As I was driving home tonight from the airport, feeling very happy and empowered after a really fun weekend at the PUA World Summit, Michael Jackson’s song The Man in the Mirror came on the radio. “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change.”

It was a good synchronicity, because I had just received a testimonial from a guy I did a private Erika Awakening Coaching Page (EFT or tapping) session with earlier in the day.

JD came to me with a very long list of frustrations, most notably that he tends to get angry a lot and pick fights with his girlfriend. As often happens with EFT sessions, he arrived at the hotel today for his session having just experienced a mini-crisis. He and his girlfriend had another fight this morning, she had shut him out, and he was worried that the relationship might be over.

We very quickly found some core beliefs and patterns for JD. We explored some memories about things his parents had done, and about his feelings of being inadequate compared to his brother. We explored patterns of not feeling comfortable being fully authentic.

I used EFT to go back and forth between present moment and past memories, so that we would clear the negative emotions and patterns from both out of his subconscious mind simultaneously. I wanted him to become conscious of how the old patterns with his family continue to affect his present day relationships.

He cried, he laughed, he had some powerful realizations. We implanted some powerful affirmations about stepping into his power and speaking his truth. By the time we were finished at the end of an hour and a half, his emotional state felt so much lighter.

Well, when my plane landed at the airport this evening, I had received this email from JD:

Thank you for the EFT session. I was feeling nervous, anxious and had my doubts because there are lots of products and “guarantees” going out on the community. Yet I have discovered [Erika Awakening Coaching Page] goes way deeper than anything else. I never thought I would feel intense roller coaster emotions in such a short period of time. Today I received a mind-shift and a new perspective of a new reality. Amazing. I look forward to doing the homework assignments and doing EFT on myself.

I know this might sound cheesy. Yet Miracles do happen and one’s Reality and people that he/she surrounds themselves with conform. The girl I had a argument with earlier that day. She texted me multiple times apologizing and worried if I arrived at the appointment on time and if I ate breakfast and even called me with a Happy relaxed tone of voice! And noticed others around me reacting to me in a positive light.

I just kept thinking. Is there something that I have that is hypnotizing everyone around me to be very helpful and nice to me? lol

Will do another EFT session as a follow-up on my goal to be 100% Present and Authentic Man. Thank you!


Congratulations, JD, that is awesome. What happened here to create such a profound change in JD’s life so quickly? It’s really very simple … we raised JD’s vibration by tapping out a large amount of negative emotion and belief during our session … as a result, his vibe shifted, and already the people around him are changing.

Miracles are commonplace with EFT. It is quite common after a powerful EFT session that we will hear from someone with whom we were having a conflict and be able to make amends, or that a previously stressful situation will suddenly shift to a peaceful one. It happens all the time. I love doing this work because it is SO satisfying to hear the Erika Awakening Coaching Testimonials & Reviews. It makes me light up inside to hear JD’s words :-)
Erika Awakening Coaching Page, and everyone else in your life will change. When we try to change others, we give away our power. But when we change ourselves in a powerful way, others have no choice but to change with us. Enemies become friends. Stingy people become generous. “Difficult” people become calm and peaceful.

That is how powerful we really are.

Thank you, JD. It was a pleasure and an inspiration working with you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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