Manifesting Begins With Imagination, So Let’s Imagine An Awesome Mediterranean Journey

mediterranean itinerary

The lost city of Petra, definitely a must-see on my Mediterranean itinerary

Often when I’m manifesting something in my life, the process begins with my imagination. As talked about in the last article, I am feeling drawn to the Mediterranean to see some of the amazing sites there such as the lost city of Petra in Jordan and the Pyramids in Egypt. It also seems like it would be fun to do a “tap our way around the world” tour … :)

(By the way, it’s only possible for me to even THINK about a two-month Mediterranean itinerary because I quit my job almost three and a half years ago. Then I paid off all my debt. If you want to do the same and are not sure how to become a location-independent entrepreneur, take a look at this article here.)

Today I created a list of some of the countries and cities that I’m interested in visiting during this trip to the Mediterrean.  This is the “beta version” of our dream Mediterranean itinerary.  If there are other places in this area that are “must sees,” by all means share your thoughts in the “Speak Your Mind” box at the bottom of this post. Help me create this dream Mediterranean Itinerary! :)

1. United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

2. Jordan (Petra)

3. Israel (Jerusalem/Haifa)

4. Egypt (Cairo/Alexandria)

5. Cyprus

6. Turkey (Istanbul and coast)

7. Romania (Bucharest)

8. Greece (Athens and islands)

9. Croatia coast

10. Italy (Tuscany/Naples/Sicily)

11. Monaco

12. France (coast)

13. Spain (Majorca/Ibiza)

14. Morocco (Marrakech)

15. Portugal

Of these countries, I’ve already been to other areas of Italy, France, and Spain so those would be the first to be let go if I ran out of time. Though I must admit I’ve always wanted to see Ibiza.  This Mediterranean itinerary can “cheat” a little bit .. if there are nearby areas that are not technically in the “Mediterranean” … that’s okay … suggest them anyway.  Let’s have fun with this :)

Help me decide where to go next!
This is the beauty of being a location-independent entrepreneur, we get to choose. It’s all about freedom. Your comments and suggestions are welcome in the “Speak Your Mind” box … Where would you go in YOUR dream Mediterranean Itinerary? :)

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