Flirtation is the Best Form of Non-Violent Communication

Yeah, so I just realized this, and I *really* want to write about it, but unfortunately I need to attend to the mundane details of my life right now instead.

In the meantime, I posted this on my Facebook (which has become overpopulated with young PUAs desecrating my wall, lol ;-) and wanted to share it here too. It kinda characterizes my relationship with RSD Nation and pickup artists in general:

Erika is one of those mutualistic symbiotic little fishies who swim with the sharks.

you’ve all heard of this, right? lol :-)

“Indeed, what other fish would dare attempt to swim into a shark’s mouth! This type of relationship is called a symbiotic relationship.”

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  1. “flirtation is the best form of non-violent communication”

    very interesting statement but you didn’t really develop it except to say it’s related to symbiosis

  2. Mutualistic symbiotic fish…
    You have been reading my blog, right?

  3. a fish amongst the sharks…now that’s turning the world upside down. how about a spider crawling amongst the little flies? for you to know about rsd….is a fucking luxury.

    i wish i knew about a forum where chicks discuss all their little tactics they use on guys. NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING to read with a big bag of popcorn!


  4. Hmmm… the best? I’m intrigued.

    I mentioned it at one point in my “Making Connections” post… non-violent communication is yet another synonym for the phenomenon I call synergy (the ubiquity of these concepts is astounding).

    I’m interested as to why you think it’s the best form… I’ll be excited to hear what you have to say.

  5. A remora?

    Not entirely sure I agree there.

    Thought you’d be more of a nurse shark, just passing through.

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