Recently, there has been a lot of hoopla in the tapping community about the possibility that EFT/tapping could be officially recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) as being “evidence-based” or whatever other terminology they like to throw around …

You know you can count on me to be radically honest. And look, I’m not going to say there is no benefit to this pursuit of scientific acceptance. Perhaps the EFT/tapping people will get some scientific approval and thereby be able to reach a new audience of otherwise skeptical folks. If so, great. I’m in favor of any way of reaching new people with these miraculous techniques.

I am not in favor, however, of having a lack of clarity about this. And let’s be very clear: scientific approval of EFT/tapping is meaningless.

For anyone who has paid attention over the course of their lifetime, you may have noticed that science changes its mind about the “truth” of the world on a regular basis. One study says eating butter will kill you, another study says eating butter is good for you. One study says no alcohol is best, another study says drink red wine. One study says eat lots of whole grains, another study says avoid grains. There are new supposed “superfoods” every five minutes, and just as often something that was once held out as a panacea gets debunked. One day you MUST use sunscreen. Five years later, you’re told that sunscreen causes cancer. And so on and on and on. As far as I can tell, “science” can’t make up its mind about anything.

It was only so many years that I put up with this constantly changing “scientific” advice before I concluded that it’s all a bunch of unreliable hogwash, and that was well before I created Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR). Now I don’t just think it’s hogwash. I KNOW it’s hogwash, and I have clarity about why none of it is “true” and is not a reliable guide for your life.

Around here, we talk about miracles a lot, and I want to make something abundantly clear: If you want to make miracles a way of life, you must let go of science. Yes, you heard me right. The purpose of science in HBR is as a target of tapping, to let go of ego-based limiting beliefs. Because that’s what science is – a system of ego-based limiting beliefs that block miracles from happening.

I would also like to share some other problems with the whole search for scientific approval:

1. For me, telling me to run scientific trials to “prove” that tapping works would be a little like telling me to go back to law school (which I would never do). “Prove to us that you are an effective lawyer by excelling at law school.” Well, I may have been smart when I decided to accept that challenge, but I was not wise. I accepted the challenge, but I forgot to question the frame. Did I excel? You bet. I got mostly As and even a handful of A+s and I graduated very nearly at the top of the Harvard Law class. Great, right? You won! No, I lost. I won something that was meaningless, the approval of an external authority that I didn’t bother to question. And I lost my soul. It didn’t take long to realize that I had learned and deeply ingrained in my brain a belief system that was deleterious to my spiritual and physical health (as I then began manifesting one physical problem after another). I used tapping to remove my legal belief system, and I continue to use tapping to remove “scientific” beliefs (as they are all limiting beliefs). I will not bow down to any external authority. I learned, and I learned well, from my experience in the legal world. Just because somebody else tells you “this is the standard to meet” doesn’t make it true and doesn’t make it a good idea.

And oh the aching irony that I opted to go to law school because I had so little faith in myself, I didn’t believe I could make a good living doing what I love. Well, that has changed. I have faith in myself now to receive a miracle to solve any seeming “problem.”

So, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I will go seeking for the APA’s or any other “scientific” body’s approval. This may offend some people, but read on – because I think seeking for APA approval limits the ability of tapping practitioners to get miracles for themselves and their clients. Seeking for that approval is a symptom of the fact that most tapping practitioners don’t realize the answers are not “out there.” All the answers are within.

2. Here’s another reason that I am not interested in running scientific “trials” on tapping … “Double blind” is an illusion of the ego. Minds are joined, that is why miracles are possible. “Double blind” is an illusion of separation, and illusions of separation are not compatible with miracles. Same problem btw with jury trials. We “pretend” the jury goes into a “separate” room to deliberate, but their minds are not separate from ours and therefore there is nothing “objective” about the outcome of a trial. Because jury trials are all about judgment (a symbol of separation), and “double blind” is all about pretending to be an objective observer (another symbol of separation) instead of acknowledging the Oneness of all creation, it is not possible to take ego out of the equation, which makes it incompatible with the miracle mindset. It’s what a Course in Miracles would call a confusion of levels. Miracles happen at a level where science and jury trials cannot exist.

3. To the extent God gives miracles within those ego-based systems of science and law, from my perspective He does so in order to have us relinquish those systems, not promote them. Those systems must be relinquished if we wish to have more miracles, because both our system of “justice” and our system of “science” are blocks to miracles.

4. All of these systems are based on the ego’s belief that the answers are outside of us. That we can “observe evidence” and reach conclusions from it, forgetting that it is our minds that are creating the so-called evidence from our beliefs (which is why “evidence” is so changeable and why science can’t make up its mind about anything). Miracles come from the deep understanding that the world we see is nothing but a projection of our beliefs. It is a hologram that morphs and changes in appearance as our belief systems change. For this reason, we do not need to look to any “external authority” for approval. Our job is to find the source of infinite power and knowledge within ourselves, which lies in our direct, unmediated connection to God (which can be accessed by anyone who commits to removing ego-based beliefs and honing their intuition).

5. Waiting for scientific “approval” gives our power away. Don’t accept the frame that you need that approval, because you don’t. Rather, we have the power to throw off scientific limitations on what is “possible,” and heal every person and situation on this entire planet. But not while we are buying in to systems like law and science that are built on the illusion of separation.


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter


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