The World We See Won’t Be Healed As Long As We Keep Playing the Game: Escape Rat Race Now

escape rat race

I’ve mostly given up driving in favor of working from one of my two homes as a location-independent entrepreneur

I saw an interesting comment from someone that may have been an indirect response to yesterday’s article. He was criticizing wealth accumulation. I have accumulated wealth to some degree. And it got me thinking about the values wealth accumulation serves for me. The greatest value it serves is empowering me to opt out of the system. Or to put it bluntly: Escape Rat Race.

Although most of my assets are not liquid, I have a solid amount of cash in the bank and I am very careful not to spend into it. In fact, I tend to put the money in places where there are downsides of taking it out so that I won’t spend into it. Perhaps I play it too safe. I don’t put it in the market anymore. Ultimately it is true that my cash reserve is no more “real” than anything else we see in this world. Wealth accumulation is simply a symbol. But what it symbolizes is very important to me right now. And what it symbolizes is: escape rat race

This past few weeks, I have not wanted to focus on sales in my business. I have been delving deep into the Shadow Self and recording dozens of videos. Increasingly, I am opting out of everything.

Escape Rat Race. We also call this, fondly, getting off the hamster wheel.

I deactivated my Facebook account and page and have greatly reduced the amount of time and engagement I’m having on social media or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t socialize anymore. I don’t have sex. I don’t eat meat and I very, very rarely eat other animal products of any kind. I rarely eat out at restaurants. I don’t attend events and I don’t advertise.

Escape Rat Race. Join me in the chorus now :)

These choices are very intentional. I am opting out of the system. It has been given me to see that the system cannot be fixed. It simply must be deconstructed and dismantled. Its “reality” must be denied. And that’s what I’m working on in the videos. I am going through the catalog of everything in this world that upsets me, and disappearing it. Systematically.

Given that I still have not yet disappeared all my bills, and there are complex belief systems to dismantle in that regard … what wealth accumulation gives me is this

Escape rat race. Escape rat race.

Even with bills continuing to roll in every single month … and big bills too because I’m running two households as well as some very sophisticated websites … I don’t have to get a job. Even if no money were to come in any time soon … I won’t have to get a job tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year.

That means I don’t have to compromise. I don’t have to accept offers on my rental property that are not fair value for what I’m giving. I just say no. I don’t have to get married or kiss any man’s ass to be financially supported. I just say no. I don’t have to lower my coaching rates and keep an exhausting 40 hours a week coaching schedule. If people don’t want to pay my rates, I just say no. I don’t have to prostitute myself on Facebook or trying to become more popular by offering useless articles that are not helping anybody. I just say no. I don’t have to “network” and attempt to “fit in” to an insane world. I just say no.

Accumulated wealth means opting out of this entire system to a great degree. It means freedom. It means integrity. It means the ability to follow my intuition even when almost nobody else understands yet what I’m talking about or where this is all going …

It means: escape rat race.

We are here for one reason and one reason only. We are not here to become famous. We are not here to become popular. We are not here to get married and have children. We are not here to pontificate about what this world means when it doesn’t mean anything. All of those are just illusions that lead to the same place: death.

We are here to Awaken from the Dream.
That means opting out of this whole crazy world entirely. It means not placing any value of any kind on this world’s offerings. Nothing in this world has any value whatsoever.

And so accumulated wealth has no value either. Unless it is being used in service of Awakening from the Dream.

And then it is priceless.

Join me in the chorus now. We are escaping the rat race. Let’s blow this joint.

Escape rat race.


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