Releasing Fears of Being Vulnerable and Sexual Fear in Our Becoming Fearless Challenge

margarita gaia hotel reserve costa rica

The “perfect” margarita at Gaia Hotel & Reserve in Costa Rica

It all started innocently enough with a “perfect” margarita at the pool bar lol.

After spending the day traveling on a group shuttle from beautiful lush Monteverde in the mountains to the Gaia Hotel & Reserve near Quepos, Costa Rica, I was nearly ready for bed. The next morning I would be having a professional photo shoot in Dominical, Costa Rica, so I knew I would need to be up early and looking as beautiful as possible. It was not the right moment for a wild night on the town lol. So I assumed that the biggest excitement of the day was the crocodiles we saw in the river en route to the hotel. My gorgeous suite here at Gaia Hotel & Reserve is very close to the 24/7 pool bar, however, so I decided I would venture out for a margarita before turning in for the night.

Crocodiles Jaco Costa Rica

Crocodiles near Jaco, Costa Rica

One of the primary purposes of this 30-day trip to Costa Rica is for me to finish recording the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge (learn more and purchase here). Earlier in my trip, I had $620 in cash stolen from me out of a locker. This triggered a lot of fear in me, which is a good thing. When the fear comes to the surface, we can clear it with our powerful method of EFT tapping.

The theft from a trusted locker triggered fears of vulnerability, including fears of being sexually vulnerable. As a woman traveling alone in another country, I am facing fears of trusting the wrong person, someone who turns out to be a crocodile.

So the theft in La Fortuna provided a priceless opportunity to delve more deeply into people’s universal fears about trusting and being vulnerable and being sexually vulnerable. And especially a priceless opportunity for me to stand up for myself and insist that the wrong be righted immediately. Which it was (read more here).

One of the many things I love about EFT tapping is that after we tap, the Universe tends to provide us with new opportunities to face the same emotions and issues that we cleared. Opportunities, in essence, to redeem the past in the present. If that makes sense at all….

Erika Awakening Gaia Hotel

Erika Awakening in the pool bar at Gaia Hotel & Reserve

Anyway, I digress … so I was sitting at the 24/7 pool bar, and I started chatting with the two couples in the pool, as I had been doing throughout my entire trip to Costa Rica. They were a group of attractive Americans, and at first nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Until I got a little bit chilled and decided to put my robe back on … At that point the alpha female of the group, we’ll call her Amy, said to me: “You put your robe back on? You’re such a pussy.”

Lol … yeah, it’s not very often another woman calls me a “pussy.” The sexual connotations were not lost on me, but I figured maybe it’s just a playful remark. And I continued chatting with them.

Maybe it was about ten minutes later that she swam over to her husband, and shouted back to me:

“This guy has a huge cock.” And she nodded her head knowingly in my direction. Hahaha :) Okay, now I’m definitely starting to think she’s flirting with me. Part of what confused me is that the two couples were clearly together but did not seem to have anything sexual going on between them. And I still thought, well, maybe she’s just drunk and rowdy and likes bragging about her husband. I still was not sure she was propositioning me.

Then they bought me a drink. Okay … lol

About another five minutes later, this was clarified. She swam back to my end of the pool, very close to me though still separated by the concrete of one pool from the other. She leaned down toward me, and said something to the effect of:

“You just need to get laid down and fucked. We are going to take that hair clip out of your hair and that robe off you and take care of this now.”

Erika Awakening Costa Rica

Erika Awakening becoming fearless in Costa Rica

LMAO :) I guess we have our answer now.

Now, mind you, I was not entirely closed to the possibilities here. And this is a word to the wise on threesomes. I appreciate directness but as a woman traveling alone, this was a little too direct. With a little too much alcohol flowing in the situation. And I ended up passing on the experience, not because I did not find them attractive, but because it did not feel fully aligned or emotionally safe to me.

So I did go back to my room. “She’s not coming back,” Amy said as I stood up to leave. Lol, well, what would you do in this situation?

I still don’t know if they are experienced swingers or if part of what was going on is that she had never done this before. Either way, I appreciated the bit of adventure that this added to my trip to Costa Rica. Sometimes even just imagining possibilities is a good way to clear fear :)

Fast forward to the next day … my professional photo shoot …

Hmmm … I guess we will save that story for another article … ;) It’s probably time to go to the spa.

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