The Idiot’s Guide to Finding Money for Transformational Coaching

So You Think You “Can’t Afford” Good Coaching? Try These Seven Easy Tips for Finding Money for Transformational Coaching Where You Thought There Wasn’t Enough

money for transformational coachingSo I’m up here at my house in the Lake Tahoe area for two months. Ahhhhhhh, the sweet freedom of being a location-independent entrepreneur (learn more about that here). I came up here to record EFT tapping videos where it’s nice and quiet with no distractions. And as sometimes happens, I found that the winter high-season renters had left a lot of deep cleaning and repairs for me to do. Which I don’t mind so much anymore. My coaching method Holistic Belief Reprogramming has so clarified my mind that I simply cannot tolerate messiness and brokenness in my environment, and cleaning has become a form of meditation. But I digress … :)

So let’s focus on finding money for transformational coaching here. For a variety of reasons, there is a three to four-month gap this year between the winter high-season rentals and the summer high-season rentals. I have cable television hooked up here ONLY for the renters. I never watch television at all. Normally I don’t fuss with it but I decided to cancel the cable television for the three to four months that nobody is going to be using it … Well, I was a little shocked. My bill is going down by $75 per month. And when I took out a calculator, I realized that cable television is costing me $900 per year !!!

This got me thinking. Here are all these people who desperately NEED transformational coaching, whether it be through my EFT tapping video products or private sessions. Yet some will always claim they “can’t afford” it. But how many people are paying $75 per month for cable television? A LOT. Here’s $900 per year sitting on the table if you are willing to give up just ONE of your addictions in favor of making your life better. Wow. Mind-blowing.

So then I started thinking, what other ADDICTIONS could people give up which would free up their time, money, and energy for what really matters in life … which is investing in yourself and creating a life you really want to live instead of a life you’re just settling for … so here we go …

The Idiot’s Guide to Finding Money for Transformational Coaching:

1. Disconnect your cable television ($900/year). As we just talked about, you could free up as much as $900 per year … maybe more in some areas or if you are subscribed to premium services. Think of all the time you’ll also free up for investing in your personal growth. Wowzers.

2. Cancel the Netflix subscription ($96/year). Okay so the money here is not as high but still $8 times 12 months equals almost $100 per year. And let’s face it most of those TV shows and movies really aren’t worth your time. It’s the time you’re really going to free up by canceling this. What matters more – keeping the status quo in your life and being mildly entertained, or having enough time free to learn some new skills and – for example – become a successful location-independent entrepreneur? As a former Netflix addict, I made this choice myself years ago and canceled the Netflix.

HomemadeCappuccino3. Make coffee at home instead of buying Starbucks (approx $1000/year). If you get a $4 coffee drink and/or snack every day for 365 days, that’s going to cost you a whopping $1460 per year. At one time in my life, I did this almost every day. Then I learned. Get a high-quality cappuccino maker on Amazon for about $400 and make it at home. The machine will last for years, and you will end up saving probably $1000 per year over the course of several years. Or give up caffeine altogether, but I’m not that extreme :) This is one of the machines I’ve used for years and like a lot:


4. Give up cigarettes ($1825/year). You know you want to give them up anyway, they are disgusting and really bad for you. :) But sometimes we need stronger medicine than just knowing what is good for us. A pack-a-day cigarette habit depending where you live could be costing you at least $5 per day, for a grand total of $1825 per year. If you live in New York City, it’ll be more like $5110 per year. Holy smokes, my friends. That’s a heck of a lot of money for transformational coaching.

5. Cut down on alcohol ($2555/year). If you can’t cut back on alcohol, then there is a problem and probably it’s time to go cold turkey. Hey, I like my vino, but boy after all this transformation does alcohol not have the pull for me that it once did. Sometimes I even go a couple weeks without drinking at all, which did not used to happen. With the cost of drinks at bars, if you cut out even just one drink a day at an average of $7/day including tips and so forth, you are going to save $2,555 per year. That will buy you three of my famous 30-Day Challenges. That is a lot of transformation, my friends, for just a very small shift in your lifestyle.

6. Reduce eating at restaurants ($2600/year). This is another area where I used to spend lots of money. Eating out all the time. Now that I’m organic vegan, it’s not as easy to eat out. So I got used to eating at home. And guess what? Over time, you save money. Probably at least $50 per week. And that adds up to … $2,600 at the end of the year. For that amount of money, you could be SAILING in your personal transformation with my How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping, my 30-Day Personal Power Challenge, my 30-Day Releasing Anger Challenge (which will help greatly with letting go of addictions), and almost half of my 30-Day Financial & Lifestyle Freedom Challenge covered as well.  Just for eating a few more meals at home. With a little practice, home-cooking is much healthier also and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel :)

I've mostly given up driving in favor of working from one of my two homes as a location-independent entrepreneur

I’ve mostly given up driving in favor of working from one of my two homes as a location-independent entrepreneur

7. Reduce automobile usage ($2900/year). The irony is that reducing automobile usage is going to be easier for you to do AFTER you have transformational coaching with me. A lot of my clients end up quitting or “losing” their jobs and choosing options they like better. For example, you can become a location-independent entrepreneur like me with an internet-based business. Well, guess what happened when I quit my job three years ago? My automobile mileage dropped from a whopping average of around 12,000 per year (typical for Americans) to a mere 2500 per year. That’s 9500 miles less per year. And guess what happens? 9500 saved miles at 20 miles per gallon = 475 gallons of gas. At a gas price of $4 per gallon that I often see these days, that is a savings of $1900 per year right there! But that’s not all. You’re now going to have fewer car costs of every kind. Fewer tolls, fewer maintenance costs, fewer accidents, much longer period of time on one set of tires. Let’s ballpark that savings at an additional $1000 per year. Right there we’ve got you almost $3000 of savings.  And that can get you some powerful transformational coaching.

(By the way, that doesn’t even take into consideration the reduced wear and tear on your car.  The more miles we drive every year, the faster our automobiles lose their value.  Now instead of lasting, say, five years, your car might last 20 years or be much easier to resell at a good price … Depending on what kind of car you have, this could be thousands more dollars per year of savings.)

Bonus Tip: Cut back on eating. For those who are overweight, it’s simple math. If you are eating twice as many calories to feed a bigger body, the food bill is going to be twice as high. Another very large potential savings here, depending on whether you need to lose weight anyway. I don’t need to lose weight anymore thanks to the 30-Day Health & Fitness Challenge so I won’t assign a monetary value to this one. But if it applies to you, it could save you thousands of dollars per year.

So you see, these are just a few of the easy ways you can save a lot of money on a daily basis. If you applied all seven of these tips, you could save almost $12,000 per year. And really that’s just the beginning, because there are hundreds of other ways we can simplify our lives so that our money can go to what is really important instead of feeding our mindless addictions.

Now if you think giving up addictions is hard, well for many people it IS hard … and that’s why it is even MORE important that we stop feeding our addictions and start investing in getting ourselves set free from addictions. And that is where my coaching method Holistic Belief Reprogramming is simply priceless. I will teach you NEW and powerful skills for dealing with those uncomfortable emotions that send us running back to our addictions. So you won’t need the addictions anymore. And I promise you, you will be SO MUCH HAPPIER without the addictions.

So that’s it in a nutshell:  Save $12,000 a year and invest in some amazing transformational coaching with our life-changing 30-Day Challenges for Emotional Release with EFT Tapping and ultra-powerful private coaching sessions.  You will not regret it.

p.s. If you’d like to work with me to find a way to afford my EFT tapping video programs or private coaching services, you can email me at Erika @


erika awakening

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. Amber Benoit says:

    The little things add up. We recently figured out how much we were really spending on fast food and eating out, it was ridiculous! So we have tried to cut back. Thanks for the other tips.

  2. There are lots of ways to save the money to pay for the things we really want. It’s all a matter of priority. What is a priority to you? What will you give up to gain it? Great article Erika. I hope more people invest in themselves and sign up for your coaching.

  3. Rosey Marie says:

    You've got lots of ways listed for people to scale back expenses. The cost of coffee surprised me, but I guess you're right, it adds up.

    • Yep it adds up. The cost of cable TV shocks me to no end … I’d give up the high speed internet if I could but with running an online business that’s just not practical …

  4. I think it’s important to create a budget for anything that really matters to you. This is especially true when it comes to improving yourself.

  5. Bianca Etzel Mcneace says:

    I think our biggest expense right now is our cell phones! Great post to make me aware how much I'm spending a year!

    • Yea no doubt and high speed internet is very expensive here … However, because I run an online business that is not something I am going to sacrifice. Thanks for stopping by …

  6. Not just people who might be saving for your course, but those who are on assistance but cannot do without their cigarettes and cell phones.

  7. Hector Keaopa'uhane says:

    The beauty is not to give up anything but enjoy everything!

  8. I think people often forget that, every day they are making choices about how they spend their money and, especially in the case of things such as alcohol and coffee, a small amount over a long period of time really can add up to a lot (and in the UK cigarettes are highly taxed as is petrol, so these two can really add up to huge savings over a year). Too often though, people still have a limiting belief that they don’t have the money, as then they have an excuse for not addressing the actual issue.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Yes absolutely Ann, and it is interesting that many of the items on this list ARE highly taxed. In the U.S. also, alcohol, cigarettes, and gasoline are all heavily taxed. I think one of the big issues is that people generally do not have the skills to handle the big emotions that are unleashed when we let go of addictions. I wish people understood that they wouldn’t even want television and all this other “filler” stuff if they would only learn skills to handle their emotions …

  9. I enjoyed seeing you write something like this as I was thinking I wish I had money for some of your products. None of those apply to me as I do not have any normal income at this time and have none of those bills myself. But, I do think it’s an excellent idea for most normal people.

    I did have an idea that I thought I’d run by you. I was wondering if maybe you have ever thought about doing like 1-3 free videos on youtube for people more like me who have almost zero dollars or are unemployed and have no way of affording your products. Just like your Tap to $50k videos.. but they would be Tap for $300 (or whatever your basic products cost at the time). It’s wonderful that you have these products that you have full confidence in and that you can charge whatever is best for you, but some people who really would love to learn how to tap for more money are so poor that they just can’t get anywhere near paying as much as your products cost. Sometimes the people who need the products the “most” are unable to even contemplate having that much spendable income to spend on them. So, I was just thinking maybe doing a few free short videos that are specifically for people who have serious financial hardships… that are about tapping for the cost of your products or even just tapping for your products themselves would be awesome.

    I figure since your HBR thing works so well for so many that even though this wouldn’t directly bring you money for your time spent making some freebies.. it could indirectly bring you more customers as they work through their most basic money issues to be able to then buy your pricier products.

  10. Daniel Joyce says:

    Might look in to this. For me money is not a real issue but I could be using the money that I have more efficiently.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi Daniel, thanks for stopping by. Yea it’s not just about saving money, for me it’s also about “voting” with our dollars. I put money into organic vegan food and that supports organic farmers. I don’t put money into television because I have no interest in supporting that industry. If everyone were using their money a lot more consciously, we would make a big difference on this planet.

  11. Delroy Murray says:

    Lot's of love to you back….. I feel quite embarrassed after reading that x

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Embarrassed lol?

      • Delroy Murray says:

        addiction is very expensive, worse when we are in denial about it, whether it be coffee and croissant, or cognac and cocaine, and then we claim we have not enough money to do those really important things like try one of your courses…. not that I’m a crack addict mind you…. But why can’t I have my cognac and do your courses too? x

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Addictions are EXTREMELY expensive in every way … a core part of my teaching is getting people OFF the hamster wheel …

        You probably could have your cognac and do my courses too. Perhaps just a little less cognac or let go of another habit that’s not serving. We even have the very affordable Gold membership for a mere $47 per month, far less than I’ve been paying for worthless cable TV !!

    • aMETHYST says:

      It could work, unless of course those aren’t a persons vices to begin with. ;)

      • Amethyst, yes!! And after I wrote the article, I thought of more ways …

        For example, going vegan … Meat and fish and animal products are EXPENSIVE. Eating staples like beans and whole grains is less expensive and healthier !!! Another easy way to save money and save the planet and save your health at the same time.

        And there are many more … massive simplification from the 30-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge … It may seem like a lot for my products but they pay for themselves. If people can cut out even a few supplements or potions from their daily routines, the annual savings is significant. I am not recommending this for everyone but I canceled my health insurance after Simplify and that has saved me a lot as well. I tapped instead of going to the emergency room recently, hundreds or thousands of dollars saved. My wardrobe has also been greatly simplified. And the list goes on and on and on … So many things we buy that we don’t really need …

  12. The best tips are often the simple, and obvious. But it takes an uncluttered, and an aware mind to figure those out for what they are.

    Thank you Erika for this!

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