As promised this morning, I have another testimonial for you today from a student in my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program.

J.K. came to me with far more spiritual experience than many of my clients. In part for that reason, his results are coming very quickly and he is already able to apply What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming? to help others. His biggest core issue was fear of his own power, due to his interpretation that he had abused his power in the past.

As you read his words below (which, as with all client emails that I publish here, he gave me his permission to share), please be aware that he is unique among my clients in remembering his past life experiences. He was only able to do this after attending a powerful workshop. I do not remember my past life experiences, if I had them, and most of my clients don’t either. From a Holistic Belief Reprogramming perspective, this doesn’t matter. In HBR, I address whatever is “true” for the client, regardless of how they attained this experience. A past life memory is treated no differently than a present life memory, because what matters is the meaning or interpretation that my client gave to the experience. It is at the level of meaning/interpretation that limiting beliefs and negative emotions are formed and must be released.

So without further ado, I give you his experience, in his own words:

March 21, 2011 has been added to the few days in my life that clearly revealed more of what spiritual life has to offer. In chronological order: 1. The birth of my now 10 year old daughter. 2. Divine presence sitting on my shoulder and guiding my life from the inside out after reaching a particular goal from a spiritual retreat I attended 4 years ago. 3. Finally 3/21/2011, week 6 with Erika Awakening.

What a name, Erika Awakening! I totally understand why she calls herself that because “awaken” is what she clearly was born to do. She has a gift. She is an angelic secret agent that peeps around every corner, dives into every dark shadow of the unconscious mind to uncover whatever limiting beliefs her clients are ready to release. On that day I know I’ve cleared THE biggest limiting belief to date, of this lifetime with the help of Erika Awakening and this system from God that she has put together. In my moment of ultimate spiritual vulnerability, which paradoxically is the safest place to be, she requested no less then she deserves a simple testimonial of my experience thus far. I cannot give her a simple testimonial for she has helped show me so much more then I can ever return to her. So I’ll do the best that I can. By the way, there is no amount of money I could have paid that would’ve equaled the gift given thus far by Erika’s system. Previously I’ve only said that about one other spiritually significant program I’ve participated in, in my life. I consider Erika’s HBR method to be a divine extension and perfect complement of the other.

Ok, where do I start? In my world, over the past 4 years, the unusual has become the normal. Past lives, alternate realities, divine visions, lucid dreams, deities, auras, lines of karma, human interaction without egoic filters, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and I’m sure much more that I can’t recall at this time, all have experienced. Kind of like a movie preview as normal aspects of humanities immense potential as the journey towards expansion of consciousness is undertaken. 8 years ago I started down this road. I had read about, yet I was still totally skeptical of ALL of this stuff. No longer, 4 years ago I began what I feel was the start of my real spiritual life by attending a particular spiritual retreat. Since then divinity, Kundalini Shakti, the Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, however you want to label it, has dragged me whether my ego was kicking or screaming towards what I needed next to help me the fastest along the way. Then I run into Erika Awakening via a friend on FB.

Honestly, there are few guys I know who wouldn’t pay some attention to a hot looking girl online, yet it wasn’t her look that drew me in, it was her words; the content of her blog; the energy she projected; the program that she not only believed in but clearly embodied. Regardless of any and all fears I had of being scammed, my financial limitations, or other limiting beliefs I knew I had to sign up for Erika’s 15 week Course in Miracle Program whether my ego wanted me to, or not. Boy did ego NOT want this!

Week 1 Erika covered philosophy behind her program which I was already very familiar with. As Week 2 approached something felt ominous. Something big was about to go down. I felt that I was more than ready for it but technology kept interfering. Bad internet connections, cell, and land line connections kept getting in the way. I thought to myself “what the hell is going on?” Erika knew exactly as she immediately had me tap on inner resistance to healing and clearing the MANY limiting beliefs for this day. The technology issues vanished. We continued to tap on a visceral fear I had to my own abuse of power, and the fear of using my intuition that stemmed from a past life of mine a long, long time ago. The emotional release that I felt at this time was unlike any I’d ever experienced at that time. This session helped me to take the shackles off that I had placed on my consciousness. ALL heaven broke lose after this, even though it felt like hell.

It seemed like almost every day of every week since Week 2 something miraculous has happened. With little skill, training or background myself I found myself doing with others what Erika was doing with me in sessions. Then in the next session she talked about things in her curriculum that I had already experienced or soon would. What an amazing example of synchronicity. Each week I looked forward to Erika’s curriculum instructions and to the issues I knew I was going to tap on. Up until week 6, I felt I’ve been very aware of the limiting beliefs that needed to be tackled next, which one was on deck for disintegration, and I grew comfortable in knowing the direction I was headed would just be shown to me regardless of the ego’s tendency to want to control and worry about everything. Quite simply I was getting out of the way and letting the divine within guide this process. Make no mistake this emotional upheaval was not a pleasant experience, yet it was absolutely necessary and welcome. Regardless of what I knew I still didn’t have the key to unlock these limiting beliefs expeditiously, without a monumental and extended amount of suffering before I met Erika.

Week 6 was different. So much was happening at such a rapid pace. It was like a roller coaster I wanted to get off of, but knew I couldn’t because nothing could be better than the rides end. For the first time I was blind as to what was coming next. The previous couple of weeks I had started using Erika’s techniques to help my loved ones with some simple, and others gigantic limiting beliefs. One of the people I facilitated was my wife who had re-experienced trauma that I wouldn’t wish on the evilest being on the planet. Nobody deserves that type of punishment. I had guided her with such ease, grace, and love through her primordial limiting belief of sin. Separation from the divine which she believed that she deserved, and was unworthy of, and was cast out from the proverbial Garden of Eden. I laugh thinking about how I missed that magnitude of this moment for her because I was too caught up in my own incredibly limiting denials, yet a good part of me still knew how special this was for her. Afterwards, she spoke of knowing that a return to the source was inevitable, and not just something we had hoped to attain but NEVER really truly believed was possible.

During week 6 Erika took me on my own primordial journey back to the Garden of Eden. Never could I imagine the depths of this pain, the tremendous despair of the heart. I was at a complete loss for words, caught up in the emotional torment of the separation of the ego from the divine source. Erika was there to gently guide, help, and sometimes carry me through: to release all the energy from this significant event. The gig was up; the main theme of this story has unraveled. Nothing ever really happened; I, we all can return home. Home, the celestial cosmic primordial abode is where we’re all from and where we’ll all return. In reality we’ve never even left; we’ve simply obscured who we really are. All that is required is willingness to work towards the goal of perfection, peace, joy, compassion, and love. These have no opposites that can be obscured by the ego.

I had to take a few days to integrate the magnitude of this experience to become comfortable with this new hope for the now. LOL, the Holy Spirit only gave me a few days before it was onto many other issues that no longer serve me. One thing I’ve already realized is that this issue rippled throughout all my ego’s limiting beliefs. I’m expecting the remainder of my journey to be more pleasant, but no less effort. Stop, I’m fully open to the continuation of this process can come with grace and ease.

My sincerest heartfelt gratitude to Erika Awakening for her amazing assistance in expediting my journey. Tomorrow is full of nothing but possibilities.

– J.K.