Becoming Fearless Day #1 – Arriving in Costa Rica

costa ricaThe Becoming Fearless adventure begins. Three days ago, I left San Francisco late at night for an early morning flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. The ticket (except for taxes and fees) was a gift of frequent flyer miles, so flying business class cost less than $200. The business class ticket helped me skip extremely long and slow lines at check-in and security. And although I have four large and heavy bags with me including full scuba gear for this 30-day trip, the luggage was effortless. I didn’t even plan that one, it just works! :)

Before leaving San Francisco, I had been feeling a bit too complacent so I did something to get me out of my financial comfort zone. I took my extra cash and made it inaccessible to me for the next six months lol. I encourage my clients and customers to do this – get out of their financial comfort zone – and some of them do listen to me. Many people play it way too safe. They “wait” for the money to show up before they sign up for coaching or products, take a trip like this, or do any of the things they really want to do. I knew this trip would require a large outlay of cash, and I did not know from where the cash was going to come. But you see … that’s what Becoming Fearless is all about … you gotta stop “playing it safe,” folks. Whenever you spend money, say to yourself, “whatever I give, I receive back multiplied.”

Necessity being the mother of invention
– as I began putting many thousands of dollars in reservation fees on my credit card for this trip – cash started showing up in the form of an unexpectedly generous tax refund and product sales … letting go of fear

Riding the edges of your bank accounts is – I promise you – a fun sport to play. The more you develop the skill of spending all the way down and having faith that the money you need will show up when you need it, the more you will realize that you are not a slave to the “system” anymore … You are FREE … Stop playing it so cautious all the time. You’ll understand what I mean when you start getting out of your financial comfort zone. It’s fun. Really it is :)

Anyway, back to our trip … I didn’t sleep much on the plane, but on the plus side, they offered a wonderful “Relaxation” soundtrack that was such yummy music … I wrote down all the songs and will buy them on iTunes later. Arrived in Costa Rica with iPhone already working perfectly on an international plan that I arranged a couple days before the flight.

After being on the ground only a few minutes, I met my first new friend in the immigration line. An amiable American chap named Ian was on his way to a wedding in Quepos, and he approached me. Had we not been traveling to opposite sides of the country, I’m sure we would have ended up hanging out together. But he was going Pacific, and I was going Caribbean, so we parted ways at customs.

My taxi drivers, Roland and Alejandro from Eco-Tourism, were waiting right on time outside the airport. They had a big sign that said “Erika Awakening” on it, and when they saw me, they started jumping up and down and calling my name. I asked them how they knew it was me among those hundreds of travelers. The charmer Alejandro said: “Erika … the name of a beautiful woman.” Lol, so we got off to a good start.

On the six-hour drive to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, which is in the southern part of Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast just north of Panama, we stopped many times. Roland and Alejandro showed me coffee bushes, banana plantations, guava trees, a beautiful iguana, an adorable clan of howler monkeys high in the trees, cacao plants, and a mysterious fruit called “noni” that they say will keep you young forever lol. I loved the banana plantations, and I had a romantic image of local farmers growing their own produce. Then I saw the huge Chiquita headquarters and realized – “Ah, this is all corporate right now. Someday this will be back in the hands of the people. When we get the world practicing Holistic Belief Reprogramming, the people will get back their economic power.”

Samasati Nature Retreat in Costa RicaWe arrived at Samasati Nature Retreat around 5 pm local time. Samasati is a beautiful eco-lodge located about four miles inland from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. It is accessible only by foot or four wheel drive. The lodge is perched high on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

When I got to my room in the Namaste Lodge, I was shocked. I had paid for a small room with shared bathroom and nobody mentioned upgrading me. But I must have been upgraded because I walked into a HUGE suite with a full kitchen, private bath, and enormous sitting area with full balcony. The balcony is equipped with a huge hammock, where I plan to record some of the early days of the new Becoming Fearless 30-Day Challenge. Samasati Nature Retreat Suite This is the kind of unexpected abundance that tends to “just show up” when we practice the abundance principles of How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping).

The first thing I did after checking out my beautiful suite was get a deep tissue massage. It felt so good after all that overnight traveling. Then came a beautiful vegetarian feast on the open air deck with the sounds of the jungle all around us. I ate alone that first night … as you’ll hear in the next few posts, eating alone didn’t last long :) I was wiped out from the trip so went to bed early and slept almost 12 hours. Decadent :)

In the next post, I will share with you about Learning to Surf in Costa Rica, my very first day ever surfing and how I got up on the board on the FIRST WAVE. My instructor Hershell even took awesome “in action” photos to share with you :) It’s all mental, and we’ll have great tips in the next blog post for overcoming your athletic fears and trying new things.

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