time`.. . all 7 billion present population have to make amends individually and collectively for the harm they have done/and r doing with the emotions of flaura and fauna (even the ones done by our genetical forefathers)

    more later… ( cant give much time, since I have to work for making a living

    • Thanks for stopping by … I agree with most of what you said … and yes the healers need to take off their masks. Healers do not help people die, they help them live. And we must start by being the example.

  5. Begunstigde Alex says:

    Hey there Erika, I really tried on keeping it short and simple, but there are 18 areas to cover ;) Here’s my ‘elaborate’ response.

    1. It is difficult to get an objective POV across, instead of an opinion in this matter. I think it is an ‘border-case’ to be honest. However being an active learner/teacher in the Course I agree with you: under-stand-ing ‘it’ fully, cannot lead to death (by cancer). It will lead to an eternal life, because under-stand-ing the Course is under-stand-ing that the body is a spirit-body. The writer of the Course died of cancer also, did you know that? I think it’s powerful of you in making the statement yourself: if you die of cancer, you didn’t learn the Course either. I will make this statement also, right here and now!

    2. This is where – I saw – many people have said their goodbye’s to your blog :) I guess you know why they did that. It is like the Dutch say; ‘met je eieren na Pasen komen’. It means literally: ‘bringing your eggs after Easter’. My pov is this: people are being thought what you see and hear in daily life or at the movies, books, lectures and seminars. The message is plain and clearly: look for your true love. It is a good statement. It is here, indeed, but not in any human form! ‘We’ tell them differently: True love is not out there, but within. The love we all crave for is God His Love. His Light. Our partners in life, including friends, family, colleagues and of course the husband and/or wife, are only there for one purpose only: for you, as your mirrors. There might be affection, but it is in constraints. There is always some-thing that needs to be done in order to ‘receive’ love. It is fed by guild, hatered, resentment. True love is always there, no matter what. Can’t wait to hear more on this heavy weighted subject!

    3. What do you get when you approach the problem – created with one way of think-ing – and try and solve it with the exact same way of think-ing? The same problem, but from a different angle. It makes these problems harder to solve, if even impossible to solve. It needs Gods healing and for any-one to be able to receive it, they will have to get rid of their addictions. These are only bodily pleasures which prevent you finding the true love you are craving for. On an other matter; when men ejaculate during intercourse – in which there is no intention of pro-creating – they are essentially committing murder and they are excluding (in a very litteral sense) their Power, which is located in the lower abdimum. Being addicted (to sex) is a very serious matter, because it is a bullshit illusion you are addicted to! If you want to find peace, love, happiness and utter joy, my advice is: look into ALL of your addictions, no matter if it is sex, food, water(!), alcohol, your ‘smart’phone, whatever. These are ALL special relationships and prevent you from taking up your task as Son of God.

    4. I really don’t know or under-stand Ms. Williamson her motivations. Maybe she’s really trying to make a difference. It might be her godgiven task (politics can be a very powerful platform in reaching the people), God knows congress could do with a large dose of the Course… ;) But truth-fully here, looking at how I’m making this all up, it’s a bunch of EGO TALK! Healing comes from within, nowhere else. No-One needs to be saved. It’s like the first part of this ambitious article: I would never run for politics, although I’ve been asked to do likewise. We have to concentrate on doing the right thing: heal ourselves from within. Every-body will do this in their good time, no political movement will ever be able to accomplish this in a movement, i which people are still addicted and acting like junkies. The movement itself will become the addiction, not fully under-stand-ing the Course bears this risk also…

    5. Of course; this is the first of your ‘help-under-stand-ing the universe’ documents. And this is a very difficult subject. I’m proud of you! People are surrounded by death. For the ego, death is the solution to ANY problem. Many though do not (fully) realize that it is the ego thinking mind lead-ing to believe death is the solution to their ‘problems’. Not trying to be condescending here, but NONE of these so called ‘problems’ have value whatsoever! The ego is in brotherhood with one tiny part of the brain, which leads it to believe that you are separated from every-body else. That’s why it fears every-thing, because it tries to defy God. How WEIRD is that?! To fear your Creator! That’s why you THINK you can get sick, be rich or poor, be black or white or even, ultimately, die. If you think you’re going to die, you will die. Period. BUT, remember; The body is a spirit-body, a mental body. The body itself can’t do or be any-thing. You are not a physical body. Your problems will NOT be over when you die, you will have to return and try all over again. If you are into that, by choice, go right ahead. But there is an other solution… why would you choose to die if there’s no need to?

    6. This part I really ‘fell’ for… I truly believed having ‘sacred sex’ would heal me and my partner. It didn’t. We just got good at having ultimate sex, which was an experience we too needed I guess. You’ve said it all, but here too exists one of the strongest addictions known to man. It’s fed by (cyber)porn in my humble opinion. It is an animal state of being, the 3rd realm of minerals. We should have ascended this as being ‘Homo Sapiens’, meaning we have gained ‘equal wisdom’ from being a stone to being human and every-thing in between. Here we are in the 4th mineral realm, the highest of the minerals. This is the ‘starting-point’ in our way up the ladder. Our task – and by ‘OUR’ I do mean every-body – is to ascend to the 5th realm, Gods realm. It is our destiny. Here we complete the substance-circle. In a way the universe is all about sex, but it needs to be looked at from the perspective mentioned: we have to progress! We have gained free will, so were able to stall or delay, but it is Gods Will we proceed, so there is no stopping Him. This is one of the most important parts in under-stand-ing the Universe and our roll in it!

    7. I concur. Progressing can only be achieved by letting go all pleasures, bonds, and special relationships. Stop eating any-thing which is conscious, it is murder. You are not an animal in the 3rd realm!

    8. As mentioned in ‘5’: if people believe they will die, then they will. It is all about making a choice. God is Life itself, it is every-thing you see. God is the light in which you see. Why would he create death for his Son? It makes no sense! Your example shows what happens in the separated ego mind.

    9. The orgasm in French is called: ‘Le Petit Mort’. In English: The Little Death… If you feel closely, you can sense the ‘murder’ in the orgasm. It is also to seen in movies where some-body is being murdered, or men being addicted (!) to playing videogames killing their foes… there are so many examples! Need to say more? Yes, much more be-cause it is so important to under-stand what we do, see, hear. I’m looking forward to your articles dear Erika.

    10. I must be honest here: I really don’t know enough about EFT tapping to form an opinion. I did your 30 day (free) video, after having read a couple of books on EFT. I’ve seen some results so I believe you, it does people good, but I also know they need to do the work. It is all about effectiveness, I’m sure of that, but solving problems requires the ‘innerwork’. For now I see it helps you a lot, which is perfect!

    11. Same here: under-stand-ing how vegan-ism connects to healing the mental body and therefore the end of death is a ‘battle’ with the inner workings. There is no world outside ourselves. The world you ‘see’ is your innerworld. It shows the way in how to heal yourself. Where there is resistance, there is healing to be done. To blame an run away is to delay. Stop eating animals and heal-thy-self.

    12. Cause and effect happen at the same time. It is the same with teaching and being taught; they happen at the exact same time. That’s is why these self development teachers teach, but learn at the same time. This is what most people fail to see, simply because it’s not being taught in that same way. The teacher and teachee are one and the same, all the time. We all learn, and we all teach every-time we open our mouths or pick up a pen. To teach is simply to gather witnessess so that they can vouch for any-thing you teach. It is a way to reform. It’s in other words an ego thinghy if used for financial gain or teaching at an school or university (ergo ‘teaching the “wrong” things’). What is being taught then must be of substantial value, and, in the light of the matter at hand, must supercede death, suffering and despair. Whom are able to do so? Those whom are free of all that binds, makes suffer or judges.

    13. Science (Knowlegde) is nothing more, nor less, than systematically finding answers. The science for God requires that you step over the ‘ledge’ in order for you to ‘know’. Think of ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ where he needs to have faith in order to see the path. Answers found in the mineral-realm are without value. These push you back in the ego. As I said before: it is our task is to rise from the 4th mineral realm up to the 5th realm, the realm of God. Evidence can only be found on the inside. All the answers are there. You want scientific proof? Go find it. No-body can do this for you. The real question is: how badly do you want it and how much do you rely on others to supply the answers for you? Clearly you are not ready if you do not want to do the work. However, if you don’t know how, then rest assure: there is help.

    14. Plain and short: do not buy into this. Manifestation can only take in effect when it SERVES IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PLANET. Just like you said Erika :D The ‘Law’ of Attraction is based on hope (in the way it is being perceived at the moment) and thus on fear. Out of fear nothing good can come.

    15. Basically: every-thing you give energy WILL grow. You could not have said it better than it is spiritual anesthesia. The whole theater on spirituality, is more materialistic than a used car salesman making a living on selling you according his ABC (always be closing) sales system. Buying into this is wasting time and money, but foremost: it is taking steps BACK, deeper into the ego than ever before. I’ve been there, I know. I also know the resistance, because they will defend their assumptions with their lives. That’s also what they will pay with, unless they detach from being positive all the time and scrape of the thin layer of veneer.

    16. Money. Is energy. You couldn’t have said it better in ‘adding complexity’ by placing the need outside yourself. Why would any-body need more money than they NEED, is my first question? Well, actually, it’s a remark because I know the answer: because they want to satisfy bodily pleasures, increase their status, own every-thing and guarantee their life until it ends. Want all that, except the dying? FIND GOD INSIDE YOU. All these ‘things’ you want, you want for their deeper meaning. Love, Peace, Joy. And you want it to last. The answers are there, inside you. You only need the amount of money you NEED. The rest WILL come to you.

    17. Every-body needs to make a living is what these experts believe. They think they teach their clients, but in truth they do what they do because they to are looking for answers. Unfortunately it’s because of what they teach, they keep on ‘learning’ the same thing. It’s a pain in the neck when couples believe they should work on their relationship, where in truth they are a drift and giving each other a hard time without ever improving themselves… wake up people!

    18. There must be a way in reaching a lot of people, my ego tells me. I know however that God finds a way. No matter what. I’ve put my trust in Him, and any-one who needs help in correcting their illusions will receive so. Help is required, because this world is old and tired. Time is in our hands.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Oh wow! What a rich response. Okay I’m going to delve into this a little bit later as I have some things I want to get wrapped for the day, like my booty workout :)

      on point #1, the “human” author of the Course was not in my view the author. Jesus Christ was the author who merely gave the words to the scribe. The scribe clearly did not learn the Course lol :) Jesus Christ on the other hand, clearly did, and only died to show us death is not real. From everything I read of the Course though we are not here to “perish” in the gruesome way that he did. Rather we are here to show that as long as the body is useful for our purpose, it can exhibit perfect health and youth. That is what I aspire to demonstrate, and I just try to learn a little bit more each day.

      • You are right of course! In the Dutch language though writer and author are one and the same. I know the Course is channeled, but the decease of the woman whom wrote the information down, so we could study it, proves that not every-one fully under-stands the Course. Even when all this is Godgiven, received by one human being, which most likely had the task to pass it all on to her brothers and sisters.

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by :)

  6. I enjoy and appreciate you and our communication too Erika. Even though I sometimes get a picture in my head where you are chasing me and everybody else with ACIM in your hands. Trying to smack everybody on our heads with it. Which sometimes, ironically, does work. And sometimes it doesn’t. Moment tells I suppose. And Ill leave it at this… for now :)

  7. Dont get me wrong. I think what you are doing is great and has its purpose when we talk on that level. But I feel when/if you make your subconscious completely conscious, you just might not be talking like you are talking now. Of course same goes for me. It just wont matter anymore.

    • I leave open the possibility that there could be a use for sex that is truly holy but as this is an area of ENORMOUS self-deception throughout our entire society, and the current “sacred sex” community is so far off the path that I don’t even know where to begin … my intuition says the clearly right path for now is abstinence and if it’s meant to happen, God will show the way … but it will not surprise me at all given how I know I won’t be going back to eating meat/fish and the body is becoming ever less important … if it never has any role at all to play … Always appreciate your comments and presence :)

  8. All that you are really doing is letting go of attachment. You wont need anything anymore. Yet your body will still be doing things, because that’s what bodies do. Even having sex. It is all meaningless (without worthlessness connotation of course). And you will just observe without judgement not trying to control anything. Thinking you can control illusion is delusion. And not the kind which takes you to the higher level.

  9. Begunstigde Alex says:

    Dear Erika,
    Great how you’ve put yourself out there, it’s the only way in my humble opinion. I admire that quality in any human being, it means you’re willing to do anything to get were you want/need to get without being (able, for that matter) to be disrespectful to any-one. You are so right on just about everything, as far as ‘I’ can feel my way through it. Made some major steps myself concerning the ‘sacred sex’ part. Really bought into it a couple of years ago… letting go since this year. Since there are a lot of ‘issues’ you’re addressing, I’ll respond in a more elaborate way any time soon.

  10. Jay Flannelly says:

    Sorry for your loss(es), E— U always make me think. Good heart! Love people with a passion and u fit….xoxo

  11. Commanding Eye says:

    Dear Erika,
    I would say you are about 80% of the distance you need to go to the apex of the mountain you’re climbing. Although I do not embrace organised religion, some of the books that form the basis of their institution (99% of which are designed to destroy the lives of their followers) can be useful. The bedrock of healing can only be understood by studying how Jesus healed and then proving for oneself that the methodology Jesus used still works today. There are people who use this methodology and the results are unambiguous. Jesus healed using an algebraic equation as in: if a=b and b=c then a=c and the answer is found in knowing what the 3 letters stand for. Blind believe in anything is the definition of ignorance. The so-called spiritual world is easy to understand and all the truths of the spiritual world are backed by empirical evidence. However, the rulers of the world have no need for the masses being informed or enlightened…..

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog, Commanding Eye :) As I expressed to you in an email, I do not embrace organized religion either — as hierarchy, bureaucracy, and “mediated connection with God” are three of our biggest problems. My aim is to teach people how to access God directly.

      That’s what I begin to teach people in my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program at

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