1. I get a ton of marketing leads in my inbox or from linkedin. Facebook marketing is harder unless your will to pay to boost your posts but it still serves a purpose.

  2. Esther Wilson says:

    I am shocked that you just abandoned facebook. Not a lot of people would ever recommend to do that. Truth is though every business is different so different things will work better for some businesses that would never work for others.

  3. Nicole Escat says:

    Thanks for a wonderful blog about this, now, I know how to handle a business in Facebook.

  4. Every single thing comes from God. Every single thing. You can resist the devil, the master of lies but that’s all about transforming your thoughts and how you see the devil and how you see God. One is for you, the other is very much against you. Jesus calls him, the master of lies for a reason. I think your method does work because you are getting to the root of how one thinks and that is HUGE. I have a hard time with my thinking. Bad money relationship issues I guess one would say… I know God is for me, but I haven’t trained my inner self to really, really, really, really believe it. Haven’t been able to resist the devil’s bullshit yet. I get there for awhile, but then fall back into my trap of believing his crap again. I believe that ALL things are possible, even a quarter of a million dollars in sales with as little as 1800 visitors. It’s just a matter of do you really believe, ALL THINGS are possible, that’s much harder to do for some of us. Good post. Always enjoy them.

    • Thanks Lesley, yes it’s all about the thinking … Everything we see is a construct. So my method at the advanced levels is a very careful parsing out of which beliefs we want to keep and which beliefs we want to let go … the results follow accordingly.

      One of our new members, Emmanuel, started a thread on the forum to chart his 30-Day Abundance Challenge progress, and I love how he’s already beginning to see his patterns and constructs here:

      Thanks for your insightful comment :)

  5. Definitely encouraging as I’ve felt and experienced similar things. I will endeavor to do this more in my life.

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