Another cat miracle story from Ruben the Cat Whisperer

kidney failure miracles of healing

Fritz the Cat back home on his throne

While Fritz the Cat was in the hospital with severe kidney failure and in the days that followed, many people from around the world sent him love, prayers, tapping, and Reiki healing. Fritz and I are deeply grateful for this loving assistance.

One of the dedicated healers who volunteered to help us was one I had not previously been acquainted with, who goes by the name of Ruben “the Cat Whisperer” Rios. Every day, this mysterious cat whisperer Ruben sent Reiki energy to Fritz the Cat, and posted supportive comments on my Facebook page. His healing insights seemed right “on” to me, and we deeply appreciated his help.

Then yesterday, Ruben the Cat Whisperer sent me a longer message on Facebook. And much of what happened began to make sense. He gave me permission to share his cat miracle story here:

Hi Erika,

We have not officially met. My name is Ruben and I’ve been meaning to connect with you…and after seeing your recent posts on Mr. Fritz, this feels like the time. Glad he’s doing so well! :)

I’m writing because I’ve noticed that you and I have a lot in common and have experienced a number of similar miracles – based on your posts. Most recently of which is the miracle you described with Fritz the cat. That’s really awesome, his progress!

My cat Snowball, when she was about a year and a half old, had similar symptoms to what you have described about Fritz. She was a perfectly healthy cat until one day I noticed that her beautiful blue eyes had changed color and were now yellow. When Snowball’s doctor arrived to examine her, she was very concerned and referred me to a specialist.

I took Snowball to the specialist who poked, prodded and ran test after test. That specialist referred me to another specialist and then to yet another. Each time the prognosis was grim and Snowball seemed to get worse with each medical treatment (shots, bills, procedures, etc).

By the time the fourth and final specialist saw her, her blue eyes had turned bright green, her kidneys had shut down, she hadn’t eaten in about 1 week, couldn’t walk and was in a coma like state (limp like a sack of potatoes). The only option the doctor offered was to put her to sleep, so she wouldn’t “suffer” anymore.

Like you, I was tuned into something greater and more powerful than the limiting paradigm the vets were entrained.

The limiting beliefs that the medical staff spoke over her, along with their medical procedures were making Snowball’s condition worse. So, during the hospital stay and in between treatments, I was giving her Reiki and other holistic healings, that seemed to stabilize her condition (or at least nominalize the adverse effects).

Opting not to participate in the doctor’s death sentence, I took Snowball home, from that last medical facility, and embarked on an intensive night of clearing and healing for Snowball and myself. Late into the night, as Snowball lay limp on the bed next to me, I continued administering healing. At some point, exhausted, I fell into a deep sleep.

Cat miracle kidney failure

Snowball taking a nap – she was white as a kitten!

When I woke up, just before dawn, much to my surprise, Snowball was gone off the bed. I searched the room, no sign of her. I searched all the upstairs area, and still no sign. I ran down stairs, half expecting to find her collapse on the floor, yet, much to my delight, there was Snowball sitting on her favorite chair – eyes open (beautiful blue again), meowing at me & wide awake! This was truly a miracle!

I prepared a plate of her favorite foods and brought her a bowl of water. She devoured the food and drank like there was no tomorrow. From that day on, I continued working with her and she got stronger each day. I never took Snowball back to see any doctor or gave her any further medication. Today, nearly 4 years later, Snowball is still going strong – perhaps a bit on the chubby side- and just as feisty as ever! :)

I have since worked with hundreds of cats and seen numerous miracles. Seems to me, Fritz is on-track for being a perfectly healthy cat!

Anyhow, that’s just one example of a similar miracle you and I shared in common. There are many other examples (money, business, etc.), as based on your blog post and such.

[personal notes omitted]

Peace & Love,
Ruben :)

I was so inspired by Ruben the Cat Whisperer and Snowball’s story, that I asked him if I could publish it here as a guest post. We are, again, so grateful for his help while Fritz was very sick with kidney failure. It is my hope that anyone who has a beloved pet will not buy into limiting beliefs expressed by well-meaning medical professionals, and will not give up on their pets. Because there are ways of healing that defy science and all medical knowledge. And they are worth learning, because they will change your life. And possibly save you from the loss of your pets and human loved ones.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ruben the Cat Whisperer, his website is here.


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