What Does Freedom Mean to You? Happy Independence Day

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How are you feeling … is it a Happy Independence Day for you right now? It could be any day of the year, the question is: do you feel free?

Back when I had a day job, I yearned for freedom. In my mind, that meant more vacation time, more ability to travel, and more control over my daily schedule. I never had that while I was a student or an employee. I always had to follow somebody’s rules, many of which made no sense to me. And beyond all the rules and restrictions that were imposed on me from the outside … the truth is, I was thinking inside the box anyway. Like most people, there were a great many constraints on my vision of “freedom” that were entirely self-imposed.

Because my life was so constrained, first by school and then by jobs, I would take every chance I could get to get away, and did manage to travel quite a few places like that – Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, the Caribbean, Belize, Europe, Thailand, and so forth …

It never occurred to me that I’d be where I am now. With no job, a successful location-independent entrepreneur, still able to maintain the same home and lifestyle I had during my years of servitude … and now with no driving need to get away from my life. That’s the most shocking part of all, I could go anywhere and mostly I don’t.

Instead, I learned to face my demons instead of running away from them. And as I’ve faced them, the demons have disappeared. Long gone are the slavish work hours, office politics, creepy guys, and everything else I thought I just had to “live with.” There’s no longer anything to run away from. Last year, I was running away to some degree from the care responsibilities for my cat. But we got him healed and simplified our routine and that no longer feels onerous.

I also freed myself from pretty close to all of my external motivators. Things like social status, men being attracted to me, popularity, web traffic, and so forth do not motivate me. I find all of them rather … boring … So when I do get motivated, it’s coming from another Source entirely … That is emotional freedom.

What does freedom look like to you – do you know?

In my experience, most people go through the motions every single day. Commuting to work, taking care of children, doing the “routine” with a partner, racking up debt, and never really consider: is this what I really WANT to be doing?

And if they do ask themselves that question, and say “yes” … it’s not a real yes. It’s what I call a “constrained yes.” Yes, it’s what they want to be doing because they haven’t really, really considered just how much freedom they could have without their assumptions.

It’s our assumptions that lock us in and keep us trapped. And almost NOBODY questions their assumptions, much less has the technology to change their beliefs sufficiently to create a new reality for themselves. Not really.

Do you question your assumptions? I don’t just mean asking questions like “Would I rather go to the beach or to Joey’s barbecue for Fourth of July?” Those two options are basically the same. I mean going way deeper with the questioning, such as “What is the purpose for me of this socializing? Is it really helping anyone? Do I really want to drive two hours in traffic today to watch fireworks I’ve seen a dozen times before?”

I don’t mean asking questions like “Would I rather watch sports or a movie on TV?” I mean asking questions like, “Is there really a purpose behind me having a television, or would I be better off without it?”

I don’t mean asking questions like “Bucharest or Dubai?” I mean asking “What is the purpose of my traveling and how is it truly helpful to anyone?”

And even those questions are just the very TIP of the iceberg of the questioning that needs to happen for anyone to become truly free …

So where do we go from here? Into the mystery … :)

Seeing as I no longer have any driving need to go anywhere or “accomplish” anything … I do have to wonder why it is that intuition had me rack up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles over the past few months. I have enough miles in the bank to take quite a few trips pretty much anywhere in the world. Business or first class, too.

Cities and countries flicker across my mind … Greece, Turkey, Ibiza, India, Sri Lanka, back to Southeast Asia, Colombia, Chile, never did get to Patagonia … so many places I could go …

And yet, here I am with all this freedom … the world is my oyster … and I have no idea where I would want to go. Where would be better than where I am right now? The more I travel, the more it all mostly seems the same to me. Wherever you go, there you are. Seems to me I would only get motivated if there were a true PURPOSE for the travel. And no such driving purpose has come to conscious awareness just yet …

So we’ll just be in the mystery for now … Happy Fourth. :) May this be the day you make the commitment to yourself to achieve financial and emotional freedom so you don’t have to “settle” for the same old routine anymore …

My 30-Day Abundance Challenge, which has helped so many people turn their finances around, is going up in price sometime this coming week. If you’ve been procrastinating and on the fence about it, NOW is the time to get it and see for yourself … Just how radically your life can change … When you learn the fundamentals of my transformation system.
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And if you know of a truly inspiring international opportunity coming up in the next six months, I’m all ears :)

Postscript: I’m now leaning toward the Mediterranean and Arabia, with an imagined itinerary here: https://erikaawakening.com/mediterranean-itinerary


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