Ivan shares his experience in my 15-Week Miracle Program …

Hey everyone, Ready for miracle coaching to transform your life?

Recently I’ve had some requests for more testimonials from people who are currently enrolled in or have completed my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program (you can read more about the 15-week program here).

What better way for you to understand the benefits of the program than by hearing one of my clients who has finished the program share about his experience in his own words on video? :)

As I mentioned in the case of my client “Tom” (read about Tom’s recent experience with my tough love here), who reported yesterday that he’s had an “amazing week” of wonderful experiences, pretty much for the first time in his life following week #13 of the program … each client is a little different, and intuition is the only reliable guide for what will work for him and her.

Ivan came to me during a transitional period, after he left his regular career and entered the entrepreneurial business world, a transition that for most of us brings tremendous challenges with it, such as fear for basic survival and the need for refined skills in areas such as authentic communication, negotiation, and creation of win/win opportunities. At the end of the 15-week program, Ivan experienced a major shift and integration into his new life … and you can see his new-found confidence and authenticity in this video …

This is not unusual, by the way, for a client to have a major shift toward the end of the program. My 15-week Miracle Coaching Program is designed as a holistic whole. Each piece reinforces every other piece. It is quite common for someone to go along for some weeks without thinking anything is changing … and then … BOOM … a quantum leap to an entirely new level of consciousness. This is one of the main reasons I require an absolute upfront commitment to the entire 15 weeks. If you don’t hang in there through the ego resistance that often arises around weeks three to seven, you won’t get the massive benefits that Ivan and many of my other clients have experienced.

Ivan (who goes by Ivan Dyn) has his own coaching site now (I frequently support my clients in starting and enhancing their own businesses) … you can read more about Ivan and what he offers here: http://masculinefreedom.com

Btw, I’ll be sharing another testimonial about the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program from my client J.K. shortly …

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Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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